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Feb 27
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After Goodbye

My grandma kneels among the daffodils
Every Spring.
She scolds them
In her clear
Accent unchanged by Fifty One Years
Lived across the pond
Where the daffodils are unruly as
Her American grandchildren
Who watch the idiot box
Even when it is not raining.

My grandma marches
For peace in the Dairy Day parade
Every Summer.
She wonders when our troops
Will all come home
And watches her second-eldest
Grandson leave for college
Only a few nations away from the
Same war she’s protested
Since he was small enough
To sit on her knee.

My grandma watches the birds migrate
Every Autumn.
Her nearest daughter and
The three grandkids she knows best
Haul firewood into the woodshed
From across the road
Where the delivery man dumps it
Feb 27

10 Things I Know For Sure

10 Things I know for sure:

1. I know that, “ Words are how what you think inside comes out and how to remember what you might forget about.” - Sparkle and Spin by Ann and Paul Rand

2. I know that, “ We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”- Dr.Suess

3. And, “ I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”- J.K. Rowling

4. Also, “ Scars do not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived. ”- Little Bee by Chris Cleave

5. And I know, “ Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once.”- Stephen King ( Kind of like people, right?)
Feb 27
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in the shadow of doubt

you move so swiftly
so surely
as you take your
ascent up the stairway
not one glance down 
to the rickety panels 
of wood stuck together only with nails

i wonder how you stand 
outside of the shadow of every doubt
i look in awe as you escape the darkness of 
uncertainty and obscurity 

you put your slim, fragile body
in the hands of the steps
that scream with every added
ounce of pressure
as you step with confidence 

how you trust such a structure
with unwavering conviction
i do not know

for i am still looking up at you
from the bottom of the staircase
wishing that i could trust
as you do

Feb 27

Just Say The Words

In theory
It's so easy
Just say the words
Force the sound
Out of my throat
But they get stuck 
Balled up with fear
And panic
They can't know
They can't know
I'm not allowed to tell
I don't allow myself to tell
I try to let them know
In smaller ways
Show them how helpless I feel
Show them every day is hard
Show them I'm breaking
I think they're catching on
But they still don't know
And I'm still in constant battle
Between finally saying the words
And keeping quiet
But keeping quiet
Is destroying me
And yet I can't
Just say the words
So please catch on
Before I break
Feb 27

Sunset Ceiling

It’s as if I wanted to love you
but I committed a tergiversation
and the walls of my castle fell down.
Because you told me it wouldn’t work out,
that it would all be for nothing.

Now I’m here to tell you
that this perfervid love won’t fall apart
but rather stand strong and bright
as a sunset appears to an artist.

Nothing said will end my passion
but instead will build me up higher and stronger
until my head scrapes the clouds
and our hands link like a chain once more.

I saw an airplane fly across the sunset ceiling last night
and it made me think of you.
You both left for something more beautiful
leaving me with nothing but a mind full of parched dreams.

Feb 26

In the Presence of Silence

there is something beautiful in silence
the way your shoulders slope under the weight of it
how your eyes scan the surroundings
how your lips press together and curl

watching you in wait is
watching a warrior preparing themselves for battle
i look and i see fire burning
fingers curling in anticipation

you lick your chapped lips
and smile
in the heat of the moment
you formulated your thoughts
and collected yourself
and spoke
Feb 26

A Storm of Love

Gently, their love began
Now it rages hard and loud
It grew, steadily, surely, and rapidly
Now it is ever present.
Their love now speaks of a storm,
One with some dark skies and dangers
But a beautiful rainbow sure to follow the darkest of clouds

Trying to keep each other close, they drifted apart
Two boats on a stormy sea that are destined to drown
But then
A bolt of lightening dashed down
Awakening them to what they had become
Eagerly the oars extended
Across the towering waves they strove
Seemingly making no progress

A lull in the storm appeared
Calm, flat waters invited them on
Finally the two boats met
Captains lovingly embracing
The storm of misery now seemed insignificant
And the storm of their love grew on
Feb 26

The Dangers of Thinking Too Hard

If you search your mind
long enough,
the world will flip.

You find that what
you have always known,
could be wrong.

That is when things
start to turn,
as the strange gravity
of your surging mind
begins to pull you
in new directions. 

You are now sliding,
only you,
your world remains still,
as you fall from it. 
Eventually you are pushed
away from the ground.
Flying feet first into
what you used to know
as the sky above,
but now it might
be below you.

All you have ever known
is left behind,
because of that 
one monumental thought.

Finally you land
on a square tile,
barely enough
for your to stand on,
in the middle of
an abyss of nothingness.

There is no going back,
Feb 26

If light were a person

If light were a person,
they would be nurturing
Their warm touch lifts me up, guides me through the dark
Their beauty shines in their eyes
and reflects off every shimmering surface
they make me glow like a crystal radiating themself onto every surface
If light were a feeling,
it would be a calming, tingly buble bath
warming you from the inside out
If light were a taste,
it would be a warm batch of cookies
or a melt in your mouth butterscotch candy
Light is all of these things and more
refracting and reflecting
changing and warping
travelling through time
how do you see light?
Feb 26


i feel like i
am holding on
tight, tight, tight
gripping the metal
of some monkey bar
sooooo hard
that my knuckles turn white
sooooo long
that i don't feel it any longer
and my stomach lurches
only occasionally
when i look down below
at that long, long, long,
exhilerating, amazing,

oh, i can't wait.
i can only wait.

i'm holding on
so that when
i finally let go
i'll feel it
all the more.

Feb 26
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The Memory We Used To Share

I can’t quite remember how I held you,
While the lights spun around us.
Was your chin rest upon my shoulder
Or burrowed into my neck?
The recollection of us dancing in a dark city
Is dimming.
As I fail to remember how things went that night
I wonder if you remember it as I do.
As I cherish that fading memory,
Do you smile as it goes?
Did you never feel for me as I once felt for you?
Regardless of what you feel
There is one thing for certain:
The memory we used to share is no longer coherent.
Feb 26
in poem 2 Comments challenge: Art

The Other Side of the Perspective

Art is a delicate thing
It can show your feelings through its many mediums and textures
All of its colours and shadows
I don't know what kind of art I'd be
All I know is that I'm on the other side of it
Watching my life just sort of... happen
Watching the colours blend into each other
Getting mixed around and blurred
Watching each brush stroke come to life
Each piece of glitter shimmering through those shadows that have been created
Or maybe all it is are shadows
Just many pencil storkes sprawled along the paper
Getting smudged everytime a finger somehow finds its way there
Maybe its full of blacks and browns
Grays and whites
Or maybe yellows and purples and pinks
Or maybe...
There is nothing
And my life is a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on or painted
Feb 26

Romeo & Juliet or Just Juliet?

"Where's Romeo?"
"How original Marko."

My voice drips with sarcasm,
but, honestly,
my name is quite ironic.

What about all the Juliets who don't find their Romeos?

It has always been Romeo & Juliet.
Never Just Juliet.

Do some see her name as a curse?
As something unachievable?
Do some see her name as a prophecy?
As a romantic destiny?

Some would retort that it is sexist,
that there doesn't have to be a Romeo
to a Juliet,
that the whole charm of the romantic name
is just a facade.

But isn't that what enchants us?

Isn't that why crowds flock
to the courtyard
at Verona
with papers of their
tragic or magic

Shakespeare's tale of unrequited love
charmed us into wishing
for love as passionate.
Feb 25

A Casualty of Love

When I look into your black plastic eyes,
And hold your worn, grey body in my hands,
It doesn’t come to me as a great surprise,
I love you. No one fully understands.

You have been my crib mate from long ago,
Adventured with me across the country,
And you have watched me learn and change and grow.
On times when I’d lose you, you’d wait for me.

Pink, fluffy fur became gray and patchy,
The little bow around your neck long gone.
That sewn on smile makes you look so happy
Recall times I dressed you in Mom’s nylons?

Twisted worldly beauty holds no compare
To you, my darling, well loved, stuffed bear
Feb 25
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I trudge through the forest, unsettled, dolorous,
and I hear a hardworking sound.
We travel the forest, we self-serving florists,
and we feel a shake in the ground.

It comes from on high, harmonious, divine,
and I cast my eyes heavenward.
We look to the floor (some more look nearby),
we hear, we see, we confer.

I know not the reason, but in this fell season,
I can’t help but feel now at peace.
We ponder the reason a human our tree’s in
so bold, so filled with caprice.

I climb the old oak, a pleasure bespoke,
and I notice the bees fill the sky.
We are defensive folk and as subtle as smoke,
we hear, we see, we decide.