Mar 22
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Sweet Ellie

I walk into my daughters room to get her up, I lean over into the crib and just stare. That's not my child, this little girl is not mine. I grab her and check for sweet Ellie’s beautiful birthmark she has on the back of her ankle. It's there the child has the same exact birthmark. But this is not my child. I pick her up again and walk to the kitchen because even if its not mine shes got to be hungry. My husband walks in, he kisses my forehead and then kisses the mystery child and says “good morning Ellie”. And at this point I'm going crazy, this is not Ellie. I raise my voice and say “what? How can you not see that is not Ellie?”. I start to freak out, the tears start to stream down my face and I start to think the worst. I will never be able to find my sweet, precious girl, they are hurting her, they are already halfway across the world, my thoughts are going wild. I call the police, I call my mom, I post on facebook that I'm missing my sweet girl. Somebody will find her, it will be ok. I post a picture of this other child saying I have somebody’s child safe and sound and she will be protected until I find her mother. Three minutes roll by and I'm getting comments saying “thats Ellie”, “that's not a cool prank”, “honey maybe you better take a day off. Give yourself a break”. Great, nobody believes me, they think that I am crazy. I am not! This is not Ellie I write and I post it everywhere. Four days go by and my sweet Ellie is not found. I can't find this child's mom, I've searched all the missing child reports and there is none that look like this baby. A year goes by and the police, the doctors, my family and even my own husband have told me over and over that this is my child. But it is not, this is not Ellie. Five more years go by and there is no real Ellie in my life.I have not found this child's mother so I love and care for her like she is my own, her name is Ellie and she is beautiful. She is my daughter, just not the daughter I gave birth to. I raise Ellie all her life, she is mine,  and as I lay here in the hospital with her holding my hand telling me its ok to let go, I know deep in my heart that this is not Ellie but I will forever love her like she is my own and be grateful I got the chance to call her mine.

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