Daily Challenges: A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

This is a storytelling challenge that is somewhat similar in concept to the Exquisite Corpse picture/storytelling idea where each person continues the previous person's storyline. This first exercise is simple: Words, though you can include art and sound if you wish.

This will only work if you get others to continue your story so use private message, emails, phone, carrier pigeons or other digital devices to rally your friends to your rescue.

AND an experiment in which you will be tapping into the creative juices as others. An ongoing exercise! The guidelines:
  • Start a story. Make it short. Set up the setting or character or conflict. STOP.  Use the hashtags #digiwrimo AND #corpse. Choose Digiwrimo CHALLENGE (or click WRITE below)  and PROJECT tags. SAVE
  • Find someone else's story by clicking the hashtag #corpse. Continue that person's story by posting a REACTION to that story with a continuation of the story. If someone already has gone, post your REPLY to that person's reaction in the box directly below the person's reaction.
  • Blast your friends with a link to your story to get them to continue it.
  • After a week or so, choose the best from the reactions, include them in your original story (cite them) and finish your story!
Click here for an example.
Note: Illustration found on animalsleepstories.blogspot.com

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