Jun 29
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THE OGIAASPNTBG: A tale of friendship and betrayal; love and greed

by William

            Frank and Mark looked down an alley. At the end of it sat a can of gasoline with a crummy seat next to it. Sitting on said seat was an equally crummy old guy smoking a pipe.
            “Who the heck is that?” asked Mark.
            “Why, it’s the Old Guy In An Alley Smoking a Pipe Next to a Bucket of Gasoline.”
            “Who’s that?”
            “Are you kidding? The Old Guy In An Alley Smoking a Pipe Next to a Bucket of Gasoline is a staple of pop culture. He’s had cameos in Star Wars, Footloose, Back to the Future, and The Shining. He even had a stint as Mickey Mouse for a week or two.”
            “I knew he sounded different! I just thought he was drunk. Anyway, what’s this guy’s real name?”
            “That is it. Some people just call him “8,” but some, including me, call him “Bud-Lite.” Mark turned back to the alley. The old guy slowly sank into the crummy seat until nothing was left.
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