Jan 16

The Voice - January 2018

Jan 01

New Workshops!

YWP Community,

We are kicking off the New Year with some new workshops in YWP Academy. Workshops are intended to help you dive deeper, gain some skills and, gulp, have some fun. They are free. Each will be active for at least 6 weeks. You can start anytime; go at your own pace and as your time permits. The more participants we have the merrier so bring in some friends. JOIN up today
(you must log in) to do more with: 
Playwriting -- best plays get performed at Vermont Young Playwrights Festival; 
Storytelling -- make something out of nothing
Hip-Hop -- turn your name into song; 
Photo Story -- tell a story with five photos;  
Sound -- gain chops on narrating your best stuff; 
Commenting -- there is an art to it and, oh, how you can help others!

Sign up today! 

If you want to do any of these (or have us design one for you) for school credit (high school usually) contact me (gg) and contact your school to see what we need to do to help you gain credit. Imagine YWP becoming your homework!

The workshops are led by YWP staff or outside experts who will provide you with feedback, guidance and, at some point, a video conference for the group and individual consultation. There will be a mentor assigned to each workshop as well. And a live chat. 

Feel like you don't have time? You do. Honest. None takes that long (except playwriting); and stretch it out over time.
Dec 15

Hildene Essay Contest

Every year, Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, VT, runs the Lincoln Essay Competition for 8th graders throughout Vermont.  

First place winners receive $1000, second place $750, third place $500, and honorable mentions $250.

The deadline for submissions is Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 2018. This year’s topic:

This year's essay topic:
Describe a current or recent event in which the actions of the participant(s) may be viewed as patriotic by some and as unpatriotic by others.  Discuss the differing points of view.  What is your position and why?

Complete application packets (including guidelines and tips) can be downloaded: http://www.hildene.org/schools.html.

Contact: Stephanie at [email protected]
Dec 05

Nov/Dec 2017 Issue

Nov 15

YWP Academy: Diving deep!

YWP Academy is a new, exciting feature on this site that will help you with your school work, allow you to "mess around" with genres and digital media that interest you and engage you to deeply explore important issues with youths around the country and world.

YWP has begun to pilot the workshops in the Academy with a small group of you. THANKS! The input -- and your experiences with these cool workshops -- has been invaluable. The Workshops being offered are fun, bite-sized exercises with feedback, live interaction with the instructor and a finished piece you can be proud of.
We are continuing to accept applications for this FREE pilot phase!


The pilot is simple: Anyone aged 12-19 is asked to take at least two Workshops and provide us feedback. The application process is easy - just tell us who you are, why you're interested and what you want to learn.
This begins November 7 and runs through December 31.

In exchange, we'll give you FREE year-long access to YWP Academy in 2017 (memberships are valued at $120 each). Questions? Send them to [email protected].
Feb 15

Now this makes you proud to be a writer, no?

UPDATE: YWP is in conversations with this group to invite the young writers and their mentors into our community! More soon.--gg
I came across this video made by a group of young writers in Chicago:

Apr 16

Writing Contest Winners!

Apr 14

Poetry with Alex

Alexandra Contreras-Montesano, photo by Shannon Finney
Join Alexandra Contreras-Montesano (angelaweasley) for an exciting YWP online poetry workshop! Try this week's challenge: Activist. Alex is a senior at Burlington High School and as part of her work as the National Student Poet for the Northeast, she is offering this workshop to YWP writers to share her passion for poetry and to create a magazine of your best writing and art! Check out the full workshop here! It runs until the end of May. Sign up here or jump in one challenge at a time!
Apr 11

Poetry - Metaphors

Photo by gg
The metaphor -- a figure of speech that compares two things without using like or as -- and simile -- a comparative that uses like or as -- are the heart of writing poetry. It is what separates poetry from prose in that poems have less specific detail and more is left to the imagination of the reader. Metaphors allow you to express yourself in ways that are fresh and interesting.

YWP friend and poet Kerrin McCadden says that she starts a poem by thinking of an unusual and seemingly contradictory metaphor. She then creates another one that seems contradictory to the first one. The pair become the foundation for her poem.

Apr 11

Poetry - Haiku, etc.

The haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that developed out of group poetry.  Nearly nine hundred years ago groups of young poets gathered to write together what is called a renga, a type of collaborative poem.  By the 1400s the short sections of the poem broke from the long poem and developed into haiku.

Daistez T. Suzuki, a Japenese author said this: “Haikus get inside an object, experience the object’s life, and feel its feelings.”

Generally, a haiku will have these qualities (although, nothing is hard and fast):
  • It contains seventeen syllables in lines of five, seven, and five syllables.
  • It usually has a theme of nature
  • It sometimes includes a word or two that alludes to the seasons
  • It is written in the present tense about the present moment

I am over you.
Then my eyes meet yours once more,
and I fall in love..

-- Alisha Mead

Apr 05

Inspiring Ideas?

Send YWP your ideas for workshops, open mics, writing challenges!
Apr 03

Celebrate Poetry

Mar 28
ywp info 1 comment challenge: Dye
wickd's picture


       I’ve always wanted to dye my hair green. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve always thought that green was my color. Today, I went and bought green hair dye and quickly ran home to put it on. I firmly shook the bottle and opened it. I sprayed it on my head and made sure it was totally covering my thick, brown hair. I really liked the green color because it was the shade of grass on a sunny, spring day. I ran my hand through my hair to see if it was dry. Not yet. The wet dye created a crusty, green film on my hand. I looked in the mirror again, then looked down at my hand. Leaves were starting to grow out of my hand! I grabbed the bottle with my other hand as the green was starting to quickly spread up my arm, turning it into a branch. I looked at the ingredients very closely, and it said, it said…  too late, I was a tree.
Mar 28

Students speak out

Mar 23

Thank you for supporting YWP!

Mar 22

SoundCheck Finale!

BIG THANKS to Charlotte Hughes and Becca Orten for hosting an amazing Social Justice SoundCheck on Thursday night at Burlington City Arts! Powerful words and great vibes! Join the conversation by writing to the "Social Justice Reflections" challenge created by Charlotte and Becca! This was the final SoundCheck of the year. If you would like to host an open mic in the 2019-20 school year, contact Susan Reid, [email protected].
Mar 09

Join us Saturday - Writing on the Roof

“When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake,” Allen Ginsberg, quoting Plato, said of the Beat Poets. And check out this NYT story for inspiration! Join YWP and author Angela Palm for this fun, "shake the walls" workshop on The Beat Poets next Saturday, March 16, 10 am - 11:30 am at the Karma Bird House, on the roof, 47 Maple Street, Burlington! More info and sign up
Mar 07

another 6 word story

six word stories

are the worst
Mar 01

Road Trips for Student Journalists

YWP's friend Mary Simons of Conversations from the Open Road is planning three trips this summer for student journalists -- NYC, Maine, Oregon & Washington. Find out more here!