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Feb 24

as humans

as humans we look
we feel 
we touch
things we shouldn't
materialistic items
are remedies to depression
faces are forms of class
as humans we take words
and make empires
built on faulty feelings 
and lies we've created 
we break to build
instead of trying to reuse
taking what is off limits
and faking opportunity
as humans
we maintain
an unestablished pride
in being inconsiderate
and insubordinate
forgetting that there is a difference
between change and chasing
a dream that was never meant to be fulfilled
revolution is clay being molded 
the newest trend
as humans we mistake love
for stimulation 
Knowledge for ignorance 
the smoke we create
blinding our sight
choking our throats
we're drowning in self inflicted
Feb 24


His voice is baritone,
than anyone else's.

I could listen to him talk

His voice
me into a numb fog
where I am 
my mind wandering.

And I am 
by the steady hum of his voice,
instead of listening to the words
leaving his lips.

I force myself
of my slumber, 
to listen to the conversation.

But I smile,
too lost in the melody of 
his voice.
Feb 24

My Nightmare of 2-22-17

(this is also fiction.)

When I asked God to show me how to deal with the simian-appearing boy I love,
I didn't ask for a nightmare of a cymbal-clanging monkey to follow me around a house with no one to protect me.
I was hiding under a table when the monkey found me and started its Satanic screeching.
Wanting to calm it, I gave it a bananna and, somehow, I too had one.
The monkey and I clinked the fruits together like they were china cups or cyrstal wine glasses.
But I knew the inevitable would happen.
The monkey started screaming again and I reached forward and grasped it.
I brought it to my mouth and bit its head off.
Then I woke so I wouldn't have to see if it would still haunt me.
Feb 23
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i love you

I love you.
The way that you smile at everything,
the way your eyes light up
every time you talk about what 
you care about,
the way you always seek the 
magic around you and the
good in people.
I love you.
They way your nose has
this little bump,
and how one eye might 
be a little squintier than the other.
The way your tan turns a little
grey in the winter like your
matching the seasons.
I love you.
How you have a little more hair in
a few more places besides just 
on the top of your head,
how your thin frame can be
misinterpreted as too skinny and not
perfect because its how you
are meant to be. 
I love you.
Your creativity and art is beautiful
because you show a piece of yourself in
every word, every line,
leaving a trail of breadcrumbs
Feb 23
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From Above

(A quick windspark poem. I know it's a little corny but I wanted to post it anyway.)

I dreamed
I was the great blue aether
Adorned with thousands of rosy clouds
Gazing upon the earth
Feb 23
HazelK's picture

Young Rose

(a windspark poem)

I dreamed
I was a rose
Ripped from the soil that kept my warm, safe, alive
Falling into place in a porcelain vase on a window sill above the garden
Feb 23
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Stages Of Life

(a series of windspark poems)

I dreamed
I was a robin’s egg
Nestled in a bed of thistle
Rocking against the fragile prison

I dreamed
I was a parrot
Perched atop a sailor’s leathery shoulder
Spreading my wings to catch the salty breeze

I dreamed
I was a chicken
Settled in a bed of abrasive straw
Tucking my clipped wings against my sides
Feb 23

A Guide to Forgetting Part III: Congratulations

Now that we have pulled apart,
cutting red cords that held us together,
we droop.

Our souls are held together with determination.
We are cemented in relations.
Here we stand.
We sway and wave the more we grow unstable.
If you look hard enough, you see embers and smoke.
They hint at dying flames.

We are melting.
Popsicles left out in summer heat.
We pool and disappear.
Or at least I did.

I don't speak much.
You silenced me.
Your tales of wonder left me speechless.
It seems you took words from my mouth.
And ran.

The robbers you should fear are the liars.
The ones who don't slither.
The ones who strut and smile.
They talk smooth.
And take their coffee black.
They say they love you.

Feb 23

Insomnia Has Me By the Throat

I used to argue with people about how sleep is pointless.
No one ever understood what I was saying in my
Sleepless rambles that sometimes would go
On and on.
More or less, they were about how evolutionarily, sleep is
Nothing more than a hindrance to surviving
In a world of eat or be eaten.  Laying unconscious for eight hours is deadly.
And everyone laughed at me.

How terribly I miss sleeping uninterupted.
And how terribly I miss having restful nights.
Sleep has abandoned me, so I lay wide awake every morning for hours on end.

Maybe if you went to bed earlier.
Everyone echoes to me.  If only it was that easy.

But, I do know one thing that remains constant.
Your hands will steady my hands that shake and scribble erratically.

Thank you.
Feb 23
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I'm in love with your desolation

Death by the hands of a heartbreaker,
They ruled suicide, I ruled homicide.
Killed with the love of cupid,
My wings lift me from the dirt.
You can't hurt me up here,
Surrounded by clouds of wisdom.
Your tears give me strength,
Your prayers give me life.
I thrive on the thought of you hurting, 
I'm in love with your desolation.
Feb 23
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She is perfection
Beautiful is what she is
A cat with soft fur
Feb 23


My face is illuminated by light,
while their's
is shielded in darkness.

I step into my place,
their applause to the beat
of my thundering heart.

As they await me,
I take it all in,
the perfection of this moment.

I take in the silence,
the silence of their anticipation,
of their attention.
I take in the silence as
I open my mouth to speak.
Feb 23
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Put on your smile

I put on my smile,

Every day when I wake up,

I get dressed and ready for school,

Instead of putting on a jacket,

I put on a smiling face,

When I go to school,

I laugh,

I smile,

I'm always happy,

But why can’t you see,

That I am crying inside,

That I'm burning to tell you,

That I'm not ok,

I put on my smile,

And I laugh the day away,

But when I get home,

I take off my shoes,

With my smile,

And I wait,

for tomorrow

Feb 23

The Perfect Floridian

I wish I could see you tomorrow,
so we could walk along the beach and throw seashells at each other.
And discuss how I'm going to be an alcoholic, suicidal writer living in a cesspool!
And you'll be an exotic dancer!

Oh to walk out of that Floridian airport and see you tall against the sun and grinning at me!
To be able to reach out and touch you.
To avoid your eyes when you stare at me without smiling and then to return your gaze when you're not looking.

These small town flakes that I'm used to loving don't posess your amazing quality of maturity at your age.
They don't have your talent of making music on the keyboard and of playing Rummy as if you were born knowing it.
They do have the ability to break my heart which you never did.
Feb 23
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I watched my child 
Run up and down
The wooden latter 
That touched the ground 
Up into her tree house 
Down onto her swing
She'd run all around 
And just sing sing sing
Sometimes I'd chase her 
Her laugh like the wind
I watch her climb up
With a giant grin 
We had a lot of fun
As any child would
And I'm she's so happy
Enjoying her childhood