Dec 11

The Stairs of Heaven

I rode a flying horse,
Up high in the stars.
I bathed in the moonlight 
And washed away my scars.
I sat upon a distant planet
And let my horse be free.
The darkness enveloped him
As he soared away from me.
His mane painted a trail of stairs
In the midnight sky
It fell gently down to Earth,
Much to my surprise.
I put my foot upon the path
And counted to eleven 
Now that my breath was calm and clear
I walked down the stairs of heaven.
Dec 11
Dubz's picture

Sheer Happieness

In the kitchen with mom
baking “kitty crumble”
on a snow day

Into the oven it goes
with an air of confidence 
Bing! It’s done
golden brown, like a marshmallow 
warm and soft
like a loaf of fresh bread
so good it resolves in your mouth.

snow day 
sheer happiness 
Dec 11
Bookworm's picture

True Beauty

She was beautiful, in a different sort of way.
She was overlooked by her peers,
Different from them all.
They never talked to her,
Never thought she was good enough to be friends with them,
Never knew she was capable of real, true beauty.
But she always was.
She was kind to those who hated her,
Spoke respectfully of everyone around her.
She was rejected by her friends and classmates.
But she never lost her true beauty.
She wasn't the most beautiful girl in the world,
Nor was she the most attractive.
But she was beautiful.
She might not have been beautiful on the outside,
But she was most beautiful on the inside.
That is her true beauty.
Dec 11
poem 4 comments challenge: General


The sky darkens. The yellow glow of the sun fades, first to pink, then to orange, then to red. Finally, everything is swallowed by the intense blackness of the night.

A layer of cloud blankets the sky. There are no stars to be seen, nor a visible moon to glimmer on the surface of the ocean.

Bats screech overhead, their beady red eyes standing out in the blackness.

It starts to rain. Thick black drops oozing from the gutters and exploding on the ground.

The wind roars. The rain hammers down. But the wind is not the enemy. It has come to assist you, and ally with you. It overpowers the clouds and drives the storm away.

All is peaceful once more.

Dec 10
Sydney_Kulis's picture

every day

my mother is a teacher to 7 year olds.
she brings home stories about their funny thoughts about the world,
whether or not santa is real,
when they accidentally swear
and them peeing their pants from excitement.
the other day when she came home,
she didn’t have a funny story,
a man had walked into her school without checking in with the office.
so over the loudspeaker they asked if the
“man without identification could come to the main office."
my mother had students and one of her 7 year olds looked up at her and asked:
“is this our shooter?”
this kid is 7 years old.
she looked at him and explained that they didn’t have a shooter.
she finished her story and flopped down on the couch.
i sat down next to her and leaned on her shoulder.
then i began to think.
do we all have a school shooter?
the next week we got a threat.
and another threat was made to another school,
Dec 10
Graceful's picture


I whisper them to you
Quietly in your ear
Hoping you will keep you lips shut.

They hold you close
Consuming you into the water,
Letting the waves take you deeper.

Get locked away
In chambers
The key only gifted to the trusted.

Keep me and you close
So we know each other like the back of our hands.
Our voices low and hushed,
But our smiles let eachother know
That it will be alright.

Dec 10
Anne with an 'e''s picture

I Have Proven

I finally taste a lick of success,
a pinch of pride, 
but you are just one step ahead,
waiting to make my tongue taste
bitter and fuzzy.

I have my arms outstretched,
as happiness and joy blow through 
my hair like a wind gust on the highest
but you are there to turn my gust of joy
into a tempest of pain. 

I finally feel like one whole piece again,
like one united front standing against
a whirlwind of waves,
but you are there to 
drown me in salty water. 

Now I must rebuild,
and I think you should watch me.

Watch me make a better,
stronger dam.
Watch me summit
new mountaintops,
and feel stronger
gusts of joy, of pride.
The truth is,
I do not fear you.
I welcome you.
Your judgments
and criticism,
your disrespect,
well they just
give me one more chance
to show the world why 
Dec 10
Graceful's picture

The Waves and You

The waves call out, they’re voices
Tumble onto the dry land,
Then sweeping out again.
The water flows over my feet and yours,
Your hand gripped too tightly to mine
Keeping me in place.
The only sound was the waves and
My slight heart beat.
Your hand tugs on mine,
I look over
Something is pulling you away.
The waves call out
But this time pull in too,
Taking you away from me.
A single tear runs down my face
I decide and take off after you,
Into the rolling waves.

Dec 10

Mechanical Heart

She was young, and her heart was soft.
She loved them, and they smiled.
And with a backward smirk and glittering eyes, they told her to hold tight to her innocent little heart.
They told her they didn’t want her to lose it.

Time passed, and the little girl and her little heart grew.
And like they had told her to, she held onto it.
And so it was still soft when their knife pierced it, and because of that softness, their knife sank deep.
She gripped it tighter, and asked them why they would do it.
With a deadly smile, they looked down on her and promised her it was an accident, that it wouldn’t happen again.
And she was unprepared for them to break that promise.

As her days grew long and her nights grew short, they spoke again.
They told her to preserve her soft heart, that it was a gift.
Dec 10
poem 1 comment challenge: Power

The Power of Tolerating Vegetables

Have you ever
Wanted to
Just be able to
Sit and chew

Those disgusting greens
On your dinner plate
To stop you from
Feeling faint

Artichoke, carrot,
Spinach, beet.
I would rather
Chew on feet.

If I had a power
I would wish
To get those vegetables
Off my dish!

But how would my parents
Let me be?
I’d have to eat them 一

But with this power,
Well, down the hatch!
Vegetables have
Met their match!

I’ll freely explore
The nutritious world
While everyone else
Is ready to hurl.

And when I’m at the
Dinner table,
I will eat my

Dec 10
poem 1 comment challenge: Snow
Emma Colby's picture

Snow on the Mountain

The old chairlift creaked and swayed gently
as the crisp morning flurries nipped at the rosy, red cheeks of the young girl.
Her grandmother sat to the left and her grandfather to the right.
Both of them had their arms wrapped tightly around her, attempting to keep her warm.
They sat in silence and watched the mountain grow in front of them.
The bright sun illuminated every aspect: the smooth coating of ice that clung to the trees,
and the conformity of every neatly groomed trail.
The previous snow had left a fresh layer of powder
that wordlessly begged them to disrupt its purity.
At the peak, they looked down and out over
the mountain, the town, and the valley that seemed to stretch on forever.  
The sky taunted them, dangling just out of reach,
and the overwhelming panorama reminded them how small they were
—even at the highest points.  
Dec 10

My Golden Book

I lost my golden book,
small and sweet,
maybe it time for me to let go
of the red, blues, and yellows
that only I can see

Dec 10

Winter's Lament

Bleak winter folds o’er the mountains
and settles comfortably upon the earth
to mend the grass fields of summer's dew
and weigh upon the evergreen.
It is a burden they must carry long,
their needles quivering ‘neath frost.
A chill breath brushes ‘cross hillside,
sweeping o'er light crystal powder pale,
and weaving through what hath been woven.
The sky anon grey ‘til tender sunlit horizon
should’st feel thy cheek against her breast.
I plead for thy love so luminescent,
chiselled as thy nose, nay, ivy tongue,
yet must I recount to thee my heart?
What cruelty doth thy kiss reserve?
Must thou sour thy taste for me wounded?
I whisper heavy vows withal a sickness,
not so of the body, poorly yet of the mind.
Plagued by my fathom fed thou hath wrought,
my soul hath wilted black and sickly.
‘Tis Winter within my heart, loveliest.
Dec 10

A Waltz With Time

Even without my amber light,
still I have a lovely sight,
of darkness on the velvet wall,
of starlight in a winter hall.

The blueness of the burning sky,
the hue of never ending rye.
The light of time and dark of day,
the pearls that weep on darkened bay.

The moon that sleeps upon the lace,
whose hands hold mine in cold embrace.
Forever in this woeful turn,
forever will my blue sky burn. 
Dec 09

Seasons of Smiles

In the newness of spring
Your lips were pink like a rosebud
You danced underneath the willow trees
And sat in the flower covered fields.
A spark of a smile flitted across your lips.

On the hottest day of summer
Your lips were peach.
In one hand you held a slowly melting ice cream cone.
Your bikini straps poked slightly out from beneath your t-shirt.
A smile creeped onto your face.

On the blustery fall days
Your lips were red.
The leaves swirled around you and the wind blew your hair around
Until it framed your face like a picture.
Your smile was full, even as the days turned dark.

On the windy winter days
Your lips were the color that you had been born with.
Not quite 
You watched each snowflake fall from your window
And wished upon the stars that flew across the night sky.
And though it was cold and dark
Dec 09


Are you okay?

Am I okay?

What is being okay?

Is it being able to smile

Is it being able to get up everyday without hesitation?

Is it feeling emotions

Is it being physically, mentally, and emotionally okay?


Dec 09

I can't...

I can’t breathe,

My thoughts are killing me

I can’t see

My mind is to dark

I can’t move

I’m a zombie in  my own body

I can’t feel

My emotions ran out
Dec 09

I can't...

I can’t breathe,

My thoughts are killing me

I can’t see

My mind is to dark

I can’t move

I’m a zombie in  my own body

I can’t feel

My emotions ran out
Dec 09

Welcoming the New Year

You took my hand and pulled me down on the park bench
Your breath was warm against my cold cheeks
Chapped by the winter wind.
You hugged me close and our hair tangled together.
We gazed at the sky
Our gloved hands together.
The fireworks exploded above.
And we smiled
Welcoming the New Year
Dec 09

I See Angels

What happens to the fallen angels,
the ones who lost their grace
in the fall?

What happens to the fallen angels,
who wear the pieces of their broken halos
around their neck?

What happens to the fallen angels,
whose wings fall off and wither,
losing their freedom, their flight?

What happens to the fallen angels,
the ones who are not sorry,
who revel in the sin that they committed?

What happens to the fallen angels,
who roam the crowded city streets,
beautiful strangers that mingle among the lights and smells,
disappearing if you look at them too closely?

What happens to the fallen angels that grovel
to their God, their broken bodies weary 
with the weight of everything that could have been?

What happens to the fallen angels,
the ones with cutthroat smiles and voids for eyes,
who light cigarettes in back alleys?