Apr 06
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[unedited. also theres a cuss word yikes] 

I told myself I didn't have the right words for how I felt, and that I shouldn't try to quantify what I feel.
But the Feelings are pushing at my finger tips trying to escape, and the tears are at my eyes.

We were on my bed. dim lights on above. and I turned to her and 

She has this look on her face.

and I know she was tired.
and I know we haven't been together for long.
and I know she was a little under the weather.
and I know I shouldn't fall this easy.

But she was just. looking at me.
wide eyes.
pupils dialated.
mouth parted.

looking at me like.
like she loved me.

like I was beautiful with my tired eyes and messy hair.
like who I was, was more than enough for her.
like she was happy to be with me.
like there was no where else to be.
like there wasn't anything else on her mind.

she looked like a child, in wonder, pure and innocent and 

how is it that she gave me that look? just, unabashed and in awe. her? her! so beautiful with her curly hair and blue eyes. confident and comforting. it's been, what, a few weeks and she knows more about me than my mom. 

how am I supposed to feel? how am I not supposed to fall for that look? how am I not supposed to kiss her? how am I not supposed to blush and wish I knew what her body felt like? how am I....

how am I not supposed to love her?


what does that mean?

Its highschool. and shes a senior. and shes leaving for college soon. and were young. and it hasent been that long.



when someone looks at you and you see their soul out between your bodies, how are you not to fall?

hopelessly, helplessly, haplessly.