Workshop > Qualifications/Requirements
Sep 26


Take a look back at the list of requirements and qualifications you made for the previous XP. Copy the list here, and respond to each of the requirements of the internship/job offer with a specific accomplishment of your own. Think of things you’ve done in your life that helped you to develop the skills needed; or even better, things you’ve done that required you to call on and apply those skills. You may want to think about past jobs or internships, projects or classes for school, hobbies that you enjoy, sports, or other activities that you take part in.

Write a short title for the activitiy or accomplishment that matches up with the requirement. Provide a brief (1 short paragraph) narrative explaining why/how each accomplishment illustrates your proficiency in the specific area. Describe what skills you gained from the experience and how. Include how the experience could help you in this particular job/with this particular qualification. This won't be the final language that ends up on your resume, but you need to think about how your skills and past accomplishments make you a valuable candidate for the position.
Try to fill in each requirement/qualification with something, even if you don’t think it’s a perfect match.

Feedback: Take a look at some of the other responses to this XP. Provide feedback to your peers about their accomplishments and narratives. Do you see the connection between the qualification and the accomplishment they chose? How could they make the connection more clear?