Nov 17

the best of pens and their lazy brothers

Some pens are better than  others.
it’s true that not all writing utensils
are             created             equal.
Some pens are smooth,  and flow
across  the page, putting ideas on
paper  in the   most  beautiful way
any             pen                 could.
Other       pens      are    scratchy,
forcing  a   writer   to   frustratedly
scribble   on    a     separate page,
begging        them     to        work.
lazy                                    pens.
They collect  their  ink in  droplets
on the other side of their  tips and
let   it    fall    onto   your   writing.
a glob in the middle of your poem,
a   splotch   on   your   otherwise
adorable                           doodle.
it’s a   blemish  in   your notebook,
an       unbearable     imperfection.
such   pens    must   be   stopped.