Apr 23
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"A choice," the wind whispers, echoing by
"A hope that will leave you; despair that won't die

"Reach for the stars, tread lightly on air
Or sink into the ocean, find peace in despair

"The sky has brought freedom to many a thrall,
Yet more have been abandoned, forgotten, let fall

"The sea, she will harvest your breath and your life
But her smothering arms are a blanket from strife
Apr 23
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I Cherish Cherish

I cherish Cherish, Cherish has always cherished me and understands when I am going through a rough spot on the road and Cherish does not complain. Cherish does not try to tell me to be someone I am not. Cherish is there for me when I want support and leaves me alone too. I cherish Cherish, Cherish, you are behind all the wonderful and fun experiences I have had throughout my life, aren’t you?
Apr 23
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From This Side of the Glass

From this side of the glass I saw the little fish swimming. It darted in and out from behind the rock. From the other side the woman asked me if I had seen the fish and I thought for a moment and said “yes”. That was the first time I spoke to someone outside of my family… To a woman through a fish tank at the barber shop, of all places.
Apr 23

Regrets of the Runaway

I could have run away today.
I could have just done it...
could have just hopped on a bus
heading south.
South to the city.

I would have been so easy,
so easy. And I

didn't do it. 
I feel trapped again today.
I can't breathe. 

I could have run away.
I could have run
away today, and I didn't. 

Freedom never comes for free.

Is it still running away
if I don't know

Apr 23

Neon Vision

He just wanted to listen to a song,
but was overwhelmed by the ocean of options.
So much media floating in the oil for him to consume.  
Furrowing his brow, suffering from an overload.
The jarring lights cause his eyes to glitch.
Neon vision turns to static.
Scrolling through his feed,
seeing all the downloaded songs he hasn’t heard yet.
Each one fills his heart with pangs of guilt,
for some unknown reason.
Apr 23


Cars zoom by at insane paces.
Their parasitic occupants are in quite a hurry.
Birds chirp, insects buzz, electrical wires hum, phones ring.
but no one has time to listen to these subtle sounds.
Buildings stacked on top of each other
form metal towers that consume blue sky.
A tired man stands at a white crosswalk
that stretches across a cracked pavement road.
The sun furiously beats down on him.
Apr 23

Computer Head

The brainiac computer head thinks that technology can save the world.
Every problem can be solved with just the press of a button!
He scans the world and all the people in it with his cold gaze,
reducing subjective reality in to objective facts and numbers
that can be easily processed and spit back out.
Easy solutions to complex problems.
Sometimes he wonders if things are getting worse,
but he brushes this thought aside.
Apr 23

The Artist's Obsession

The artist sits in front of a blank canvass
He stares and stares
for hours, days, months, years.
Waiting for the perfect image to form in his mind.
The convoluted gears in his brain spin until they are jammed beyond repair.
The greasy machine wants to be creative
but he ran out of new batteries,
and is forced to reuse old ones that constantly burn out
forcing him to dig around in the trash for more.
“What should this new painting express?
Apr 23

The Burning Question

What am I living for?

My mind constantly analyzes this question
but it produces no results.
Am I living for the present?
No. The present is dull and mundane.
Nothing happens in the present.
Am I living for the future,
a world of possibility
that I have no control over?
The future may hold excitement,
but how can I live for something
that doesn’t exist?
Am I living for the past,
a vague dusty document,
Apr 23

Essay Grind

I’ve been sitting here for hours
writing this essay.
It's about something.
Or maybe nothing.
I’m not sure,
I can’t remember what the prompt was.
Why am I writing this again?
Because it was assigned to me.
Yes, that must be why.
My eyes scan over the words
beaming out at me
from the plastic screen.
A bunch of black dots
like bugs,
merging, morphing,
into something that I didn’t write
Apr 23

Data Snake

My hand twitches
Like a snake, it slithers toward my pocket.
Looking for a flashy device
that will provide an escape from boring reality,
gulping down music, images, videos
to feed itself  
hungry for more
maybe one day it will finally
shed its skin.
My hand comes out empty.
My prey has escaped.
I feel the panic setting in.
Desperately rummaging around,
looking for a part of myself
that I have lost.
Apr 23

Moral Mountain

One day you decided to take a hike
up your moral mountain.
A windy unkempt dirt trail
leads deeper and deeper
into a swampy dark forest
obscured by mist.
You stop dead in your tracks.
There is a break in the trail.
It splits apart into many paths.
Where should you go? It's not on your map.
Your compass is broken.
Which path should you follow?
You'll have to decide for yourself.
But you can only stand there
Apr 23

The Lost and Found

Find me in the earth,
Find me in the sea,
Find me in these broken chains that slowly ruin me.

And when you do the lost will be replaced.
A new beginning
And drowning thoughts to face.

Found in silent speech
Where only song remains,
A note, a beat, a treasure lost to time.

A harmony I’ll never hear again.
A melody that you could never find.

And tap, tap, tapping hands,
And dance, dance, dancing feet,
Apr 23

Social Anxiety Disorder

Before our Socratic Seminar

My teacher told me and one other student

We should try to contribute more.

Talk more.

“Yeah, I will,” I say,

But my mind is saying something else.

My mind is begging him to understand,

I can’t.

I’m sick.

I don’t talk because 

If I do

I’ll suffocate for the rest of class,

Slide in and out of consciousness,
Apr 16

The Way Some Live

You don't know the kind of pain 
he described that morning. 

"It's not the kind
that's easy to explain."
Not the kind of feeling, he told
you, that's easy
to wash away with a little soap.

You're not sure what to call that kind of pain.
The kind that brings 
you to the dark bathroom each night, 
sitting on the clammy tile floor.

Near the toilet.
In case you decide that maybe
it would feel better

Apr 16


I wanted to run,
but they cut off my feet.

I wanted to sing,
but they silenced my voice.

I wanted to fly,
but they chained my wings.

I wanted to be happy,
but they injected me with a pale liquid that made my throat dry,
my head spin,
and my thoughts of nothing but terror and hate.

I wanted to create a better world,
but they chained them all,
and built a wall that kept them all away.
Apr 16

Impressionistic Face

I’ve found that when this figure falls
And when the shattered calls,
Impressionistic face remains
To bring the lost to shame.

And crumbling down inside its cell
The warped perfection fell.
A night’s reflection slithered ‘round,
Its evil twin yet found.

Four yellow roses made the floor
Then drowned beneath the shore,
The thorn - the only last remain
To bring the lost to shame.
Apr 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Last
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Now I Know

This is your last chance
You can do it, I believe in you 
Stay, hold on a little bit longer 
I don't know 
The next day I felt you 
I heard you cry out for me 
Something isn't right 
When I heard the news I stopped 
I stopped everything 
Now I know
I didn't get so say how much I love you
I didn't get one last hug 
But at least I knew you 

Apr 16
poem 0 comments challenge: One

phone calls with reality: part 2

hey what’s up?

i don’t know what you’re talking about

i’m not stuck in here

i know that. but it’s okay they don’t need me

i’m not afraid of being happy

but it’s not on purpose

wh-what do i do then?
Apr 16
poem 0 comments challenge: One

phone calls with reality


I just wanted to let you know what you’re missing

Oh you know while you’re all caught up in there I’m having all of this fun without you

Yes you are, I’m watching your friends, look at all the fun they’re having

So sad, that all you do is sit in here and brood, too scared to be happy