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Apr 25
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Won't you miss the snow?

Won’t you miss the snow?
by Claire Adner

I’m not so bad- give me a chance. I know
You want me gone. I’ll leave- let in the breeze,
But I’ll also come back. Won’t you miss the snow?

I know I’m cold and wet and gross and though
You want me gone- think- you might miss me. Please,
I’m not so bad- give me a chance. I know

You’ll miss me. You’ll miss my stars and their glow
You'll miss the fire in your fireplace
But I’ll also come back. Won’t you miss the snow?

I’ll go. You’ll run. You’ll fly. You’ll learn. You’ll grow.
Then the colors change- the birds quit the trees
I’m not so bad- give me a chance. I know

You’ll miss me, but you know really you won’t
Miss me till I’m gone- replaced by green leaves
But I’ll also come back. Won’t you miss the snow?
Apr 25

The World Is Not On My Side

As much as I wish it,
As much as I plead,
The world is not on my side,
And I doubt it ever will be.
It's not there when I shed my tears,
It's not there when I whisper instead of shout,
It's not there when I solemnly smile instead of outrageously laugh,
And it defiantly isn't there now.
I don't really know where I did the world wrong.
Was it the little white lies I've spoken?
Or maybe the times I've never really listened?
It's hard to tell when you've done so much right to pick out the wrong,
Or maybe I've done so much wrong that I can't really tell what is right.
But for whatever the reason,
For whatever the pain,
The world is not on my side,
At least not today.
Apr 25
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A Quick History Lesson for the President

This was written soon after the inauguration

January 20, 2017:
A day to go down in history;
The inauguration of
Our first EVER 
Donald J. Trump.

His intentions?
His qualifications?
His specialty?

You would think that 
some time
Would have
 to pass by
Before his promises
Would be approved by the government.

But somehow,
Policies have been signed
Without a question
And his opinion
Has taken over,
In just ten short days.

Trump took away the funding
For any abortion organization
International or national
Surrounded by a group of
Old, white men.

Apr 25
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“Taking Mankind to New Heights”

Buy a flying car, they said. It’s the future, the very latest gizmo,
Mankind’s masterpiece, they said.
Well, let me tell you something. Save yourself some dough,
And buy a bike instead.

The GPS system’s just there to confuse,
Street signs? Absolutely nada!
It guides you through clouds, not avenues
Be careful you don’t end up in Nevada…

And don’t get me started on traffic.
Birds, bugs, bats, planes, kites?
God, who was their demographic?
“Taking Mankind to New Heights.”

Kids with a fresh new permit
Love cruising too low over trees
Really, I think the sky is unfit
To hold anything but seagulls and bees.

And while, yes, it’s better for the environment,
The battery life will only take you so far.
I think we’re still far from enlightenment
Apr 25
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The Unique Family of Four

With Mama's hair curly and brother's hair tame,
 nobody looked exactly the same.
Papa with deep brown eyes, and sister's emerald green.
sister's skin like sand and brother's like a coffee bean.
But, they sat at the dining room table, the family of four,
worrying about their differences no more.

Braces and glasses, dark hair and blonde,
The all have the ability to see beyond. 
They see everybody for who they are
a special, unique and shining star.
They sat at the dining room table, the family of four,
worrying about their differences no more.

Rich or poor, energetic or sore
each day dawning they love each other more.
Joyful, mad, happy or sad
their love for each other makes everyone glad.
So they sat at the dining room table, the family of four,
Apr 25

I Love You

"I love you Eli."
Four words I thought were better off unsaid,
And surly better off unheard.
And loss of a close friend were risks I wasn't willing to take.
"Tell someone how you feel before it's too late," my mother would always tell me.
I never took this line serious with him.
When you're young,
You think you're invincible and have all the time in the world.
Truth is;
You don't.
Waiting till the last minute,
Or never saying anything at all is a mistake.
I made that mistake. 
He was at my finger tips,
Right in my reach,
But I lost him sooner then I could have ever imagined. 
I loved him so much that my face would feel like open flames,
And my skin would turn the color of a ripe cherry.
It was beautiful,
But I never told him how he made me feel.
Apr 25
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As I sit watching the snow

My mom calls for dinner

I say no and she grounds me

I feel annoyed and alone

Stuck in a dark room

I feel like I am in jail

Trapped in jail

With no neighbors.

I yank on the bars,

Trying to break free.

I break free!

Finally I can go play in the snow

With my friends

We laugh and fall,

Skate and play

At least I am not in jail.

Apr 24
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My bio poem

I am creative, funny,a actor,and im kind
Sister of robin 
Pet owner of lila and bunny,
Who loves art dancing and singing 
Who feels  frustrated in math class 
And Who  feels nervous when on stage 
And who feels tired leaving school 
And who is afraid of elevators the dark and shadows  
Who learned that friendships are important  
Who hopes for a successful year and a happy life
Lives in a medium sized orange house 
Apr 24
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The first day I met my dog bunny was one of the happiest days of my life,

getting home from the hospital where I had just been born.
Seeing her I gave myself a little squeal her little brown eyes and white fur, 

 how she played made me laugh and smile she makes my day every day and night.

Now she's old and bigger now but she still keeps me warm and makes me feel joyful, and proud to have her.
Apr 24


I dislike shopping.
Today I loathed it.
​It's never been my favorite thing,
​but today was worse than normal.

​It used to be I didn't like
​the monotony of it,
wandering around after Mom,
​feeling out of place with my friends
who actually knew about fashion,
​board out of my mind trying on clothes.

Today was different.
​the tags and sizes made me feel
​both incredibly small and
like the fattest person to walk the earth.
​I felt so confined
I wanted to run and run
forever away from that feeling
​or maybe just until I got skinnier.

​Trying everything on didn't help
​nothing seemed to fit right,
​whenever I showed Mom
I franticly searched her eyes
​for the disgust I felt when
​I looked in the mirror.
​I don't thing I saw it, but that
Apr 24


Dominican trees
Are nothing like Vermont trees. 
The ones at home are bulky,
Like sentries keeping watch in the darkness. 
Their canopies are their shields
that protect those who walk among their roots.
But the trees here are different. 
They are high up like angels singing sweet melodies,
Their leaves spread out and delicately arranged, 
like the feathers of wings. 
While they offer no protection like our home guardians, 
There is no need for that. 
As here,
There is only bliss.
Apr 24
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Bring You Back

Life is a knot I can't untie-
painfully tight,
It frays our ends.

You with crimson eyes
shut to my voice,
A whisper beckoning you back to cold
night air and frosty lips.

Let me pinch numbness from your fingertips,
Kiss the cracks of worried thoughts
and show you waltzing sunlight.

Let warmth trickle into your smile,
As stars trace spirals around our fears
and pain seeps into the earth. 

You with spring eyes,
Squinting in strawberry light,
Holding my hand for one minute more-
forgetting to let go.

Life is a knot I can't untie,
so we might as well be tangled together. 
Apr 24
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I sit down on my Stoney pathway

watching my mother and father plant seeds in my garden.

Then it happens the beautiful sounds of the birds chirping.

I smile a great big grin soon it will be summer, when we get out of school and roam the earth,

watch the waves hit the shore and the lights flicker.

I hear  the laughter of  kids in the distance,

I close my eyes and just imagine all the pretty and graceful colors and sounds in the world.

I love my town, I love my world. 

Apr 24

Summer at Aunt June's

The front porch,
where Aunt June would greet us
as we tumbled out of the old Subaru
into the dry dust of her winding, country driveway.
She would be sitting in her Adirondack chair
drinking an iced tea
and wearing her pink straw hat.
It was always summer when we visited,
always that squinty, humid kind of hot
that only a popsicle and a kiddie pool could cure.
And Aunt June had both. 

The kitchen,
painted the same shade of blue as Cinderella's ball gown.
Aunt June would tell me to fetch her some ice cubes for her tea
and I would stand in front of the freezer with the door open,
letting the cold air roll over my scrawny frame.
There was no air conditioning in that old house.
Aunt June always said the heat kept her joints from getting too rusty.
Eventually I'd hear her call from the porch,
Apr 24

A memoir of a recycled notebook

I started out blank and happy,

Years passed and i got filled up with bits and pieces of my owners life.

Cluttering my thoughts with insignificant bullshit.

I becoming less and less myself the more people wrote in me.

I tried to help my owners by helping them organizing their thoughts,

But they just filled my pages up and threw them away like they were worthless.

Each time throwing away a part of me away.

My owners cared for me to a point,

They never really knew how i felt , the answer was hidden in their own writing .

I wish i didn't get attached to my owners because in the end i knew

That they would just leave me for a newer notebook.

Why did i have to be a new notebook,

This life is painful and never ending

if only i could change myself