Jun 03
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            I am hungry for knowledge. I alway want to learn. The only downfall is I want knowledge on thing I want to learn about. So if you tell me to learn about some I don’t want to learn about I am going to Half ass it. But when I learn some thing about a thing I like to learn about. Then I will keep digging for more knowledge.
           For example in first through third grade I was obsessed with anacondas which are a kind of snake. I kept learning. I was a computer of knowledge on anacondas. Now I am thirsty for understanding of World War two. From memwoirs to historical fiction I am continuing to read and inform myself on this horrific topic.
             I can’t compare to my hunger for knowledge to anything else.

Oct 18
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A Quiet Winter Day

The snow crunches softly beneath my boots as I trudge up the hill. Small delicate snowflakes land on my fuzzy hat. I tilt my head back to catch them in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, a male cardinal dashes from tree to tree, his red feathers bright against the white snow. When I get to the top of the hill, I pause to look around at the snow covered trees, and listen to how peaceful it is. Dropping my sled on the wet snow, I climb on and slide down the hill, going down easily on top of the smooth and icy snow. The cool wind blowing in my face, smiling to myself. Winter makes me feel serene and content.
Jun 28

Lights Out

On June 27, after a heart-warming dinner with the Young Writers Project board (thank you Kathy), after hearing (thank you Susan) the startlingly kind words sent to me from many of you and your predecessors on how much this little project and community has meant, does mean, to you, I shut off the office lights for the last time after 12 years as YWP's executive director.

To you and the 110,000 kids we have touched in that time, thank you for opening your souls; thank you for sharing your ideas and observations, your flights of fancy and moments of bewilderment. Thank you for taking such creative risk.

You have enriched my life. You've opened my eyes to what you see and feel and experience and think and believe. And you have enriched the lives of thousands upon thousands of others -- your readers.
Dec 06


    I stay awake that night hoping to catch santa. I need to know if he is real! I stay awake with a flashlight in hand, I hear the snores and breathing of my family across the hall. I need to make sure he got me the barbie salon. Santa better enjoy the milk and cookies I made him I worked extra hard on that. My mom told me to sleep but I need to know If he is real. I wait, and wait, and wait. Nothing. My eyelids become heavier the more I wait for him. When Im awakened by my brother jumping on our beds yelling “It's christmas!!” Oh well I guess I have next year.
Dec 06

Dark Matter

I say you yesterday
holding hands with someone
as the snow came swirling around you
and your boots
swished through the flakes
and it made me happy.
I saw you standing 
in the kitchen
the smoke swirling up into your face
like a delicate candle flame
that reminded me how much 
I missed you.
I saw you in the mirror
and you mattered the most
your hair that never falls perfectly
and the annoying random blemishs
that seem to crop up
for no particular reason
and your brown eyes
and flowing hair
I saw all of you cause you matter to me
and maybe
if I'm lucky
I matter
to you.

Dec 06
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Working with My Grandfather

Every Wednesday I go to my grandfather’s house, and we do some work. Sometimes we burn brush, but other times we stack wood for the winter. Some times in the fall, we make apple cider. And if we still have good pears, we add them to make it sweeter. The process of making apple cider is simple. One person puts the apples in the top, and the other person turns the wheel, which smashes it. Then the smashed apples go to the bucket below. When the bucket is filled, you turn the crank on top. The apples are squeezed, and the juice goes down into the hole that leads to the bowl. The last step is to filter it. It is hard work to turn the crank for the apple cider so we switch every couple of minutes. That is an act of generosity.
Dec 06
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I am lucky to live in a place where there are mountains in my own backyard. Sometimes, I wish that I lived in a more populated part of the country, but it only takes one breathtaking sunrise or a refreshing afternoon hike to remind me that I could never leave the mountains. There are things here, that city folks just don’t have. For instance, if I want some peace and quiet (and a view) all I have to do, is take a walk. Being on top of a mountain is a completely individual feeling. It is a sense of accomplishment, astonishment, and serenity that isn’t found in many other places. My personal favorite time to spend in the mountains, is in the first months of winter. Something about the cold air makes every sound about 10 times more clear. One of the best feelings you can ever experience is waking up before everyone else, catching the sun rising and illuminating the mountains with various shades of pink, purple, and orange. It feels almost as if time has stopped just for you.

Dec 06
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**while you read the words sing them in your head**

My favorite song is “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. I’ve loved this song ever since I was little. I don’t only love the song I also love the artist. 
Taylor Swift has been writing songs since she was twelve. She has now wrote from 280 to 300 songs. She is my idle.

You Belong With Me is a song that kinda explains a typical teenage girls life. In the music video there are mean girls, boy drama, and there is a slow dance with a kiss at the end of the music video. If I didn’t watch the music video I might have mistaken it for a fairy tale because it sounds like a fairy tale.
Dec 06
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Musical Path

As you walk down the path your steps slowly turn into a beat.  The birds’ tweets are like the sound of flutes. The wind is a quiet saxophone whispering in your ear, there’s a soft snap, snap, snap, as the violins pluck their strings when you step on a stick.  You move to the side as you hear a bass come running by at its own, very fast beat. But you still walk to your own pace keeping the beat of your own song. You get drowned out by all the trumpets and tubas trying to run the world, but if you listen closely you can hear the continuous thump, thump, thumping, of yourself, walking down the musical path.

Dec 06
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week 13


I have helped people a lot but the one time I remember the best is when I unburied my sister from a pile of square bales that collapsed on her. It took a little while to unbury her. She wasn't hurt but she had a lot of hay down her shirt. When we pile hay in our barn sometimes it will collapse and fall. I have been buried more than once. It was the first time my sister has been buried. She was laughing when I got her unburied. This is one way I have helped people.
Dec 06
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helping tommy

I helped my nephew, Tommy with his homework that he had for school work that he didn't finish. I did it because he looked like he wanted help. I  asked him if he wanted help and he said yes. He said that it was hard math. It took a while. He had 16 math questions. There were some easy questions and some hard questions.      

    It was very easy for me to remind him how to do it because I am good at multiplication.  I like helping Tommy with his homework. It took about 20 minutes to help him. Then he had another math worksheet, which was adding and subtracting. Tommy knew that easily, so I didn’t have to help him. Then he finished and we went and hung out for a while before I went home. Tommy looks like a normal 7 year old boy. He has dirty blonde hair. 

Dec 06
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Waiting for Christmas for me is like waiting for me to turn 20. It takes so long when you think about it constantly. I get so anxious and impatient that I setup the Christmas tree way before Thanksgiving! I love Christmas so much because I love hanging out with my family and friends and that's what it is all about. 

It is not about presents or food but it’s about family and celebrating Jesus’s birth. Sometimes I can’t sleep. I lay there waiting until morning! I am thinking “is Santa coming or does Santa only come if I am sleeping?”

 On every Christmas eve my mom always comes in our room and asks us what are we hoping for and why we love Christmas. In conclusion waiting is very hard, especially for Christmas!  But luckily Christmas is only 19 days away!

Dec 05
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As a kid I could never go to sleep on Christmas Eve, I was always too excited for Christmas. I would go to my moms room as soon as the sun came up and tell her it was morning, so it was time for presents. My mom made hot cocoa in the morning and cookies in the evening. Christmas was always the best day in the world for me as a kid, and now I still love it because we don’t have school.  

Dec 05
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A Time I Helped A Friend

                                     The Time  I Helped A Friend
   We were in the recess period in school and friend one and I were messing around like always. Then friend two came and friend one did not like friend two very much. Then  friend one started yelling at friend two so I told friend one to stop and he got really mad and stormed off somewhere on the recess area. then friend two was being comforted by me and someone else . 
Now friend one and I are best friends he sometimes ever comes over. 

One time I even went camping with him.

Dec 05
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     I once helped someone. It felt good and it was pretty recent. She was so nice to me so when she told me about her problem, I had to help. It had to do with sports. It was her first time doing an actual sport other than just skiing. It was winter track. She felt confused and nervous. I joined winter track once again and helped her with the basics. Running, throwing, jumping were the basics of winter track and I told her that she can choose and see whats comfortable for her. I guess she's one of my real friends. I don't have many of those. So I'm very glad that she my friend. I'm glad I helped her. Since that we've gotten closer. The reason I helped her was because she actually genuinely nice to me. So in the end I got a new awesome friend.
Dec 05
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Why Wait

Everybody always has something to wait for. College, vacations, holidays. It seems as though we spend so much waiting that we surpass all other moments of life. We wait for Christmas and don’t take time to appreciate Thanksgiving. We need to stop waiting for the good moments, and just live our lives. Those specific moments won’t always be good, so stop expecting them to be. Live in the moment. Make everyday worth living. Stop waiting for days that might never come. Stop holding back, be spontaneous, and enjoy the people around you. A couple years ago I couldn’t wait for my siblings to leave the house, for me to be the only one at home. Now I wish I hadn’t taken it all for granted. I miss them so much. Obviously I can’t take back the past, but I do make sure to cherish every moment I get with them. Stop thinking about what’s to come and take in what’s happening in the present. Live life with no regrets. Stop waiting.

Dec 04
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The Time I helped my Mom.

One day my Mom had a lot of groceries to bring into our house. She couldn’t bring the groceries in because there were too many. So, I decided to help her with them. I brought them in and helped her put them away. I put the bread in the cupboard. The bread smelled like it was freshly baked. I put the yellow bottle of mustard in the fridge on the door too. I then placed the cheese and the milk on the shelf in the fridge. The cheese was cheddar in a block and it was yellow. 

 It turned out good that I helped my mom because she gave me five dollars for helping her. I later on spent the money on buying noise putty. 

 My Mom was so proud of me. She loves it when I help her. Sometimes I still help her with cleaning and stuff like that. So, that's how I felt when I helped my Mom with groceries. She was very happy and so was I. 

    By Allison 
Dec 04

Xmas wait

There's over 2 weeks until Christmas and I can hardly wait. We put up our tree yesterday and even got to put ornaments on it. Our house is covered from head to toe with Xmas decorations and so are we. I wake up every morning in my nutcracker pajamas and go downstairs to the tree were I eat my breakfast. Then, I get ready and go to school. At school, thoughts of presents, cookies and Christmas trees fill my head. The weekdays seem to last forever; and then it’s Xmas break.

 I can hardly control myself. I’m singing Xmas carols every second, and I just can't wait. I go to parties and make presents and even bake cookies with my sister who’s 15. I go skiing, sledding and skating. I think it’s my favorite time of the year. 
Dec 03

Start Listening

   Climate change is the most pressing issue right now. I think that solving climate change seems unachievable to lots of people because it is a huge concept that not many people bother to break down into swallowable chunks. They are scared because the task seems so daunting and they decide that if they can’t solve the whole problem overnight they might as well not do anything at all. But here’s the thing, you don’t need to start with refreezing the poler ice caps or stop everyone cutting down the Amazon Rainforest. Imagine if everyone in your town carpooled more often so instead of ten people in ten cars, it would be ten people in two cars. You might not think that would make much of a difference but it would pollute the air that much less which is getting us somewhere. Mother earth has been telling us for a while now that something needs to change and we don’t have time to look past that anymore. So let’s start listening.

Dec 02

The 25th of December

As a child, Christmas felt like a dream. 
It felt like such a day couldn’t exist,
like we would wake up to December 26th, 
and go on with our lives like normal. 

Christmas felt like not being able to sleep, 
like thinking, If I stay awake long enough, 
I’ll hear Santa. I’ll see him!

and then being pulled into slumber grudgingly. 

It felt like waking up at five in the morning, 
waiting for my older brother to wake up, 
playing my tiny pink DS in my other brother’s room
while counting down the minutes. 

Christmas was bursting into my parent’s room, 
jumping on their bed, 
yelling and asking if we could go see the tree, 
but really, we just wanted presents. 

Rushing out to the living room, 
goggling at the heap of gifts,
my siblings and I pounce upon them
like hyenas upon their prey. 

Christmas was a day of wonder,