Oct 18
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I pop off th top of my scalp
like the top of a cookie jar.
It's the secret place
where I keep all my dreams.
Little balls of sunshine, 
bouncing around like 
a little bundle of kittens.
I reach inside with my
thumb and forefinger
and pluck one out.

It is warm, 
radiating with potential.
I quickly put it in the bottle to keep it safe.
And I put that bottle on the self 
with all the others.
Happy thoughts, sad thoughts,
angry thoughts, cool thoughts.
All those thoughts,
safely put in bottles,
lined up in a row.

My collection makes me lots of friends,
some bottles lo
Oct 18
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Not Enough

I walk into the room.
I'm the only freshman,
the only
new person in a
room of friends.

take a deep breath.
There's nothing to be afraid of,
I tell myself.
It's only an audition,
These kids seem nice.

I walk into the room.
I got a part!
Sure, it wasn't a big
Speaking role, but
I sing, and dance, and I'm already
Sort of stressed from homework, so
I'm happy with my role.
I'm still
The only freshman,
the youngest, the newest,
the shyest, the clueless.
Someone walks over 
and says hello.
They have no idea
how nice it is
to hear that,
to be noticed.

I walk onstage.
I'm terrified.
What if I'm not enough?
What if they hate me when
They get to know me?
"Scene 1, Act 1!"
We start rehearsal.
When an older kid speaks to me,
In the play,
I can't help laughing.
Oct 18
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Blood is split when good men go to war,
death stalks all soldiers at their door.
The innocent will suffer for others' gain,
death will stalk with no restraint.

Good folk will die all the same
I'm sure,
when good men go to war.
Slaughter shall ensue and
it will catch up to you,
when good men go to war.

All could try but all would die,
when good men go to war.
Spirits fly and children cry,
when good men go to war.

The end is here,
have no fear;
When the good men stop the war.
Oct 18
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The City Angels

The city that never sleeps,
the city with no heart.
The ciry of angels and demons,
the city that rips you apart.

The people that never sleep,
the people without a heart;
The peopl's souls of angels and demons,
the people that will keep you in the dark.

The corporations that never sleep,
the corporations with no heart.
The corporations of angels and demons,
the corporations that rip you apart.

The bustling life of this city,
the beautiful street lights in the nights view;
The city that never sleeps,
the city that could kill you.

The people that have luck do faithful,
the people so selfish and disdainful;
One day you'll realize how painful it is
to live in the City of Angels.
Oct 18
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Ants In The Rain

There are always ants in the rain
by a gentleman's hand is held the cane;
Building the'r underground empire,
of which their species constructed a dirt spire.

But far too soon did come the rain,
that washed away their work in vain.
From the stomp of a child's boot did crush,
and turned their empire into mush.

How saddening this sight was to behold,
as their losses now took their toll;
For know I know what I did,
the damage I had done I had forbid.

For the life of everything I was in charge,
for this newly acquainted power would not be parched.
For the lives I failed to save again,
like once did when I was ten.

This is the story of us all,
and how one day we'll come to fall.
And then they will return their debt of pain,
like how I once killed the ants in the rain.
Oct 18
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The Lonely Man's Beast

One fateful night a man begun to fly,
without having said goodbye.
It was of no use to cry, 
because one day this man will die.
Will it be of his own doing?
Nobody will ever know,
like how the sun will set
and the moon will glow.

Two questions raised in the minds of 
the people;
How shall he fall?
Perhaps it will be at the 
hands of the beast in us all.

All he wanted was to be understood,
accepted and have a friend.
All he wanted to be

He snatched up 
the offer to be changed,
his desperation blinding him
to the devil's lie.
He was changed,
but not for the better.
The people who once
tormented him,
now feared him.

This lonely, sad, man started to fly
in the city that never sleeps,
everyday and every night,
the beast lies deep;
Maybe one day he will realize 
how far he will fall,
Oct 18
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White angry clouds clatter down on my face,

As the wind swishes my hair and drags my eyelashes,

Up and down,

I feel like I’ve been walking for an entire lifetime,

Or maybe it’s been just a few minutes,

But the pain in my teeth aches,

Feeling the metallic taste of blood rise in my mouth and down the back of my tongue,

My muscles tighten and scream for warmth to return,

Nothings comes until I look,

Up and Down,

Then I see it,

The place I can call,


Trudging my mouse like feet,

Barely wiggling my toes to take frigid steps,

Through the layers of puffy white blankets,

Dragging the plastic orange sled behind me,

Feeling warmth radiating off the windows,

Teeth chattering,

Numbing hands,

Bright red noses,

And the clear crisp smell of frost,
Oct 18
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Beside The Lake

I fell asleep by the lake, 
the water without waves to break.
I dreamt of you with me just then,
the last time I'd see you again.

We smiled and held each other near.
Flushed cheeks from the cold,
warmed by tears.
We laughed too, for oh so long,
and you sang me our oldest song.

But far too early did I wake,
alone and cold beside the lake;
I wondered if you'd truly gone,
perhaps you were there all along.

Maybe my dreams were waking life,
and when I went to sleep at night,
I was waking up with you still here,
and you'd never disappeared!

But each night I searched in vain,
my dreams a vacant phantom pain;
neither world would your home make,
as it did that night beside the lake
Oct 18
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sweet winter feelings

we entangled with each other in the midst of winter.
fingers entwined as leafless branches,
their autumn leaves falling to the ground
to reveal what’s underneath.
you tore down my walls
like a maple tree shedding its colorful leaves
to showcase my true feelings,
my honest opinions,
my heart.
my heart, beating in your hand but somehow i’m still alive.

like sugar on snow,
you’re gentle and sweet.
my heart is safe with you.
the frostbite hasn’t gotten to it yet.
Oct 18
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If humans wee to change in the fall

                                  I think if humans were to change in the fall      

                                  Our hair and skin would turn the color of the leaves

               That fall from the trees.  And our clothes would all    

                                  Be different tones of reds and oranges. All of the houses

                              Would turn as well. Our hair would eventually become crisp and Dry

                             Just like the leaves.

                                Everything would turn bright beautiful pigmented color of the fall rainbow.

                             All our minds have on them is fall, fall, fall



                                    Cold weather,
Oct 18
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Winter Wonderland

Leaves of green
turn to amber
and float gracefully
down toward the cold, bare ground

sleepily gathering
food for the cold winter

The echo of the geese
migrating towards
a warmer climate

Children, watching through a window,
waiting for the sound of sleigh bells
and the beautiful
that descend from the sky

Sometimes the cold sneaks up on you
climbing up the trees,
wrapping everything in a blanket of soft snow

Other times it falls without warning
A storm of beauty
A winter wonderland.

Oct 18

Guns in School

"Please protect us!" 
we cry, 
our hands reaching through
the windows of our school
that could quickly
become bars.

the door behind us opens,
slamming against the wall.

we begin to scream.

"help us!"

there's no help, none at all.

there's only arguing
from everyone on the other side
of those windows.

"it's videogames turning kids violent,"
we hear,
as bullets fly past us.

"restrict gun ownership!"
they say,
as we fall onto the floor.

"let teachers carry firearms,"
they suggest,
as we meet our maker.

even when we're gone
there's no solution.

those that survived are shaking.
those that didn't are restless.
the one that shot us
shot himself
soon after.

whose fault is it?

the debate continues as the body count rises.
Oct 18
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Winter Wonderland

Winter; bitterly cold and dark, yet the greatest warmth and brilliance.
White luminescence shines through every window pane, touching the skin and leaving it fare.
Piles of snow shine, leaving a sparkle in your bright eyes.
Dark hair descends against plush sweaters; while warm arms wrap themselves around.
Golden gleams through the houses reflect that of the crackling fire.
And the abundance of pine and cinnamon fill every void.
Laughter flows out of featherly pink lips; and warmth pervades the heart.

Outside through black and white; icicles hang
and snow dusts the dark trees.
Rosy cheeks, crisp nose and frosty eyes,
are the only sight on children sliding down hills between angels and snowmen.
Hot chocolate waits on maple counters to warm small hands.
Cookies grow in ovens; and peppermint cools the mouth.
Hopeless romantics settle into the couch with hot chocolate,
Oct 18
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What Happened?

I need to think

What happened

Where did this anger come from

Hidden inside  me

Visions of the night I hurt her


Don't think about it

Sirens yelling at me

Blue and red flashing.

The lights turn my skin purple

I run

I run through the woods

I feel the breeze

Tears run down my face as I feel the leaves crunching under me

My face gets hot with fury and confusion

I halt

I’m here

I walk down to the dock as the wood planks creak and echo

I take my shoes off

I sit on the edge

The water engulfs my feet.

My body relaxes as my actions swiftly come back in memory

I didn't mean to hurt her

I obliterate my tears from my canvasy textured skin.

My eyes wander

The beautiful light catches my eyes
Oct 18
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If humans could change, if humans could change every fall, than it would change their personality, and a lot more. Like physical appearance. That can be superb, or terrible. This change could make good people bad, or bad people good. There are a lot of ways for good change and bad. Some bad ways is it could make someone want to jump of a cliff, just to impress someone. Also it could cause someone to start hating on his best friend. A lot of the good changes are, it can make someone more empathetic, they might not be as selfish, or they might just become a better person in all. This is all, if humans could change.
Oct 18
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It had never been so clear as it was
this morning as I sat with my mother in the kitchen—
the sun glinting through the window,
lighting the soft gray clouds,
kissing the last remaining bits of orange
hanging sleepily from the trees outside—
that holiness
is not something you find
under the roof of a church.
Nor does it linger just
atop any mountain that asks
for days to summit.

It is much more commonplace than that.

It reflects off the soup pot
soaking in the kitchen sink,
it sings from the radio speaker,
from the pages of a book,
from your own voice
if softly, you hum along,
the notes in your chest becoming a small sort
of communion.
Oct 18
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A Child's Rainy Day

Yellow boots splashing in puddles.
Yellow boots drowning out the sorrow.
Yellow boots covered in mud.
A small child in a yellow jacket smiles.
Running and playing,
like all children do.

Water falls from the sky,
the children laugh and fall,
not even their jackets can keep them dry,
from the sky's release.

Mud splattered cheeks,
and dripping matted hair,
nothing can make them despair,
they are invinsible,
to this world's darkness;
they manage to see the rainbow
that has been hided behind the clouds.
Their laughter like a becon,
calling the light to them,
where the colors surround them,
and shadows are simply shadows.

With each giggle, 
and smile,
with each high five,
and hug,
the grass turns greener,
the air cleaner.
The flowers come back to life,
birds sing, while crickets chirp
and frogs croak,
creating a symphony
Oct 18
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I Need

I need you as much
As the oxygen 

I need you like
the flowers need
the beautiful

I need you.
And if I can't be with you,

Why can't you be
here with me,
instead of

This broken heart of
mine is slowly

Because you're
not here

My heart aches
as I think of you

Your absence has
broken something

When you were here,
your presence 

Just one look at
you and I

Now that you're gone...
I'm slowly

Come back before I
fade away
Oct 18
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The Song of the Windswept Traveler

To all those who wander,
and all those who wish to be found,
remember where your heart is,
and keep those feet steady
on the ground.

When hope becomes elusive,
as your emotions leap and dive,
take a deep breath through your lungs,
call to mind why you're alive.

There are no happy endings,
endings are the saddest part,
for endings are the saddest part,
so just wish for a happy middle,
and a very happy start.