Jun 25

How to Be A Girl

The Girl Code:
1. Always wear skirts or dresses. Or lingerie. I know this makes tree-climbing difficult, but that's okay, because girls don't climb trees or do any other physical activities anyway.
2. If your favorite color isn't pink, you're not a real girl.
3. Boys are always right. It's not physically possible for you to be more intelligent than a man. And you opinions only matter when you're talking about fashion or interior design.
4. Your main goals in life are 1) Get married. 2) Have children. In that order, because premarital sex is unacceptable. 
5. Make sure that you always look your best. Otherwise, men will have nothing nice to look at after their long work day.
6. You're not allowed to be in a bad mood unless you're on your period.
8. Constant smiling is mandatory, especially if a strange man passing you on the street asks you to smile for him.
9. Speaking of men on the street: they're complimenting you! Be grateful!
10. Sexual harassment and rape: you're probably overreacting! And if not, it's definitely your fault, because that long-sleeved shirt you were wearing was way too provocative.
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