Mar 26

The devil baby

   I go to wake up Charle and I know once I wake him up, his eyes are a completely different color. They were a beautiful light blue but now they are a hideous black making look like the devil possessed him. When my Ma saw him she said the same thing, she said the devil was always such a swine because he could not see God's true beauty in life. She also said that I should take him the doctors. So I got him an appointment later that day. When the doctor looked at him he had said that he was perfectly normal except for the eyes. He said that we could give some eye drops for it though and you should see an immediate result. When I put the eye drops in him while he was lying down and they did not change at all. I start to worry. I start to breath heavy and shake. I start to shut down. I start to see black I start to fall, Nicole came by a little while ago and she sees what is happening. She comes to me as I fall. I completely black-out. I leave her all alone, she is probably worrying half to death. I wake up a little later and I am in a different room her and her husband are at the end of the bed. She must have called Relly and put me on the bed. I asked what had happened they give me no answer, I ask them how and where the baby is, they say that he is fine and asleep. I try to get up but I quickly learn that I was not able to do so. I ask Nicole to wake and bring Charle to me. She gets him and says that he got more drops like an hour ago. He looks at me, He smiles and turns his head all the way around his body. He laughs at me I scream and so do they. They start to run for there lives and realize that I can´t move off the bed. He picks me off the bed and runs like his life depends on it. I look back and Charle is doing a crawl run towards us. I scream and say that we can help him. But we were too slow. We got attacked by the devil and now he owns us. As I was screaming in pain, my last glance of my own freedom is Charle, he is not smiling anymore. He is now crying as if he maybe did not want to do that. Then everything turns black.
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