Jun 25

Indiana Has Disappointed Me

I thought the world was getting better.
When I was born I thought the world molded itself into the place it is.
The debates on racism and gay marriage where over in my mind.
I looked back on those conversations as history.
How they were a problem is still a mystery.
I laughed at how mean people had been,
Not accepting people in their own skin.
I was taught in school that we are not divided by
our sexual orientation or the things that we do.
I realized how there were still problems, as I grew.
I was a little angry, but just thought of it as another layer to cut through.
What I didn't realize was how deep these roots were planted. 
That the thoughts of people being sick or wrong were still implanted.
I just fought harder because I wanted to win
a world where we could all stand up and grin.
No matter how hard things got, or how frustrated I was,
I always just thought that we would keep moving forward because
there is no way we can put our successes on pause.
Until the other day when I heard a whispered word,
that Indiana had passed something absurd.
I thought, no way! This could not be right,
We are not supposed to be scared of the light.
Just when I thought things where better,
same-sex marriage is not a scarlett letter.
Just when I thought that we were all getting along,
Indiana took away the basic right, for us to be strong.
I thought we were supposed to be moving forwards, not back!
That it didn't matter if you liked girls or were black.
The state gave the power to the people who judge,
to say or do something just because of a grudge.
I am left speechless at what they have done,
I am just hoping for a day when we accept everyone.
I thought we were doing well,
I didn't think that our wheels ground back in reverse.
I didn't think the world was getting worse.