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May 27

The Moon's Pull

The drive home was a chance
to breathe.
It was soft
in a way that being a family
can describe.

Surrounded in the warm afterglow
of a family with bellies
filled with bright conversations
over a birthday dinner,
I couldn't help but
peer out the window
of Vermont drifting by.

Before me
was a sky blurring
in shades of a fuzzy peaches
fresh from the tree,
with warm sunshine
cast only during the first swim of summer,
and deep ocean
holding its infinite secrets.
Shadowed leaves dotted the horizon
like strategic censoring of things yet to come
and trees leaned in
to whisper what can be,
gently caressing the confused sky
with outstretched spindly limbs.

I could see smatterings
of deep gray clouds,
like ash settling in the bonfire pit
May 27
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another poem I thought of at midnight

I am afraid of the sound of my heartbeat
in my ears. 
Lying on my side late at night,
listening to that regular thumping 
of the one organ in my body which never stops
until it eventually does, 
I grow afraid of its regularity, 
catch myself wondering whether it's going any faster
than it was a minute ago. 
And I wonder whether beating, 
day in and day out, 
pulsing nonstop, 
it ever gets tired. 
I know you can't stop your heart
just by thinking about it
but knowing it's there 
only breeds fear inside of me. 

May 26
in poem 0 Comments challenge: I Wonder

I wonder...

I wonder...
Do you know im here?
Do you see im trying to help,
Do you know  ican see
The pain in your eyes?
That I hear your cries. 
That when your hurting I hurt to?
I know im not the best at showing it,
But I know,
I know youre not okay.
And that's okay.

With love, to a special friend of mine.

May 26


flying above my childhood home
my feet begin to tingle a bit
almost like theyre falling asleep
i can see the sandbox in the 
backyard that i never got around
to using, and the tre house out front 
that got neglected, dad always
used to get mad at me
for climing that tree then 
climbing up over the tree
house everytime making myself
go one branch higher
the idea of the tree house was,
in his mind, a way to keep me safe
a way to keep me from doing something
stupid, to me it was a helpful
boost up to the branches i couldnt
reach before
i can see the roof of the deck
perched perfectly below my 
bedroom window, the place id go
to escape in my writing
or just simply use to escape
i learned that if i roll just right on
the landing the fall only hurts a little
May 26

bittersweet nightmares

I don't ever remember my dreams
That statement is most always true
However, this nightmare
I could never forget 
For the main character was you

I was sitting cradled in your arms 
When you told me to turn around
And I was soon bound
In your eyes
The way stars are to skies
My whole world became nothing but you
But like dead stars to skies 
Sometimes there are lies
Hidden behind what seems true
But you were so binding
And my love was so blinding 
That you made my whole world feel new
You suddenly leaned in
And I was reeled in
Like a fisherman's best catch on a hook
And I fell in 
Like I had read in numerous fictitious books
Your lips were so soft
And my stomach churned
But you pulled away
And my heart burned for more
So I did
May 26

It's Hard

It's hard,
Knowing that your best friend hates you.
It's hard,
Knowing that you don't know why.
It's hard,
When you pictured yourself with them forever.
It's hard,
Knowing that they'll never forgive you.
It's hard,
When no one knows how to help.
And it sucks,
Because now your alone,
Like me.
May 26
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The Sun and the Earth

I wonder if the Sun rotates
or if it stands still,
holding us all in balance.

Does it turn,
watching us constantly?
We are the perfect creation,
the pearl of the universe,
we are life.

Or is the Sun unaware of our magnificence?
Does it know that it has been fueling us all this time?
Because while we are it's life,
it is ours.

I wonder if our Sun takes pride,
that among all the stars,
only it holds life.
May 26
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Our Final Night

We sat in silence
on a brisk summer night
on a stone bench
atop our hill that
overlooked the lush greenery
and dark gray asphalt.

In the distance,
guitar strings dully reverberated,
people sang
and laughed,
and streetlights flickered.

I didn't know what to say,
and I pulled my shirt tighter around me
as I counted moths flitting about
in warm yellow light.

We had one more day
before we would uproot ourselves
from our week long home,
and I didn't want that.

Curfew's dark shadow encroached,
looming over our thin frames.
We fended off the cold
because our fingers touched
and sparks of vibrant red
and yellow
and orange
lept between our bodies,
and we welcomed it.
In that moment,
we were bright enough for moths
May 26

Today Is My Birthday

Today is my birthday.
Finally 16 years old.
Finally allowed to drive.
Finally allowed to go out,
Or with friends.
I don't care which one.
Today is my birthday.
My mom gets my cake ready.
She even hangs flyers.
I watch her as she floats
Slowly from counter
To table
To fridge
To counter
To table.
Today is my birthday.
My father comes into the house.
I haven't seen him in a while.
He puts a picture of me down
Next to my cake.
I was seven in this picture.

Today is my birthday.
My mom and dad sit at the table.
Eating dinner.
Staring at my seat,
Then back at their plate.
The silence would have made my shiver
But now I shiver all the time,
So there's really no difference.
Today is my birthday.
May 26
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I found our embers
Years later,
In this muddy old pit.
It was strange,
Coming back here
After all this time.
I can still see where we all danced.
Trampling down the grass
To an imaginary beat.
Now the wind takes our place,
Swirling around and
Whispering stories of old.
I cross our old grassy haunt
And sit on that splintery log,
Where we all sat
To roast marshmallows.
The smell of melting sugar is gone
Now replaced by whiffs of fast food,
From the town below our perch.
I gazed into our rock lined pit,
A pit that we carefully tended to
And kept dry,
Which now holds  mud caused by the rain.
But I smile.
For in this sludge
Were the embers brightly lit,
Like pearls at the bottom of the ocean.
These are our embers,
May 26
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Some people say the perfect love does not exist,

They think that all couples




And bite.




And fight.


Sometimes they even forget to say goodnight.


Some might say,

“Not all couples quarrel out loud”

And they are right

Others go about their days

Enduring annoyance with a quiet gaze,

Smiling and pushing irritation deep down,

I know that they truly frown.


But sometimes love is perfect,

It is pure as a star’s shine,

And these couples know

When the smiles are genuine


May 26
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I Do Not Recall

Something that is perfect?

Well, it’s hard to recall

something without a single flaw.

Maybe on the surface, something can seem so perfect

but deep down the trench inside

there is nothing in the darkness

that bears a resemblance of perfection at all.

Some may say the most perfect thing is a mountainous view or a girl’s curly blonde hair at school

but to be infatuated with either... Pshhh, consider yourself a fool.

Because nothing is perfect in this whirl of a world

yet the need to be perfect seems like protocol.  
May 26

early morning

mesmerized by the sheer beauty lying next to me
studying everything that she can't see
the lovely pink of her face
the small snores that escape her lips
all i wish to do is roll over and cuddle into her
kiss her forehead and play with her fingers
but i can't
and never will be able to
but as long as she's in my life
i don't care


May 26


they were always there,
sometimes just out of sight.
waiting in the background
till the time was right.
these demons were destructive
knocking down the life she knew,
hating everything about her.
she hated herself just as much as they did.
these demons can't be seen
but they're far from fairy tales
they live inside your mind
their evilness prevails.
so on the bridge she stood
about to end the fight
then she stopped and thought
i'll fight them one more night.


May 25
in poem 0 Comments challenge: Unsaid

I've been thinking

I've been thinking recently.
I've been thinking we need to talk.
I've been thinking we might need to discuss some things.
I've been thinking I want a little more time with you.
I've been thinking I need to show you what I really mean about...
I've been thinking about all this stuff at school and my exams and all the homework I have to do and how I wish it could just do itself and how stressful school is.
Oh, you knew that already, ok. Um...Well
I've been thinking about how the world keeps moving on its axis no matter what's occurring on top of it, how time keeps ticking away and I can’t keep a hold on it, how I could meet someone who could have been my best friend in the whole wide world and it was just the wrong place or the wrong time.