Jul 31
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The Sun And The Moon

The Sun died everynight for the Moon.
The moon died every morning for th Sun.
You died every day for me.
And I died everyday for you.
The Moon is always next to the Sun,
​And the Sun is always shining on the moon.
I never left you,
And you made sure to shine light in my life.
What people don't tell you about dying is that sometimes your heart doesn't stop.
​I was scared of hurting you so I pushed you away.
But you stayed.
​You still want me to shine.
Even if the shine wasn't mine.
But a reflection of what you made.
​We were upset.
I let you be angry.
I understood your anger.
​We dicided not to speak.
I still tried to make sure you were okay.
I decided to mak eit looked like I wasnt around,
​But I always was.
I cried,
​You cried,
​We both died.
​Until one day I realized that I didn't want what I thought I had wanted.
I ended something that left me in pain.
​But the world was closing aound me.
I wanted you to be happy with someone better then me.
​I still pushed you away,
But I wanted you.
I finally explained how I felt.
After pushing you away.
​You were still shining in my life.
​You were there when others weren't.
​I was your Moon,
and you were my Sun.
​I finally realized youwere my Sun,
​And happiness washed over me.
A happiness it took messing up to see,
I felt free.
With you and me.
I could be,
Who I wanted to be.