Sep 20

Casual Racism With a Side of Language Based Angst

In an attempt to delete an audio recording that I wasn't satisfied with, I ended up deleting the post as whole thinking it meant deleting the changes I had made previously.  My bad.  This is just a repost, where nothing has changed from the original.  My apologies for causing any confusion.

I was sitting among tiny green blades of grass,
listening to a chaotic symphony
of loudspeakers
and bubbling voices.

I was sitting under a rosy sky

Sep 16

Toad in a Hole

The toad was in a hole.

"Why are you in a hole?" asked the spider-man.

"I am in a hole because I want to be in a hole," responded the toad.

"Oh," said the spider-man. "That's cool."

"It is," said the toad. "But I have a question for you."

The spider-man smiled.

"Why am I an egg?" asked the toad.

"Well," said the spider-man, "I am not sure. I think it is because your parents named you an egg."
Aug 27


It's a
Intrinsic disease
They told me,
A unfortunate byproduct
Of a
Non-lucid mind.
A mind of someone
Who is discontent
With the real world.
If that's the case,
I don't mind
Being sick.
Because in a world
Scarred by dark roads,
Dark choices;
It's okay
To look up at the sun
And imagine
Happy little fantasies.
Aug 20

Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,
I heard
we all did and I hope you're okay.
I know you aren't 
you can't be
not after all that's happened.

Dear Charlotte,
I offer my shoulder to cry on
and I'll cry with you,
because this should be over and long past
but I guess equality is eternally fought for.

Dear Charlotte,
please remember that you're one of us
and we stand by you.
We stand by you when men with
Jul 20

Blueberry Poem (for 7/19/17)

(The audio recording is of the last two stanzas which I recorded while picking blueberries. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the pie tins and birds.)

Blueberry Poem

Follow the shade in the morning for as long as you can,
Hopping down the row, down the hill, from bush to bush.
The way the sunlight falls through the hedgerow and the trees above it
Leaves some shady splotches and then some sun-soaked bits.
Jun 11

you without me

Jun 06
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You and Me

You and me
We are the same.
Something about us echoes
Subtle tremors tracing the arches us of our backs
And I do believe
That we share something
In this fragile existence.
don’t let those petty lies
slither off your tongue-
I know you can hear these foreign whispers that settle into the air
Like dust.
Your hands and my hands
 have been dipped
Jun 05

The Gray Days

There is art in my throat.
It has clogged my airways
and stolen my words.
It continues to float on up,
promising me beauty,
but as I open my mouth
or extend my hands to create,
they expand.

The ideas in my brain run rampant
and I debate whether or not
the art or the artist is in control.
Gripping me by the hair,
my music jerks my head around
like an impatient child
pulling at the reins of a horse.

Jun 04


I saw a man once getting out of bed, pulling back his rumpled covers and dragging himself into the bathroom, stepping into the shower of his one bedroom apartment
imagine his childhood tub with water beaded on its yellow-stained sides
He showers quickly, lathering his balding hair with watermelon shampoo
Turning the water off, he dodges the last ice-cold drips and wraps a towel around his middle
Wiping the fog off of the mirror he flexes at it
Jun 02

That Song Sounds Like Blueberries

Could you play that one song?
You know the one I’m talking about.
You know,
The one we blared from the car stereo,
With all the windows rolled down so all could hear.
The song we would play picking blueberries;
In that all natural,
Weed choked,
Berry farm.
I want to be reminded of the times
I would pick four flats to your two.
I want to remember the day
Where I traversed the fields,
To see where you were,
May 10

You're Not A Crooked Kind Of Person

May 03


Remember that hike?
Where the three of us stood at the bottom
Of a beaten path
That was nicely laid out
With stones and markers?
Remember how we all laughed
At the prospect of taking the easy way out,
And took a path invisible to all others?
A path hidden by
Jagged rock faces,
And lack of markers.
If you fell,
You’d have a bed of Vermont green to cradle you.
Remember how when we screamed?
May 02

I'm Not Scared, Not One Little Bit.

Staring her in the face seemed to be the truth,
The belated and undeniable truth.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love it I do
The instant burn and flash in a loop.
Though it can get old and tired and bored,
The same thing over and over, the same old chord.
Though when she stares me right in the face, 
I don't even flinch, no, I don't even pace.
And she says ‘you needn't have fear’
I believe her, and invite her just a little bit near.
May 02

Across the Meadow

It wasn't much more than a quarter mile,
so we decided not to drive, instead we raced like children.
She slapped me on the shoulder and took off running.
The words "tag you're it" rang through the air.
So I chased after her across the meadow that lay
between our current position and our grandmother's old house.
As the game of tag progressed,
we ran in loops and circles in order to catch and avoid eachother,
Apr 29

Spring Day

Apr 26
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Separate Ways

We have walked along the same path our entire life.
Its always been straight with no twists or turns.
Never once have we had to choose which way to go,
there was never another way.
Then the day came.
A fork in the road.
One veers left into the forest,
while the other bears right leading to a city.
We look at each other, unsure of what to do.
Thinking we always knew how to stay together we nod and begin to walk.
Apr 24

Summer at Aunt June's

(Illustration credit: Ava Kendrick, Waitsfield, VT)

The front porch,
where Aunt June would greet us
as we tumbled out of the old Subaru
into the dry dust of her winding, country driveway.
She would be sitting in her Adirondack chair
drinking an iced tea
and wearing her pink straw hat.
It was always summer when we visited,
always that squinty, humid kind of hot
that only a popsicle and a kiddie pool could cure.
Aunt June had both. 

The kitchen,
painted the same shade of blue as Cinderella's ball gown.
Aunt June would tell me to fetch her some ice cubes for her tea
and I would stand in front of the freezer with the door open,
letting the cold air roll over my scrawny frame.
There was no air conditioning in that old house.
Aunt June always said the heat kept her joints from getting too rusty.
Eventually I'd hear her call from the porch,
"Anita, what's taking so long?"
and I'd yell back, "Coming!"
as I'd scramble to fill a glass with ice cubes.
I'd pop one in my own mouth and crunch down,
making my teeth ache,
a price I was willing to pay to briefly escape the heat.