Feb 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Nothing

Sat in Silence

We folded origami fortune tellers;
filling the insides with
made-up stories and inside jokes that didn't mean anything anymore.
The questions I wanted answers to
couldn't be answered by those pieces of paper.

We sat on the floor of her bedroom.
She was the one who I told my secrets to,
the one who promised to keep them. 
The one who broke my trust,
and my heart,
and myself.

A current of realization went through me,
Feb 19

The Monster In My Closet

I sleep with my heart under my pillow,
I sleep with it there because as long as I can remember,
I was scared of the monster in the closet.

I had always imagined the monster with no face,
His eyes big and bleeding.
His teeth sharp and sanguine.
His face violent and vanishing,
His voice dark and deep,
Him, this monster,
Death and devastation in a
Terrible Terror.

But the first time I kept my heart in my chest,
Feb 19
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Now What

a crush
now what?

a relationship
now what?

a promise
now what?

a suicide
now what?
Feb 19
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im in a constant state of shock everyone is growing up and moving on and im just suck here screaming for help but no one can hear me
Feb 18
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Lost Bag

Someone lost their bag.
It fell off of the carrier
That makes its way
Throughout the airport lot.
It sits now, sadly on its side,
Unaware of its position.
What could be inside it?
So many possibilities.
A stuffed bear? A pair of boots?
Blueprints for a secret base?
Maybe just some folded clothes.

I wonder if they’ll find it,
If the carrier comes back.
How long will its owner wait
At the conveyor belt
Feb 18
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When I Talk

When I talk, 
I imagine you notice little things
​like how I figit like a hummingbird,
and how I only look in your eyes
for three seconds at a time.
I've counted.
When I talk,
I realize I mess up a lot,
starting and re-starting phrases
in a confusing manner,
​A toddler tap-dancing through speech.
When I talk,
​I sometimes get nervous, but don't show it.
​Only when I talk to my friends and family
​can I relax and open up.
Feb 18
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am
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I am the one who wants to understand.
I want to know what there is to know.
I want to reach out my arms,
Spread them wide, and feel the wind.
I want to let the words flow
And sparkle on the page,
Or let them tumble from my mouth,
Crafted effortlessly into perfect prose.
I want to be inspired,
I want to comprehend the nuances of life,
The arcs and connections and meanings.
Feb 18


You're quiet but 
goodness if you only knew
how loud your presence was in my head
you'd understand why every time
you looked at me
I couldn't catch my breath. 
Feb 17

Refused to Die

She was a fire that refused to die,
and he the one she could not defy.
Under the floor-length pants and long sleeves,
she hides the bruises that he leaves. 

It was love at first sight,
as big as the moon and twice as bright.
They'd be crazy in love forever,
A relationship nothing could sever.

She found out quickly he wasn't gentle,
Constantly temperamental, 
He was detrimental,
His mind fragmental. 
Feb 17
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Countryside passes in a blur,
The bus rattles some more.
As I sit no longer sure which,
Shooting I am grieving for.


There have been so many,
That I just don’t know.

Names, faces, dates,
Injuries and, Fatalities,
They all pass in a blur.
New lives cut short,
By the sharp pang,
Of yet another shot.
As we circle round,
Feb 17


Her heart was made of glass,
Built by fairies,
Swooned by swans.
But every time she loved,
It cracked a little more,
Until one day,
They left,
Leaving her heart,
Feb 16
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she stands in front of me.
screaming at me.
her mouth open in a wide O exposing her white teeth. her eyes,
a pale green,
stare at me helplessly.
pleading with me, asking me, ordering me, screaming at me to say something.
to tell her i'm okay.
to give her comfort.
and as much as i want to, i can't.
no sound comes from my throat.
Feb 16
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Better 1/2

It's not something that can be described through spoken word.
Or even through written. 
It's a feeling 
An emotion 
One that makes u feel both sick to your stomach and as light as air
It's a high 
So natural and beautiful, better than any drug 
Yet it's addicting 
And the withdrawals so painful it's almost hard to live 
To breathe 
To open your eyes 
But you do bc your  next fix will make you feel better than life 
Feb 16
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You always know what to say 
To let me breathe again  
To let my chest fall 
And a sigh escape 
To stop the tears 
From their continuous falling 
To turn the sides of my mouth up 
And cause the skin around my eyes to crinkle 
You always know what to say 
To make my cheeks turn pink 
And to make my hands unclench
And to make my my mind stop racing .....
You always know what to say 
To keep my dark thoughts away 
Feb 16
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a piece of u & me

It’s as though you stole something from me.
Took it without asking.
Caused me to be without it.
To want it and wonder for it.
I don't know how to describe it exactly..
maybe It feels like you stole a single beat.
Of my heart.
Just one beat, but one beat enough to put the whole thing in its entirety out of rhythm.  
Maybe.. as though you stole a breath.
Hindered me from inhaling, causing me to choke on the emptiness in my throat.
Feb 16
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As Visible as Air

I was walking next to them, they didnt see me
I was talking to them, they weren't listening
I was texting them, they didn't read the messages
I was crying, they never glanced at me
I was moving, they didn't ask where
I was gone, they didn't notice
Feb 16


Don't you love that feeling of right when you realize?
Whatever it is
That feeling at the very moment that feeling I constantly miss
When you finally realize something you have been missing the whole time
The moment when you finally learn
As for that feeling, I greatly yearn
Sometimes I wonder
How I could miss it
When it's like a boom of thunder
I love it when you realize when suddenly by that feeling you get a surprise

Feb 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Fear


I fear fear itself
It is not the thing I fear
It is the feeling of the nothingness
When the fear starts to rear
It's ugly face
I am powerless to its evil grace I can not do anything
I can not feel
The powerlessness is real
It is like sinking,
No falling
In those moments I am nothing
That is what I fear
Though it is weird it is real

Feb 16


I didn't know what to write.
The hot pink sticky was staring me down,
Taunting me with all of my unforgotten thoughts.
There are so many things I haven't told a soul,
So many things no one will ever understand or know.
With limited time,
I write down the first thing that comes to mind.

"I cry every night."

Scribbled out in front of me,
The daunting word cry bolded out in
Feb 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Say
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When you were alive, people adored you.
Now that you're gone, we all mourn you.

Your smile would light up an entire room.
You were taken from this earth far too soon.

You were only fifteen and still growing
You were friendly, smart and very outgoing.

We had so much fun when you were here with us,
We will miss your kindness at school and on the bus.

Today, we covered your locker in thoughtful sticky notes,