Dec 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Unusual


Sitting right there,
On that picnic bench,
I see,
Two girls
With different faces,
And the same stories
One cried and one smiled,
One got used to it, and one gave up,
The first one was overtaken by anger,
And the second one buried it down with a smile,
And now they meet,
Introduced by a mutual person,
Sitting on a picnic bench,
They stare at each other and hesitate,
The sun and the moon,
Both bright and forever fighting,
They look down at the splintered wood of the picnic bench,
They are hurt, but fight,
They love themselves, but they are lost,
Two lost souls,
Splintered and bruised.
Oct 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Sprout


I cry
I curl up
and time stops
until I'm trapped... 
I want to stop
I want to smile
and hide
but I can't
I want to keep it in
and leave me to be
but I know 
the truth will hurt me
my feelings are too loud
Mar 12

A Modern Master of Denial

You made Science your God,
idolized in golden buildings
and gilded books.
You were called upon to serve;
you burnt the Bible inked in your own hand
in the blinding flames of fear.

You made Science your servant,
you rode upon its strong shoulders,
gorged on its produce,
enslaved it to your all-consuming want and need.
When this chosen Herald brought a message
of distaste,
you dismissed it with a wave of your unhardened hand.

You made Science your Guardian,
swaddled in its calculated folds,
your life was insured by the majesty of medicine.
It monitors your very breath and heartbeat,
yet when when the warning is displayed,
your well-washed ears become deaf to 
even the shrillest siren.

You made Science your companion,
placing your hopes in its ever-growing grasp;
Confided dreams stacked like friendship bracelets
Oct 19
poem 1 comment challenge: Winter/18
Ordinary Owen's picture

Solitary Winter

Swing sets grind to icy halts, and fluffy layers of snow are trampled as my classmates swarm into chaotic crowds, eager to leave December’s chilled embrace.

Friends leave mid-conversation, teachers stop listening to maintain the mob of 11-year-olds.

Insulted that the snow, blanketed with care, has been destroyed, abandoned Winter begins to straighten the ground once more with frigid attention.

Eyes lost in the glistening seas of snowflakes as they slowly climb down from the heavens above, a body stands by the howling wind.

There is a comfort found in frost. A solace found in the cold.

Lone Winter and I find friendship. We do not leave each other mid-conversation, we do not stop listening. Because in the presence of each other we are not alone.

One electric blue jacket stays within this gelid plain of white.
Oct 16
ccdussault's picture

Snow Plow

Digging holes in the snow,
These would be our homes.
We are like an old couple,
Bickering back and forth on who has made the best one.

The cold had made it to our fingertips,
Our red cheeks glowed brighter as the bright flashing light moved closer to us.
A loud roar creeps towards us by the second.
A rush of adrenaline soars through us as we run away.
We are stumbling,
as the snow grabs onto our feet after each step we take.
We feel the strike of cold shoot through our bodies as we go head first into the snow.

Wiping the bitter blizzard away from our faces,
We watch at the last instant,
as our whole afternoon is diminished.

We watch the light fade away,
With sour faces.
As if nothing had happened,
Our whole afternoon had been abolished.

Oct 16

Joyous Winter

White flakes
         Drifted down to the cold ground
                 Covering the dead grass with a fresh sheet of foam
                               Laughter filled the air
                  As small children ran out the door
           All bundled up in their coats, hats, scarves, and gloves
Their boots left little footprints in the fresh snow as they ran

Their joyous laughter         cut threw the muffled cold air
As they caught crisp snowflakes on their tongues

Screams of enjoyment echoed from their mouths
            As they were called back in
                    With rosy pink cheeks and red noses
             Their shivering bodies ran back through the door

For a warm cup of cocoa
The sign

That winter has come
Oh joyous winter  

Oct 09
adowning's picture



Benjamin Edwards

Skis fly

Target seen

Jump into prone

Steady to fire  
Skis fly

Target has a hole

Jump up

And off I go
Skis fly

Shot again

Get back up

Dash off
Skis fly

I’m a blur

Faster faster
My tired eyes cross the line
Oct 09
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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

By Ayden Clark

With a jacket like a heater

And a helmet on my head

I turn

through the


crunch crunch crunch

As the wheels break sticks

and I cautiously drive out

onto the lake

Swish Sposh

says slush on the water

Then I park

put my green and black

rod in the holder

And wait

And wait

And wait

Until the drag starts to

Ring Ring Ring

Like a bell

from the fish


The line

I reel

And reel

And reel

And the dark brown with gold


Flops out of the hole



the ice

Splash splash

Flop Flop




Oct 09
adowning's picture

Black Ice

Black ice

By Regis Houlier

Black ice, the villain of


Always incognito

Hiding, Waiting for me. Wanting me

To slip into its trap

Creeping up right under me  

And right when I get near it

When I least expect it

It springs to attack

Shooting me

Across its villainess body


And slamming  

Me to the ground like

A nail

 Laughing at me

With its cold heart

As I limp away

In pain

Oct 09
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Winter and Summer

Winter & Summer

By Lauren Angus
Love catching snowflakes on my glove

Summer’s popsicle  

Both melting as soon as you get them
Love building a snowman

Summer’s sand castle

They don't last long
Love having snowball fights

Summer’s water balloons

You get wet either way  
Love finding icicles

Summer’s flowers

They come every year
Love having snow days

Summer’s vacation

Always outside  


They are almost the same

Just different
Oct 06
kat_writer's picture


Winter, such a bleak time
but in some way magical.
With all of winter's great, fluffy snow
it's a shame that it's dark
when I get home from school.

What is better 
than after a great day with the skis,
than coming home
to hot food and TV?

Winter, when my hands dry up
and my house works to stay warm.
I roll in the snow like a child and wonder
without the snow, what would life be?

This season is such a meaningful time
for all people like me.
And while it is below zero out there,
I appreciate me,
and this massive warm box I call home.

Winter, when we all curl up
like tiny little kittens.
Some people wish to find warmth down south,
While others must stay in this white heaven.

I go outside and watch my breath
float away in the wind,
I cannot believe this will end,
But also want spring to begin
Jan 19
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America, Part 1

I am a kid. 
I am just a kid.
Who has done nothing wrong,
but is afraid for 
my life & the 
lives of the peolpe around me.
I am not normal.
No one is, but I 
am not a 
standard person in 
society. Sometimes I
get scared and I can't breathe. 
Other times, I 
can't focus on anything.
& even others...
I convince myself (somehow)
that I am not worth it. 
That I shouldn't be here.

Because America is telling me that. 
America, you are a little voice,
stuck inside my head,
telling me 
I do not &
will never belong in society
as I really am.
I really don't want to believe you,
but I feel like I
have no choice.  Because you are
"The Promise Land,"
"The Melting Pot,"
all that crap that you 
claim you are.

An apron does not
a waiter make.
A crown does not
a king make. You need
Jan 19

Is It Wednesday Yet?

Trees whirled past as the car

Flew swiftly


The trees where a blur

Of green,

And golden. 

I asked my mom when was Inauguration Day. 

What was

Inauguration Day?

The media was

Swarmed with news about what 

Would happen Wednesday. 

And so,

I searched up

Inauguration Day on the


About 268 million

Results after 0.68


Is it Wednesday yet?

Is it Wednesday yet?

Is it Wednesday yet?

Riots might

Happen and there will be

Violence. Joe Biden will 

Move into office

On the

Inauguration Day. 

Republicans were fighting

Against the 


People dying because

Of riots. 

Is it Wednesday yet?
Jan 19

Teach Me How To Fall In Love

Oh, dear beloved,
Teach me how to fall in love,
I'm afraid I'm going to break your heart
And thus break my own.

Oh, dear beloved,
Teach me how to fall in love,
I don't know how to commit
And because of that
I'll commit a crime.

Oh, dear beloved,
Teach me how to fall in love,
I'm falling so hard,
And I don't know how to stop myself.
Jan 19

The Old King

There was an Old King who sat on a throne,
in a castle made of crumbling stone.
And the village around it was dying and dead,
with not enough food to make a single loaf of bread.
His reign was long forgotten,
his kingdom turning to dust,
he had no heir for the throne,
so he called for all his guardsmen and cooks,
the maids, the butlers, the keepers of books,
the gardeners, the butchers, and the dentists,
and said,
"Go home! the is nothing left in this dead and dying town,
you won't be able to leave,
if you don't leave now." 
Everyone protested and whined,
but deep down they knew the truth,
the old king was right.
One by one they packed their bags and left,
leaving the old king behind.

Jan 18
Yellow Sweater's picture

Pink and Red

Your lips are pink. I can’t tell if it’s lipstick or love. 
I am frowning, halted, playing hopscotch with my breath, 
                                        but you are swathed in that pink dress, 
                                        as guileless as the summer I tried to paint as stifling.  

To falter is to wait to be sophisticated, 
                                        to wait until a pink heart turns red.

Jan 18


I love the light this time of day
The way the raindrops dance and play
The gentle shadows on your face
The way the darkness leaves in haste

I love the light this time of day
The flowers' colors on display
And birds like rockets soar so high
And yet I see them in the sky

I love the light this time of day
The pure eclectic gamma rays
Saturn, Mars in strongest bond
A sweet guitar now plays along

I love the light for it is there
Thank you sun for being near
Unto my arms, my face, each day
The gentle rays kiss fear away
Jan 17
Lucylemon's picture


I walk through the rose garden and see a white rose, 
I reach towards it but prick my finger, 
My blood drips down,
and the rose is no longer white, 
But red. 
Jan 17


Aren't we all just little numbers
Jumbled up along a line?
Chosen for us we we're young
And how we are defined

Aren't we all just inky swirls
Scrawled across the page?
Will you truly know someone
Until they;ve been exchanged?

Aren't we all just ays ands tees
Crosses before the end?
Entitled by the consonants
on vowels we depend
Jan 17
Doctor Who's picture

Girl in a blue sweater

A girl in a blue sweater
she has one hand in her pocket
in the other hand is plastic bag of books
she's walking
she gets to a street
and checks the street sign
then walks down the middle of the road
she looks around
then pulls out her phone 
seemingly texting someone
she moves to the side of the road 
to avoided a car
she comes to a house 
she looks at the house
deciding if it's the correct one
she comes to a decision
walks down the driveway 
comes to the back door 
knocks lightly 
hangs the bag on the door
she walks back up the driveway
walks back up the middle of the road
someone pokes their head out the door 
and says hi to the girl
the girl says hi back 
pulls out her phone 
texts someone
puts the phone away
and keeps walking
both hands in her pockets now
free of the bag of books
she walks back the way she came