Jul 20

Pale and Shapely Bone

(1st verse) 
Let me feel you lift me to our closest star
  Let me steal you like the precious thing you are
  Stony gazes make my colorless skin crawl
  Passing through phases, our only hope is to evolve

(2nd verse)
  We put our hopes and dreams on a rocket ship to Mars
  It’s closer than it seems, the future’s not so far
 You’re watching Venus rise, I’ve never felt so low
  No though escapes the mind, no light escapes the soul

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Pale and Shapely Bone.mp3
Jul 19
essay 0 comments challenge: Legacy
AuctorHistoriarum's picture


For a person who loves history and writing, I have never thought about my legacy. When I try to, I am reminded of the people who had left legacies that have forever changed the world.  We can think of the conquerors like Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Rameses the Great, and Alexander the Great; peace activists like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, and humanitarians like Saint Teresa of Calcutta, and writers like Tolkien and Jane Austin. Which of them thought about their legacies as they embarked on their journey? 

I believe that for the conquerors, pursuit of glory, created their legacies. Alexander, Ghengis, Ramases, and Caesar had a thirst for glory and fame. How do we know this? Caesar and Rameses made statues of themselves  while they were alive. Caesar, Alexander, and Genghis all had coins made with their faces on them. All these conquerors created their empires through the sufferings of others. 
Jul 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Clash

The open ocean

The waves roll in and out, 
Reaching up to the sand and then falling back home.
I wade in and dive under.
I can taste the saltiness on my lips.
I love the ocean,
The feeling of freedom as you swim,
Floating back in with the waves,
It makes me forget the world.
I come up for breath but I can’t.
The riptides are strong; 
I do not fight it, I wait for an opening, then come up.
The cool air greets me.
And at that moment I hate the ocean,
Yet I still yearn to go back in.
How could I love something yet hate it so much?
I walk back to shore and stand right where 
The water meets the dry sand, 
Standing right between love and hate.

Jul 19
poem 0 comments challenge: America?

who you love

how can I love America?
I have to say it's very hard right now.
love is not the emotion
I feel when I think of America.
I feel guilt.
I feel guilty because
I don't think I'm doing enough,
doing enough for people who need help.
but America isn't doing enough either,
America needs to care more and cash less,
America needs to listen more and litter less,
America needs to give more and gas less,
America needs to hug more and hate less,
America needs to plant more and pollute less,
America needs to bless more and boss less,
America needs to let people live their lives
without the fear of being taken away from their loved ones.
America needs to love more and lie less.
more love less lies.

you love whoever or whatever you want to love
just don't be ashamed of it
Jul 17
poem 3 comments challenge: General

Summer Girl

Summer girl
Flip flops
Tank tops
loose hair
Don't care
How much time she has left in the world of 
Starting to turn into 
Summer girl
Early runs
Nothing but fun
Soak up the sun
Starting to turn into
Summer girl.
Jul 17

Music and cookies

The beat flows through me
as I dance around the kitchen
singing at the top of my lungs

Using the spatula as a mic
not staying still for a moment
and mixing the cookie dough with a smile

Putting the cookies in the oven
turning up Elton John's "Crocodile Rock"
And flailing my limbs like crazy

Starting to smell the banana and chocolate
knowing these cookies are going to taste delicious
finally taking them out and trying my creation

This moment is perfect -
in my own little world -
not worrying about anything else

Totally worth it
This is a good day
Simply amazing
Jul 16


i would love to be remembered
for the good stuff i've done.

helping people out, whether it be with their homework
or through the worst hours of their lives
or, even, helping my anxious friend
asking questions when she wasn't able to

hell, all i want to do is help people
adopt a shelter dog or cat, donate to the food pantry
adopt or foster a child, volunteer at a nursing home
be a therapist, talk things through with people

i've never felt more accomplished when i was told,
"I really appreciate that you try to help others."
"I like you and I appreciate your help vey much! Thank you for helping me with my attachment problems."
it makes it all worth it.

i'd like to be remembered as someone who
cares very much about the wellbeing of other living things.
nothing is more important to me than the happiness of people around me.
Jul 16


Velvet slips around my fingers
as hard to catch
as a shimmering snake.
Velvet tastes silky on my tongue 
with just the right touch of
Velvet has a certain touch
that rubs on the pads of my fingers as if to say,

Velvet is tricky
yet beautiful, 
clad in velvet,
you deserve respect 
for you have conquered the impossible feat
of velvet.
Jul 14

something out of you

do you ever wonder about time,
vortexs placed in the folds of humanity?
do you ever wonder about earth's core,
a spicy hot heart full of passion?
and what of creation itself?
what of the sky,
and the blue of music?
what of fire,
and the flames of birth?
what of ground,
and our place at rest?
what of you.
and you and you and you
and we and us and all.
what about writing,
the best tool to apply peace to this
wound we inflicted in the world.
what of the poet,
the voice that dwells within us all.
Jul 11

We were kids once

When we were kids, we went out trick-or-treating.
Our parents did our makeup so we looked cute
and scary at the same time.

When we were kids, we drew graffiti in our notebooks.
Our teachers read us books about sneezing elephants
and cats with very tall hats.

When we were kids, we threw water balloons at fences.
Our friends would draw on our arms with fat markers
and draw round smiley faces.

When we were kids, we watched the world spin.
Our excitement to grow up was becoming evident
and we put on our little boots.

Now that we're older, we watch rated R movies.
Our parents hand candy out the front door
and we try to scare the kids.

Now that we're older, we draw the people we miss.
Our teachers hand us books about the big future
and awful historical tragedies.

Now that we're older, we throw anger at politicians.
Jul 10
poem 3 comments challenge: Grades

Grade X

I have never been "graded".
I have never gone to school,
but I can imagine...
and I rather resent it.
I have lost many of
my friends to school...
my best friend.
I am thrirteen years old
I learn in my own way
in my own time.
I never sit at a desk and write.
I lounge comfortably on
my bed or in the woods.
I know I could never go to school,
I know I would feel
trapped and contained,
and this is why I believe that
grades do NOT reflect
your progress or growth
because look at me,
I have never been graded,
yet I learn just like you.
I learn math and language,
history and social studies,
but I learn about nature,
medicine and wilderness survival skills,
I learn science and music.
I just learn them differently,
yet I am just the same as you.

Jul 08



; open schools in poor, not well-to-do areas
; plant gardens and trees where we need them most
; advocate for 'adopt don't shop' and no-kill shelters
; attempt to regulate the most offending industries, those that rely on back-breaking human labor
; work to free those that were mistakenly thrown in jail

oh, what i can do?
i can:

; attend community events such as bake sales
; volunteer my time wherever it's needed
; speak kindly and teach others to do the same
; greet everyone with a smile and tell jokes
; listen to the stories of those nearly too old to tell them anymore, and put their minds at peace.

there's not a whole lot me, a sixteen-year old, can do.
but i can sure try.
Jul 06


I wrote this because we might be moving next summer.

The white paint
Still shines brightly and 
If anyone dared to paint it another color
I wouldn't recognize it.
All of the rooms are as familiar as 
An old baby blanket
Keeping me safe
And warm.
It's cluttered,
But messy isn't really the right word
Because everything about it is neat
If you know where to look.
Each piece of furniture
Means something different, something
Every time I see the mosaic above the stove
I remember the fight we had about keeping it or not.
My dad and my sister wanted it,
And my mom and I didn't.
It's still there, though.
And I'm always eternally glad that
We kept it.
The living room has the feeling of 
Many Christmases spent in front of the fire.
I'll see a dog toy on the floor and remember how crazy we thought it was
Jul 05


What the heck, humans!!! We are ruining the environment and we might not live to be adults all because of stupid climate change!! and guess whose fault climate change is? Ours! We have GOT to step up our game and take responsibility! We have to stop using plastic and other things! We are KILLING ocean species because of plastic!! ALL THE PLASTIC WE"RE USING!!!!!!!! Come ON, people! Also, stop buying big trucks because their emissions are ruining the ozone layer!!!!! And ALSO, PEOPLE PLEASE STOP PUTTING FOOD SCRAPS IN THE TRASH! IT WILL GO TO THE LANDFILL AND PRODUCE GREENHOUSE GAS!!!!! IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO GET COMPOST!!!! And if you live in a city, go talk to the city council and see if you can make a place where all the residants of the city can put the compost!!! Stand up and MAKE SOME CHANGE!!!!!!! COME ON, PEOPLE!!!
Jul 03


dear america:

don't get me wrong. i love you.
my family has fought for you. my friends have, too.
i've lived here my entire life, and i've only been treated with kindness and respect.
i have a warm bed. i have a loving, whole family. i have a place to go when i get tired. i have food and water. i'm comfortable.

there are some who are not as fortunate as i.
there are some who have been taken from their family at the border;
some who have lost their loved ones to drug abuse and addictions;
some who are homeless after being scammed and lost all they have.

there are some people that are beaten to death for standing up to their rights
there are some that are working on plantations until they lose consciousness.
there are some that are thrown into jail for the same crime someone else only pays a small fine for.
Jul 02

Last year

i remember england. 
mostly right now i remember my dormitory: 
a little place with an insufficient fan, 
blackout curtains that opened onto a courtyard
and when the sun was out it was too hot to keep them closed
and when it rained the raindrops ran down the windowpanes and it looked like music. 
i remember wandering the streets, hungry and uncomfortable, 
before giving up and buying dinner from the grocery store down the street
and eating it with a stolen fork while watching doctor who in my room. 
i remember waking up early every morning and sneaking to the showers. 
i remember the smell of the restrooms
and speaking out dialogue to no one from writing projects in a bathroom stall at eleven at night to see if it sounded any good. 
i remember sunburn and subway rides and london pride--
the simultaneous exhileration and alienation of being surrounded by people flaunting an aspect of themselves
Jul 02

A Letter To My Country

Dear America,
Where to start?

Your people are divided,
In hate,
And in love
Some spend their days isolated,
Others do the isolating

Your people are scared,

So many of our issues are being overlooked
Like they never mattered
Like you couldn't care less

Dear America,
I was raised pledging allegiance
Every morning
I was raised to respect
Those who shaped our land

I was taught our history,
The wars,
That anger,
That awful hate
And now I see history repeating itself

Are we nothing
But a ticking time bomb?
A nation waiting to explode?
Are we destroying ourselves,
From the inside?

I beg you to change your ways.
I ask you to listen to the pleas of your people
I want you to realize what we are doing to ourselves
Jul 01


Another story to tell-
because these days I 
can't think of the future. 

Do you wonder about the stars-
every night they shine
for billions of souls to see. 

Guess what's on my mind- 
have you got an answer?
I'd tell you, it's
just- you might be afraid. See, 

kings and queens rule over
land- worry rules over 
my thoughts.

(nothing can be simple)

Only breathing, but even then the 
precious air seems to fight for space in my
quilted body. 

(restless rise and fall)

Saying things is not beliveing
them, yet  
under every star-filled sky is a 
victory and a child.

When we look around, 
x-rays of our eyes look like magnifying glasses. 
You're sweet to wonder about my 
zagging thoughts. Are you sure it's better to be together?
Jun 30
serenamae2020's picture

Dear America, There is Work to be Done

Dear America, 

your soil is rich with history. 
after all, you are the land of the free
and the home of the brave
but not all of us are free
because not all of us are brave. 

today is the last day of pride month.
in new york city, 
there is a parade
followed by thousands of voices
cheering and fighting for those you have smothered. 
those who are fighting 
will win this battle for equality and justice. 
after all, aren't these the morals you were founded on in the first place? 
and they will win not only for themselves 
and for the people who cannot fight, oh no. 
they will win to shove it in the faces of those who do not care. 
they will win to prove a point; 
they will not be silenced. 
we will not be silenced. 

i hope you are ready to hear us roar, 
because america? 
we are just getting started.