Sep 27

Watch Me

I sit there.
In the middle of a forrest
In the middle of no where basically.
Physically alone like always,
But not mentally alone.
My thoughts keep me company.
I do not feel alone,
But I know I am.
I feel eyes watching me.
But I must be alone I assure myself.
I slowly turn my head around to find empty space.
All the is around me is empty space.
To my left, something snaps.
I spin around abruptly.
Nothing is there.
I am always paranoid like this.
I just cannot help it at all.
I stopped taking my medications a long while ago.
My parents do not know this.
Nor will they ever find out.
Something snaps again.
I know now I am not alone.
I push myself up off the ground and brush the leaves off my blue jeans.
I cautiously walk over towards the space where the noise was last heard.
I wait.
But still wait. 
I crouch down to a point where I am almost at the ground.
The noise sounds again.
I shoot straight up in the air and push the bushes away.
My eyes grow wide.
It is a camera.
And the video is rolling.
My palms beging to sweat.
My friends start to ask questions.
How long has this been rolling?
Who is the person?
Why would someone do this?
I rear my foot back and kick the camera as hard as I can.
My foot hurts on impact, but my friends tell me it was worth it.
I sit there in the middle of the forrest.
Basicallt in the middle of no where.
But not completly alone.