Jun 25

Read the Voice

The Voice is YWP's monthly digital magazine of the best writing, photography, audio and video submitted to youngwritersproject.org.

Launched in September 2014, The Voice receives up to 18,000 views per month. The average time spent in each session is an impressive 6 minutes (especially considering the average website gets 15 seconds or less).

The Voice showcases the many talented writers and artists who make up the Young Writers Project community. Our goal is to produce a  literary magazine that is dynamic, thought-provoking and beautiful, one that makes the digital world take notice. Our goal is to publish YOU!

In September, 2015, in honor of The Voice's first anniversary, we have a plan to work more closely with you to get your top work published. Our editors, mentors and readers (your peers) will identify potential pieces for The Voice. This team will provide you with thoughts, questions, suggestions, admiration... From these helpful (not hurtful!) annotations, you can polish/revise your piece to make it first-rate and ready for publication in The Voice.

We're also reviewing what has worked and what hasn't worked in the first year of The Voice. We NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! What do you like? What do you dislike? Where can we improve? What would you like to see in the magazine? Comment here or email [email protected]. Thanks!