Apr 28
poem challenge: Love Poem
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The gum tree

Under the gum tree 
We laugh and play
Wasting away hot summer days

Under the gum tree
We sit apart
Saying everything but what's in our hearts

Under the gum tree
We eat at dusk
Nervously laughing, wondering if there'll be an us

Under the gum tree
Staring up at the blue
I turn, smile, say "I love you"

Under the gum tree
I get down on one knee
Pull out a ring and ask "Marry me?"

Under the gum tree
Wearing white and blue
We exchange our vows, I say "I do"

Under the gum tree
We sit old and grey
Holding hands, we greet the day

Under the gum tree
She lays wasting away
I hold her hand, wishing she'd stay

Under the gum tree
I too leave this place
I close my eyes with a smile on my face

Above the gum tree
We join hands once again
Together and ready for the journey ahead
Jan 20
poem challenge: Lifeline
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Long Live the Queen

1st Place, Golden Birch Award

We steal Her land, exploit Her wealth
And claim it as our own.
We build cities, we sever trees,
Destroying our own home.

We do nothing to rebuild
The ruin we create.
We do nothing but watch
As She cries, She burns, and breaks.

We lie to faces, wipe out races,
Deny these lies and genocide.
The truth cannot be silenced.
We divide, we war, we side. 

Ourselves will be the death of us,
Burned in a fire we made.
There will not be a second Ark.
This time we can’t be saved.

Not one creature will mourn us
Not one tree, ant, or swan.
They’ll find freedom and happiness
In a world with humans gone.

We thought we were the kings
But oh, we were such fools.
It was never our kingdom.
The Queen of Nature rules.

Oct 24


I cry
I curl up
and time stops
until I'm trapped... 
I want to stop
I want to smile
and hide
but I can't
I want to keep it in
and leave me to be
but I know 
the truth will hurt me
my feelings are too loud
Oct 19
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Solitary Winter

Swing sets grind to icy halts, and fluffy layers of snow are trampled as my classmates swarm into chaotic crowds, eager to leave December’s chilled embrace.

Friends leave mid-conversation, teachers stop listening to maintain the mob of 11-year-olds.

Insulted that the snow, blanketed with care, has been destroyed, abandoned Winter begins to straighten the ground once more with frigid attention.

Eyes lost in the glistening seas of snowflakes as they slowly climb down from the heavens above, a body stands by the howling wind.

There is a comfort found in frost. A solace found in the cold.

Lone Winter and I find friendship. We do not leave each other mid-conversation, we do not stop listening. Because in the presence of each other we are not alone.

One electric blue jacket stays within this gelid plain of white.
Oct 16
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Snow Plow

Digging holes in the snow,
These would be our homes.
We are like an old couple,
Bickering back and forth on who has made the best one.

The cold had made it to our fingertips,
Our red cheeks glowed brighter as the bright flashing light moved closer to us.
A loud roar creeps towards us by the second.
A rush of adrenaline soars through us as we run away.
We are stumbling,
as the snow grabs onto our feet after each step we take.
We feel the strike of cold shoot through our bodies as we go head first into the snow.

Wiping the bitter blizzard away from our faces,
We watch at the last instant,
as our whole afternoon is diminished.

We watch the light fade away,
With sour faces.
As if nothing had happened,
Our whole afternoon had been abolished.

Oct 16

Joyous Winter

White flakes
         Drifted down to the cold ground
                 Covering the dead grass with a fresh sheet of foam
                               Laughter filled the air
                  As small children ran out the door
           All bundled up in their coats, hats, scarves, and gloves
Their boots left little footprints in the fresh snow as they ran

Their joyous laughter         cut threw the muffled cold air
As they caught crisp snowflakes on their tongues

Screams of enjoyment echoed from their mouths
            As they were called back in
                    With rosy pink cheeks and red noses
             Their shivering bodies ran back through the door

For a warm cup of cocoa
The sign

That winter has come
Oh joyous winter  

Oct 09
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Benjamin Edwards

Skis fly

Target seen

Jump into prone

Steady to fire  
Skis fly

Target has a hole

Jump up

And off I go
Skis fly

Shot again

Get back up

Dash off
Skis fly

I’m a blur

Faster faster
My tired eyes cross the line
Oct 09
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Black Ice

Black ice

By Regis Houlier

Black ice, the villain of


Always incognito

Hiding, Waiting for me. Wanting me

To slip into its trap

Creeping up right under me  

And right when I get near it

When I least expect it

It springs to attack

Shooting me

Across its villainess body


And slamming  

Me to the ground like

A nail

 Laughing at me

With its cold heart

As I limp away

In pain

Oct 09
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Winter and Summer

Winter & Summer

By Lauren Angus
Love catching snowflakes on my glove

Summer’s popsicle  

Both melting as soon as you get them
Love building a snowman

Summer’s sand castle

They don't last long
Love having snowball fights

Summer’s water balloons

You get wet either way  
Love finding icicles

Summer’s flowers

They come every year
Love having snow days

Summer’s vacation

Always outside  


They are almost the same

Just different
Oct 06
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Winter, such a bleak time
but in some way magical.
With all of winter's great, fluffy snow
it's a shame that it's dark
when I get home from school.

What is better 
than after a great day with the skis,
than coming home
to hot food and TV?

Winter, when my hands dry up
and my house works to stay warm.
I roll in the snow like a child and wonder
without the snow, what would life be?

This season is such a meaningful time
for all people like me.
And while it is below zero out there,
I appreciate me,
and this massive warm box I call home.

Winter, when we all curl up
like tiny little kittens.
Some people wish to find warmth down south,
While others must stay in this white heaven.

I go outside and watch my breath
float away in the wind,
I cannot believe this will end,
But also want spring to begin
Sep 27
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"The Art of the Pencil"

"The Art of the Pencil"

Look, as it dances!
Twirling and spinning around.
Pencil on paper. 

By Rena 
Sep 26

He broke me

He does not know,
What he did to me.
No one undertands,
To them it was just a crush.
Just another one.
No one understands.
How much I loved him.
How much I wanted him.
To them, I was young and foolish,
Trying out a crush,
Seeing if bad boys where cool.
He did not know,
That all I could see was his good traits,
Blinded to all his faults.
Not knowing,
That while I was falling.
He was slowy breaking me.
That he had been all along.
Sep 26

i didn't love you

i didn’t love you
but it was something 

maybe it wasn’t love
or if it was maybe it was one sided
or unrequited
but i don’t think i loved you
i think i would give you
and tell you
to make you stay and keep you in this moment
or moments prior
ones where i was better
we were better
i could have been the best for you
if you would have felt it too
but i don’t think it was ever love
i think i would have picked up your broken pieces
and glued you back together
but maybe it wasn’t love
because i didn’t love you
but it was something

Sep 26
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Lost love

Years of wasted love, 
I handed it out at no cost,
but I gave too much.
Suddenly there wasn't any love left for me.

I needed your love to survive,
but it was nowhere to be found.

Empty words,
hanging thunderstorms.
An ocean of tears cried for you,
but not a single emotion felt for me.

A wall put up at my expense,
I couldn't climb over.

Did you mean it?
all of those times
I ran for you,
you ran from me.

It was like a maze,
and I was lost.

My love had no worth,
stepped on by uncaring feet,
Your love was hidden away
but still there.

Afraid of what they might think
you didnt meet me halfway.
You had gone down his path 
before i had time to put up the signs.

You said you loved me,
But I guess your love got lost on the way.

Sep 26

who holds the heart up, still?

the heart can be pierced and wounded,
but the blood will still run through.
the blood will still run through, why still?
what holds the heart up, still?
as broken and cracked and punctured
as can be, so should i say instead, whose hand
holds the heart up, still?
when they all fall away into that crimson
gradient of nothing and leave only holes
for this heavy heart to bear,
what holds the heart up, still?
when their bloody weapons split you in two,
shatter you in a thousand, a million,
like glasses, whose hand
holds the heart up, still?
whose tender palm lets this blood and flesh
blanketed in one harsh blizzard of love
balance still, a foundation?
what holds the heart up, still? and
if their hand fell into that gradient alike
there would be no holes, no longer.
a hundred shoulders, but none the same.
when this foundation falls, all else falls,
Sep 26


It was a cool October night 
we were laying on the trampoline in your backyard
underneath the starlit night sky.
My head was resting on your shoulder 
and crickets sang their nightly tune.
You pointed to the stars 
and named each constellation.
I smiled and called you a nerd 
but I really meant you were the smartest person I knew.
We lay awake together 
under the infinite sky.
Until I started to drift off, my head still on your shoulder 
and you whispered 
I love you 
in my ear
When you thought I was asleep.
Sep 26
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Questions, More, Or Less.

Equations stretch across a gridded page,
Looking like a jumble of lines and curves,
But they answer questions,
That have been wondered for ages, 
And they solve the riddles of our world,
That have been locked and stored away 
For ages.
The delicate equations 
Find solutions to problems,
But still make more questions,
That will be answered when the 
Numbers and symbols are rearranged.  
Equations stretch across a gridded page,
Making the world question more, or less.

Sep 26

A Collection of Haikus

Water rushes like 
Millions of sparkling 
Diamonds around me 

Everlasting love 
Existing only in dreams 
I wish it were real 

The words feel like knives
Slashing already open wounds
Just for your dumb love

I look to the sky 
And time seems to halt I breathe 
Flooded with sublime 

You sit on a throne 
An invisible throne and
We all bow down low 

I flew to the clouds
And wings sprouted from my back
I am above all 

You wish that I cared
More than I already do 
But I really don’t 

You are like a tree
With many branches and leafs 
Sep 26

yesterday, from the perspective of tomorrow

after today, there'll 
be no tomorrow, so try to 
count the seconds that 
drain away 
ebbing through the cracks in your 
fingers. time is not 
gained, it's only lost, 
hold what you have tight until 
it's gone 
just hold on until you can't, like a 
knife you hold by the blade 
like igniting 
nothing and everything and it all 
opens up again, unseamed, 
purpose made perfect made 
question marks wrapped in 
russian dolls holding your 
secret in the hollow under 
the open mouth, 
until you learn how to keep 
violence behind your teeth. 
wake up. 
xenoliths do not belong to 
you. wake up. the 
zeroes turn into ones turn into today. 
Sep 26


If you squint your eyes just enough, you should be able to see the dreams life laid before your eyes


Did you see them well? Maybe you needed to put some glasses on to visibly see what destiny brought to the table


And just like the happiness you once had running around on the playground as a small child, it disappears. Never to be seen again


Why didn't you grasp it when it was still there? Hug it tight, and never let it go no matter what?


Were you ever in tune with the beat life was drumming?


Or were you too arrogant and decided to stay in tune with your tone-deaf humming?


It's too late to figure it out. Just like the stars in the night sky, it continued shining


Yet you insisted to keep staring at it until the cloud caressed the stars like a soft blanket


Now your stars are gone, disappeared within the dusk