Apr 17

Trust In The Pilot

This wasn’t easy for me, you know
To place my heart in your hands
To trust that you won’t mournfully give it back like the last one
Or laugh and push it away like the one before that
But care for it and protect it from harm

It’s a leap of faith for me
Like stepping on an airplane about to carry me over the Atlantic
And putting my trust in the pilot to keep us in the air

But then, I suppose
If I can trust a total stranger to keep me from falling to my death and drowning in the ocean
To protect my life
Then I can trust you with something just as precious
And stand back with baited breath to see what you will do with the heart I’ve placed in your care

Don’t break it again
Apr 17

In A Van To The Airport

Through dead grassy fields

And tall dry trees

Through murky lakes

And a hot harsh breeze

It’s not that fun

But I’m thrilled to be here

Because the next step

Is drawing ever near

The airport, the plane

And the whole new continent

Thoughts of the future

Keep me more than content

So I sit in this van

Unaware of my home

My mind across the sea

And my heart in Rome
Apr 17
Evi Q's picture

The Rose

The rose was fluorescent and bright bright pink
It sat on the counter beside my sink
I picked it from our big open garden
For I will not step near the deep deep glen  
In case catastrophe should strike again  
For there it was that she left me for good
Ever since then I don’t feel like I would
Had I been smart she would be here today
I blame myself in every which way
For that was where the arrow pierced her heart  
And I wish I could simply press restart

Back then it was a bright and brand new day  
The sun was shining for it was in May
We had chosen to walk out to the glen
We often came here but that was back then
The leaves were bright and all one of a kind
They blocked out the sun and left it behind
Grass was soft and quiet  beneath our feet
We shouldn’t be here but we were discreet
Our parents say we shouldn’t come here
They screamed it at us and made it quite clear  
Apr 17
Evi Q's picture

Autumn's Aging

The Autumn leaves crumble beneath my feet
Easily crushed just like me
Flat on the ground, no life force left
Hope extinguished like myself 

Blown away by gust of wind
Till they're torn and battered
to much to mend
They started off so young, so birght
Then they grew older
while absorbing the light
They grew from young to old
From a child to an adult

I once was a child small and sweet
Now there is no child left in me 

Apr 17

The rain

The rain is falling everywhere around
The rain from the sky is crying
Like a drum the rain begins to pound
The wind that blows is sighing
Apr 17

rain haiku

The sky is crying
With water it is providing
Like the sky that's sighing
Apr 17
g_rob02's picture

White Walls

How long do I have?
How long before they take over?
How long before there is nothing left?
How long do I have?

White walls closing in again.
          I’m not Crazy.
          I’m not.
                                  Not yet at least...

These four walls get closer and closer with every breath I take.
          The white walls press against my skin and crumple my body into a ball
                          The white walls fill my body, weighing it down.
So heavy.
              So heavy
                            that I feel myself slowly sinking into the very ground of which I walk.
These white walls are both
                                           my home and my crypt,
                                           my passion and my apathy.
          I bleed these white walls,
                      I feel them flowing through my very being
Apr 17
Maisie N's picture

Notre Dame

Once, in Paris, when you were very young
You realized you had nowhere to go
So you took yourself to Notre Dame
Attracted by the stained glass windows
With little to nothing for you to live on
You found you were no longer alone
Now all of that may be gone
But you are still here. What do you know?

I thought, tonight I would call you up
Meet you in front of some payphone
A quarter could take us nearly anywhere
As long as you don't leave me alone
I'm just trying to keep it together
As wonders and history burn to the ground
It's true, nothing may last forever
I just hope I will always have you around.

Some damage we do cannot be undone
Some hurt, some pain, is irreversible
Sometimes we are the ones in the wrong
And even our best apologies are futile
It doesn't matter if it was 'an accident'
It happened because I wasn't careful
Apr 16
Evi Q's picture


Look to the East as shadows draw near
Despite the dark, there is hope here
Embedded in the stars of twinkling light
With them there, there shall be no fright
Like a comforting hand on a child's shoulder
Stars accompany us as the night gets older
The night stretches on, fading into darkness
The only light, from the stars brightness
Look to the East as shadows draw near
Despite the dark there is hope here.

Apr 16

Ruler of Everything

A broken winged bird
Belly brushing the sapphire sea waves
Flaming feathers licking the twinkling twilight
Yet alone
All alone
With no one but the stars.
A candlelight gathering
With nobody there
But one little girl whose face is lighting up the dark.
The bird is an outcast from his family
A different being
Whom no one understands.
In the world this bird had to fight to be heard
To been seen
To be loved.
But in solitude,
That bird is the ruler of the sparkling sky and of the gaping ocean.

Apr 16


Regret. That’s what I’m filled with. Everyday something reminds me of that feeling I get in the middle of the night. When tears are rolling down my cheeks. Every time I read a poem about regret I think to myself,
“You don’t know what regret is, you just think you do.”
“You have no idea what it feel like to cry at midnight and just wallow in your own regret.”
I feel as if I can’t tell anybody as they would not understand truly. They would say,
“Oh, I know how you feel, trust me.”
Everyone says that someday you will see you made the right decision. But when will that day come, tomorrow, next week… when will it come. Sometimes I think,  
“That day will never come and this feeling of regret will never disappear.”

Some people would say…
“Well you made your choice and you have to deal with it.”
I tell myself this everyday and night,
Apr 16
WWendling's picture


I do not care
That you left
I do not care
That you are gone
I do not care that I wept
Or that I may
Have been wrong

All I care
Is that you find
Someone you truly love
And all I ask
You bear in mind
My heart
You will never be rid of.

Apr 16

Fiery anger haiku

Holding onto grudges
Is like drinking poison 
Hoping someone else dies 

Apr 16

Fire haiku

    Deep inside your soul
like the hot flames eyes, inside
    Not a sight of rain
Apr 15
zoesupern0va's picture

notre dame (a modified tanka)

It was beautiful,
Almost, the way that building
Burned, spire crumbling downward.
Time, perhaps, for more of the
Old world to fall—to be renewed by ash.

Apr 15
g_rob02's picture

Wild. Crazy.

She was a wild one.
And that's why
I loved her.
           She’d confuse me.
                     She’d enlighten me.
She brought me some of my happiest days,
             Some of my saddest moments.
She was solace
She was chaos
                         She was wild.
And I dug my grave
                      trying to tame her.

I would never take back a single second
      spent with her.
I do not regret one moment
      within her hearts grasp
Some people fear the wild,
                 but I
                        embrace it.
                    For she was Wild.
             And I,

Apr 15

Boxed in

(Written in response to the challenge "Activist" in the workshop, Poetry with Alexandra Contreras-Montesano)

I am underestimated.

People look at me and see an average white American teenager.
13 years old
With medium length brown hair
With a quick smile and and a quicker tongue.

But people never stick around enough to find out more.

I've heard all my life that I'd better marry a wealthy husband who loves me and I'll have a good life.

But maybe I don't want wealth.
Maybe I'm not looking for a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet
I'm not some damsel in distress.
I can take care of myself thank you very much.

I want to go to college
I want to be a news anchor
And later a senator
Maybe president

Because why not?
Life is only so long

Why do I even need a husband?
Apr 15


“I hate you”
I scream as I run up to my room
I slam the door behind me
“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
I say the words over and over again
Words are easy to say when you don’t mean them.....
Apr 15


“I hate you”
I scream as I run up to my room
I slam the door behind me
“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
I say the words over and over again
Words are easy to say when you don’t mean them.....
Apr 15

Glass bottles

One bottle full of the glittering dreams I dreamed during faithful last year
Two bottles of the blood of my now scarred arm
Ten bottles of salty tears from which I cried
Five bottles of fear of being descovered
Four bottles half full of the pain of the secrets that cut deep into my heart
Seven bottles of the cruel laughing faces of my so-called friends
Eight bottles of the emptiness of my scarred heart
Eleven bottles of angry words towards my enemies
Nine bottles of a dim dread from that one and only person
And Twelve bottles of the golden flame of hope that I hope will last me for the rest of my days.
My past may be written in stone,
and I might regret some of the things I have done,
or didn't do.
Those glass bottles I will keep in a wooden shelf
where only I can reach