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Reflect and write ...
“Social justice is, in its essence, is the belief in social equity. It means that no people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or other, should be discriminated against based purely on these factors. It became known as “social justice” in the mid 19th century. Since and before then, all kinds of activists have been fighting for equality and raising awareness for minorities and people in situations of disadvantage.”
Add your artwork, poems, stories and more bouncing off the work done in the Social Justice SoundCheck on March 21, hosted by Charlotte Hughes and Becca Orten. And if you weren't able to join us and want to write about social justice, here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Think about what issues you can write about: racism, sexism, climate change, religious discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights etc.
  • Allude to what symbolizes your issue. For example, police sirens for police violence, or warm temperatures for climate change, etc.
  • Explore different voices and points of view. What do you think? What would others with opposing ideas think? How do you respond?
  • Think of some real life experiences you have with this issue. Explain how they made you feel. If you don’t have any experiences with this issue, think about what you do know and why that matters to you.
Have fun with it! Your voice is the best tool that you have to create lasting change.
- Charlotte and Becca
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