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Sep 26

The Orchestra

Late afternoon.
The crickets sing.
The shadows grow.
And the sun slowly creeps towards the chilly mountains on the edge of the horizon.
The summer
Will end soon,
And when it does
The thickets and fields will frost while the wind whispers its shiversome melody.
The sun hides.
The fireflies glow,
Sep 25

Dreaming Town

Nestled and nurtured in the rolling, safeguarding valleys of some otherworld,
a quiet town,
known by few,
braces for the approaching cold.
In preparation, Eos dusts the morning meadows with frost,
and the maple drinks the final sun,
making room for other colors to
dance across the boughs and the mountainside.
The inhabitants of this town may fly away for a while,
or thicken their pelts,
Sep 25

My soul

Sometimes I think my soul is a wild horse,
Plunging forward,
Black, corse mane whipping in the wind.

Strong and courageous
Running for miles 
Through choking dust and shimmering heat.

Yet also timid,
Shying from the unexpected
And immobilized by terror.

Sometimes I think my soul is a caged bird
Wings beating cold metal,
Barely contained.

Extraordinary yet fragile,
With hollow bones
Sep 25
Maisie N's picture


You and I are tangled up
Like the headphones in my pocket
Because it feels like time is running out
And there's nothing to stop it
All stories end in time
But I don't think I'm ready for this
Snow melts into spring time
And I long for your kiss
I'm clinging to something
That's already gone
Reality destined to become memory
Words destined to become a poem.

We're a worn-out story that everyone knows
Sep 25
Kya.Green's picture

Alarm Clock

My alarm clock


When it goes off it makes a buzzing noise


It is so loud 


Sometimes it scares me


I have to wake up at 6:30

Sep 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Peace

Peace day is now!

peace day is here
waiting for the bell
to let us know 
that Peace day starts now

the bell rings
we are free
no one fights
not even me 

we are not at war
we are at home
where we are safe
we all get along

we all are having fun
not fighting all the time
no killing or suisides
we are nice to each other 
we are heling wounds

peace day can go on forever
Sep 25
zora.barrett's picture

The Unique Red Pin

Every pin here is pretty and yellow.
they sit still in a line on a board, while they're owner plays the cello.
all except one of the pins are the same.
she is painted with bright red faded flame.
she thinks that she's ugly since she is different from the rest.
the other pins often laugh at her smugly.
But she doesn't know what her, owner does.
that she is his favorite, 'cause of her unique bright red glow.
Sep 25
poem 2 comments challenge: Ogdoad

The Ogdoad of Hard'ack

We are gods.
There is no
Ulterior explanation.
When we fall from trees
And blood runs from our wounds,
Our eyes do not dim.
They only gleam brighter.
When the flames burn us
And sears our skin,
We scream.
But we scream
Not in pain,
Rather in delight,
Because that means
The flames wish to dance.
The eight of us
Run these moonlit woods,
Hurrying up and down
Dirt paths
To keep the trees
Sep 25


frost on the windowpanes
reminds me of an old riddle i heard once.
through the twists and shards of misty white, a red figure scoops a ball of shining, dove's-wing powder and rolls it into a little ball.
it leaves his hand and smacks the blue figure hard. laughter rings throung the air, and the blue child retaliates.
i see gray on his jacket now.
Sep 25


My name is Grace.

Vermont is where my soul belongs.

My Vermont is the place where I was born, where I was raised, where I live now, where I attend school, where my friends are.
And so, so much more.
My Vermont is where my heart is.
My Vermont is where the water droplets fly into the air as I plunge into the blissfully cold water, where I laugh with my friends after a day of fun.
Sep 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Apples
Ms. Naugle's picture


Apples apples
Sweet and juicy
Smell them
Taste them
Enjoy them

They might squirt
In your face
And that might be
A big disgrace
But apples mean no harm
So don't sound the alarm

Apples float
Apples drown
But please don't frown

Apples die
Apples fly
But they sometimes lie
Don't you want them
To turn into a guy
And fly high
And go bye-bye?

By Olivia Grasso
Sep 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Apples
Ms. Naugle's picture


Apples are red
Apples are green
Apples taste great
When they're from a seed
Try some, try some, try some now
Let me take you through the town
Through the town we shall go
Let me know what you think
About apples now

Pippa Scott
Grade 5
Killington Elementary School
Sep 25
poem 1 comment challenge: General

One Year

One year.

365 days.

8,760 hours.

525,600 minutes. 

3.154e+7 seconds.

A life time I can never regain.

A friendship long passed,

But a person never forgotten.

One funeral

About 1,000,000 tears shed.

10,000 embraces.

5,345 times I said,

“I am okay.”

A person too young to lose.

A soul still with us in our hearts,
Sep 25
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Flipping Time

My alarm clock is old.


Old enough that it has the paper numbers that make a sound with each minute that passes.


Sometimes it keeps me up at night.


Sometimes I listen to music to try to drown it out.


It never works.


I can always hear it, even after I leave the room.

Sep 24


I'm thankful,
for a home, 
for love,
for warmth.

We often overlook it,
we forget that the things around us,
the things that we call necessities,
not everyone has.

Many people,
those on the opposite side
of the planet,
or the opposite side of the street,
don't have these necessities.

Alone and shivering,
their cracked skin yearns for touch,
their eyes, to be looked into.
Sep 24

I Buried A Butterfly Today

When I picked you up,
You were so small,
Delicate and intricate,
Upon my slender fingers.
So lifeless,
So limp,
A beautiful creature of the wild,
For so long,
We stood there;
I stood there.
My feet asleep,
My heart shivering.
Only when my feet woke up,
Only when my heart unthawed slightly,
Did we move ever so slowly,
Towards the place where you now lay restfully.
Sep 24


I don't feel anymore,
It isn't sad,
It isn't full.
I don't have the energy to cry,
I am not worth tears.
I live my life as a ghost.
Each way out is too much to try.
Im drowning, but I have to say that I am flying.
Because I am the happy one. I always have to be happy.
If I am not, then they'll fade away.
Then it would be my fault.
But I'm empty and silently dying.
And I am too afraid to ask for help.
Sep 24

once brick walls

these walls i have
spent my whole life building up
are to keep people
anyone, everyone
from seeing the fragile person i am
because i’m afraid of love
and being broken
but you changed my mind
you made love seem safe;warm
my walls are broken and rubble at my feet
all because my heart
and its need for you

Sep 24
Fiona Ella's picture

rock cycle

i discreetly wrote this in science class, constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was prowling around, ready to pounce on me for being off-task, which is why it's so short. if anyone was wondering. 

weathering doesn't happen quckly, 
you can't wear a mountain down to a speck in a day. 
it takes a long long time, 
centuries of raindrops streaking the surface, 
centuries of gusty winds whipping at a raw nose, 
Sep 24
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Inside Me Lives A Tiger

Dont you dare tell me I can't.
Because I can, and I will.
Not because I plan to annoy you,
But because this is my dream.
Mine and mine alone.
And whoever dares come 
Between me and my dream
May burn in the place where sinners go.

I don't think you know, 
So I'll tell you.
You don't know me. 
What I've been through.
What my life has been like.
You just don't know.