Mar 26
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The Wake Up Call

I awake to the buzzing and vibrating of my phone going off. I give the are-you-kidding-me eye roll, today is my day off. Why had I woken up so early? It's the middle of the night, 2am in the morning. I have hundreds of missed calls and messages. 'We are under attack.' States a text message directly from the government. 'Lock your doors and windows.' I am scared and confused. Outside my door I hear the sounds of screaming. What the heck is happening. I imagine the worst. Was there a zombie apocalypse? Terrorist attack? Some sort of purge? I had no idea. I look through my phone again and start scrolling through hundreds of blocked numbers on my missed call list. My text messages are all forms of 'let me in' from unknown emails. I slowly open my window and look I stare out into the street, there is nothing. I have no idea where I am or what had happened to me! Soon after, my electricity went out. My phone died and I am alone. I do not know what to do.

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