Oct 24


I cry
I curl up
and time stops
until I'm trapped... 
I want to stop
I want to smile
and hide
but I can't
I want to keep it in
and leave me to be
but I know 
the truth will hurt me
my feelings are too loud
Oct 19
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Solitary Winter

Swing sets grind to icy halts, and fluffy layers of snow are trampled as my classmates swarm into chaotic crowds, eager to leave December’s chilled embrace.

Friends leave mid-conversation, teachers stop listening to maintain the mob of 11-year-olds.

Insulted that the snow, blanketed with care, has been destroyed, abandoned Winter begins to straighten the ground once more with frigid attention.

Eyes lost in the glistening seas of snowflakes as they slowly climb down from the heavens above, a body stands by the howling wind.

There is a comfort found in frost. A solace found in the cold.

Lone Winter and I find friendship. We do not leave each other mid-conversation, we do not stop listening. Because in the presence of each other we are not alone.

One electric blue jacket stays within this gelid plain of white.
Oct 16
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Snow Plow

Digging holes in the snow,
These would be our homes.
We are like an old couple,
Bickering back and forth on who has made the best one.

The cold had made it to our fingertips,
Our red cheeks glowed brighter as the bright flashing light moved closer to us.
A loud roar creeps towards us by the second.
A rush of adrenaline soars through us as we run away.
We are stumbling,
as the snow grabs onto our feet after each step we take.
We feel the strike of cold shoot through our bodies as we go head first into the snow.

Wiping the bitter blizzard away from our faces,
We watch at the last instant,
as our whole afternoon is diminished.

We watch the light fade away,
With sour faces.
As if nothing had happened,
Our whole afternoon had been abolished.

Oct 16

Joyous Winter

White flakes
         Drifted down to the cold ground
                 Covering the dead grass with a fresh sheet of foam
                               Laughter filled the air
                  As small children ran out the door
           All bundled up in their coats, hats, scarves, and gloves
Their boots left little footprints in the fresh snow as they ran

Their joyous laughter         cut threw the muffled cold air
As they caught crisp snowflakes on their tongues

Screams of enjoyment echoed from their mouths
            As they were called back in
                    With rosy pink cheeks and red noses
             Their shivering bodies ran back through the door

For a warm cup of cocoa
The sign

That winter has come
Oh joyous winter  

Oct 09
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Benjamin Edwards

Skis fly

Target seen

Jump into prone

Steady to fire  
Skis fly

Target has a hole

Jump up

And off I go
Skis fly

Shot again

Get back up

Dash off
Skis fly

I’m a blur

Faster faster
My tired eyes cross the line
Oct 09
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Black Ice

Black ice

By Regis Houlier

Black ice, the villain of


Always incognito

Hiding, Waiting for me. Wanting me

To slip into its trap

Creeping up right under me  

And right when I get near it

When I least expect it

It springs to attack

Shooting me

Across its villainess body


And slamming  

Me to the ground like

A nail

 Laughing at me

With its cold heart

As I limp away

In pain

Oct 09
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Winter and Summer

Winter & Summer

By Lauren Angus
Love catching snowflakes on my glove

Summer’s popsicle  

Both melting as soon as you get them
Love building a snowman

Summer’s sand castle

They don't last long
Love having snowball fights

Summer’s water balloons

You get wet either way  
Love finding icicles

Summer’s flowers

They come every year
Love having snow days

Summer’s vacation

Always outside  


They are almost the same

Just different
Oct 06
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Winter, such a bleak time
but in some way magical.
With all of winter's great, fluffy snow
it's a shame that it's dark
when I get home from school.

What is better 
than after a great day with the skis,
than coming home
to hot food and TV?

Winter, when my hands dry up
and my house works to stay warm.
I roll in the snow like a child and wonder
without the snow, what would life be?

This season is such a meaningful time
for all people like me.
And while it is below zero out there,
I appreciate me,
and this massive warm box I call home.

Winter, when we all curl up
like tiny little kittens.
Some people wish to find warmth down south,
While others must stay in this white heaven.

I go outside and watch my breath
float away in the wind,
I cannot believe this will end,
But also want spring to begin
Apr 18


they bloom in spring or summer, 
there bright and stunning colors.
they look so beutifull and bright,
i wish i was a flower.
Apr 18

sun set.

colors floating in the sky,
mixing moving and flowing.
my heart beating slowly,
as i watch the sky fall.
the sun sinking deeper and deeper.
the one thing i love,
are the flowing colorful sun sets.

Apr 18

Spring Morning (a haibun)

As I lay here on the grass on this crisp spring morning I listen to the birds chirping, to the train going by, to the people talking in the distance and the sound of the wind in my ears. The feeling of the grass under me; cold. The feeling of the sun on me; warm.The mix of these things; perfect. As I look around I see a sloping hill with trees bordering it. My teacher calling me in the distance; I go.

I love spring mornings
Peaceful the day warming up
Laying on the grass

Apr 18

Rain on the window

This is a poem for anyone who has ever had rain on the window

a soft tapping of the cold rain
could be a few drops of the water
or it may be a thunder storm
the kind that makes the room dark
nonetheless, it is rain

it may seem cold and dark
but it also makes you feel protected 
you are out of the rain
and watching as it washes away the troubles of the day
it is a reminder that things can always get better
but they sure can get worse

rain on the window
Apr 18
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Be Not or Do

He dons the body of an angel
Yet has no halo

He wears the mask of purity
Yet knows not the opposite of sin
He sings joyously through us, tearing us apart
Only we can fix our mistake
But it is too late! He cries, 
too late!
And for once I have to agree.
Apr 17

What A Strange Dream?

I had a dream I overslept
and forgot to brush my teeth!
I ate a stale frittata,
and a couple bites of beef.
Wore a pink and yellow sock,
forgot my keys my doors unlocked,
and threw a load of laundry in
because I tripped over the bin.
Lugged my book-bag out the door,
put on my shower shoes,
missed the bus by twenty minutes,
so had to bike to school.

Almost hit a squealing pig
(it might have been the owner),
ruined someone else's grass
as I sped around the corner.
Forgot my essay back at home
and lucky me, forgot my phone,
somehow my mother heard me curse
(and yes somehow that's even worse).
Did a presentation
in my shower shoes and pj's,
cheated on a math test 
and got busted (as always).
Was sent down to the office
and the teacher gave me tea...
we talked about her puppy
and Harry Potter three.

Scuttled down to lunch 
Apr 17

Jasmine: a childhood

Rice is
white grains in a grey pot
the non-stick coating peeling from use
a hot blank smell
and a breath of steam.
Apr 17


I dreamed
I was a stream
Weaving through trees
Flowing water
Apr 17
Peter Gustafson's picture

Walking through the woods

Leah Kowalski, Albert D Lawton, Essex Jct. 12, 

She loved to walk through the woods

They were calm

All her stress used to fade away

Lift up and float away through the leaves

She felt as though she could finally let go

That she could breath 

The clean air had a different effect 

Scientifically proven to calm and

Lower blood pressure

“I love the light this time of day,” she would say

Tilting her head back to look through 

The sunlight slanting through 

The branches of the various kinds of trees

In all seasons, the light still shines

In the crisp, fresh air of winter

The green hue cast from leaves in summer and spring

The way it shines through the multicolored leaves of autumn

It’s still there

As are the trees, grass, a multitude of plants, 
Apr 17
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Highs and Lows

Highs and lows
Life has its ups and downs

Its highs and lows 

It's happys and its sads  

You may have a great day

And then just start to cry 

Sometimes you need to cry 

 you may just want to give up

Sometimes you may feel all alone

And forget about the whole world by your side

Fighting with you 

Through the lowest lows

We all have our ups and downs

And we all have highs and lows

But never forget 

You’re never alone

Never forget that it's ok to cry

We are going through this together
Apr 17
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The sun keeps shining through

Every day there is a time

when the sun is shining through.

The trees are green

and the day is new.

I love the light this time of day.

The morning sun rise 

makes we feel a certain way.

My body is relaxed.

My mind is clear.

So there is nothing out there

for me to fear.

My day ahead 

has a schedule that's full.

I am busy

so my day won’t be dull.

Filled with school, homework, and gymnastics too.

A long day ahead will make it for me to get through.

Gymnastics takes time and school takes more

which makes my life in one big chore.