Mar 18


You are addictive,
A drug I can't quit.
You give me a high 
that I keep chasing.

You make it stop.
All the bad things.

Every little voice whispering mean things in my ear,
Gagged and secured away. 
Every insecurity is forgotten,
If only for a short time. 

You make the numbness go away.
When I'm with you,
I feel.

You make me feel emotion again.
And it's scary.
Numbness is what I've grown to know.
But though feeling is scary,
It is exhilarating.

The way your words make me feel,
Is something that I've never had before. 
Your compliments,
Make the butterflies who were peacefully sleeping,
Rise in a frenzy.

Your voice sends shivers down my spine 
When I hear you call for me.
Your hands,
Are the best things in the world.
The way they push and pull.
Makes pleasure run through my veins. 

Your warmth,
Makes me feel safe and protected.
You make me feel safe and protected.
You make me feel like I'm the only woman who's existed.
You make me feel.

So, when the numbness comes back around late at night,
I long for you. 
I long to feel you.
I long to feel you wipe my tears away.
I long to feel you cradle me close to you and for you to thread one hand through my hair while the other rubs my back.
I long for you to tell me everything is going to be okay.
I long to be with you and to hear you say that you love me.

When I'm with you,
I feel like I'm alive again. 
Which is something I haven't felt in a long time. 

I need you.
I need every bit of you.
I need you like a child needs their blanket.
I need you because I love you.