Jun 17
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12:33 am.

I’m sitting in my room at 12:33 am staring at my computer figuring out what to write and for some reason, I thought of you. The way things ended wasn’t truly how I wanted them to end. It may have seemed like I was being selfish, which I was, all these years I had been taking care of you while things for me were getting worse. It didn’t seem fair that I had to keep helping you when I couldn’t when I can’t even help myself. I told you that I would still be your friend but you just disappeared, perhaps you complained about me, which I understand because you were angry, maybe you still are. I keep trying to forget about you because of how much you hurt me yet I still can’t. So here I am. Now 12:44am.

Tiny Highlights

Editor's Note: Here are some of the highlighted Tiny Writes published on the front page in recent weeks. Enjoy:

The time has come.
For what? Who knows?
To take a leap of faith, maybe.
To fly.
-- BloodMoon825

I wonder if ants have a way to speak about spiders.
-- Jbird
I have to face the dragon.
when did we lose the meaning?
-- adalet
someday, when i figure out how to fly, i'll tell this story of mine
-- H20.hollym
Are we still ourselves if we restrict our every behavior to make us like ourselves better? And which is us, the one held back or the one doing the holding back?
-- Fiona Ella

Wipe your smile from my lips.
- Drift

this i must carry alone
- adalet
He laughs
with mouthfuls
of rain water
- Love to write
Jun 12
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Life Or Death

Runng through a dank allyway running form life and death the dogs are barking at my sides biteing my ankles the ally is going to end soon I know that this is my last chance to live life or death  
Jun 11
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The Summer Plan (IMPORTANT)

Hello everyone. This is that writer again, Nicole. 

Here's the summer plan:

So, I will be sort of busy this summer, but not bad. I'll try my best to get on YWP and write. If you don't see any stories this summer, then don't be surprised. I like to go out in the summertime to people's houses, so I may not get a lot of time to be on YWP. \

I will try to get back to emails and questions about how my summer is. If you have anything to say, then please, PLEASE, please ask me over the summer! I'll be happy to answer them. 

Have a great summer and I'll see y'all soon,
Nicole Jasmin. 

Jun 11
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Last Day

This is your last chance,
Your last day.
Just do something about it. 
Make it last, before a whole summer off.
Go say "farewell", to some friends and teachers.
Show them you care.

These are your last few minutes.
You may not have time to say an annoucement,
or make a card.
At least you know,
That there are many things to do over the summer. 

Here is your last second.
"Have a GREAT summer and I'll see you sooon!"
Everything about seventh grade has ended,
It's gone.
Welcome to eighth grade,
Coming August 29th?

Jun 11

3 things I learned junior year

So, I know I’ve been gone for a while. Basically, junior year was very busy. And by very busy, I mean that it felt that I had something important going on every week. I would wake up early on the weekends to either catch up on homework, practice violin, or study for standardized tests. I started the bad habit of staying up past midnight doing homework (so glad summer is here; now i can actually fix my sleep schedule) The year went by faster than I thought it would, especially these last two months. It felt like there were several sprints with few breaks in between. But anyway, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned this year.

1)Everyone’s going to be obsessed with college.
Jun 09

Thank You

Editor's Note: As YWP transitions its leadership from GG to Susan Reid we are interested in knowing both what YWP has meant to you and how it can be improved. Please join in the discussion by responding to the  "YWP Is ..." challenge.

 I joined YWP at the beginning of my eighth grade year. This was during the same time period my family and I were considering an English tutor for me, because even though I read two books a day, I couldn't form a coherent sentence. We never ended up getting that English tutor. Throughout eighth grade it seemed I was miraculously getting better at writing, not good enough to be in the accelerated classes my freshman year with my friends, but good enough. I wasn't really satisfied with good enough though. I continued writing on YWP and I continued working in school. My sophomore year I was in the accelerated English program with my friends. I wrote on YWP all through sophomore year and started dabbling in photography too. 

Jun 08

YWP Is Shaping My Life

Editor's Note: As YWP transitions its leadership from GG to Susan Reid we are interested in knowing both what YWP has meant to you and how it can be improved. Please join in the discussion by responding to the  "YWP Is ..." challenge.

Jun 08
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words (a rant)

a few disclaimers: 
first, i fully ackowledge that screaming "fuck" down the hallway
was not the most mature or sensible way for him to respond. 
second, i recognize that the word "slut" is not one meant to be used in polite company,
that it carries enough connotations
that even i, 
embracer of profanity, 
don't use it. 
i don't see, however, why quoting it as said by someone else
is disrespectful. 
i acknowledge that, as this is your school (sort of)
you have the right to attempt to keep goings on
safe and appropriate for all students. 
with this taken into account, 
i object. 
i object to the tone you used when you stepped out, 
after lingering behind a wall for the duration of our conversation, 
disrespecful and borderline threatening. 
it is the tone of voice which suggests
you are all too familiar with the casual use of the words
you vetoed. 
Jun 06


WELCOME to the Full Monty of Summer of Story ideas. You are welcome to choose them for inspiration, or, or, or.... riff off your own ideas. NO MATTER! But we hope you like these. You'll note that EACH has a link to the single challenge off which you can RESPOND and your post will be sorted with other responses. That'll give you a chance to compare, contrast and COMMENT! (hint, hint.) PRIZES of almost unquantifiable (not true) value! Fame beyond your wildest dreams (also not true, but in this era of FAKE STATEMENTS AND FACTS, anything goes, right!) The important thing is that this is not school and you should do ALL of your first drafts in 7 minutes. Of course, you can go longer, but just write fast and fun and see what comes out. If you want to go back and revise and expand and extend, have at it. 

So here are the challenges thanks to many, many folks, so many we couldn't possible list.

A goodbye, of sorts

I love this photograph. It was taken by a friend and inspiring spirit, Cecilia Giordano, better known as Ceal, back when she was going to The Big Picture School at South Burlington High School and was our intern. I like it because she took it and because she was someone who always challenged me and challenged YWP and that made us better. I like it, too, because it betrays my inner spirit, that is I would rather lean to whimsy than seriousness, though I confess that I have taken my work -- whether here at YWP or in a prior life as a journalist -- pretty darn seriously. 
Jun 06
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Sunshine on a cloudy day, like a needle in a haystack.
They block your way of positivity, like a tragic day.
Pours down on you, like bad thoughts.
So soft, like someone being there for you.
You can't see the other side, like having a different thought from anyone else. 
Blows in the air, like all your negative times being forgotten.
So loud and alarming, like a bad thought coming back to haunt you.
Arrives after all the bad weather, like the horrendus day being over.
Jun 05

To Whom it May Concern

To whom it may concern,
It is the year 2018 when I am writing this.   I hope it has fallen into good hands.  
Let's start with right now,  our world is corrupting.   There are people protesting but the president is against it.   
He believes we are fine.  Please help the world.  So you don't leave earth.  Please.

Jun 04
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My first Ukulele

"Come on!" Jan yelled.
"Mmmhmmm" I pushed my blonde hair into a tight braid as I always do.
We headed down the street until we reached the park. Jan took a blind fold out of her pocket and carefully tied it over my eyes. "Jan! It's my birthday! Don't suffacate me! I'm not even 11 yet!"
between the bandanna I saw a small shiny grin from Jan's part. We walked down hrough the park until we reached the place. Jan pulled the cloth off and an uncontrolable smile spread across my face. In front of me was a picnic spread and blanket with a ukulele neatly placed in the middle. The uke was neon green (my favorite color) and it had a small yellow bow. "Jan....thank you" 
Jan smiled. We sat down and ate my favorite foods which consisted of Iced tea and fudge pops. I tried to strum my uke and Jan nodded when I got it right (at least she tried to know when it was right). I knew this was a day to remember. The day I got my first ukulele.
Jun 04
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My First Jump

As we swiftly go through the beautiful waters of Lake Champlain, as we approach the beach I see the cliffs I had wanted to jump for so long. Either I was too young or you can’t jump that far yet my parents would always tell me, as I would always roll my eyes.
“Hey mom, can I please jump off the cliffs this time?” I asked nicely. She’ll never let me jump as I think she answers.

“Sure,” she says as my face lights up with joy, I didn’t expect the answer I had gotten. I was so overjoyed with the fact I jumped in the water as my brother and I swim over to the hill you have to climb to get to the cliffs. As I approach the edge a sudden wave of fear hits me in the chest, almost like someone had punched me in the stomach. I sit there staring at what in reality was a 20 feet jump looked like a hundred feet high.
Jun 04
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Pavement Sucks

 Pavement sucks


I was at maple street park with my grandma and we just brought my bike out from the back of her car. She said, “be careful.”

I said, “I will,” as I rode off. It was a sunny and warm day in august and I rode my bike to the dirt jump park all the way in the back of the skate park. The park was at the bottom of a small hill and it was dotted with trees and had all kinds of jumps.
Jun 04

Hello Pavement

I zipped down the hill the wheels of my bike spinning as fast as a chain saw, my friends Ryan and Dylan close behind.  At this point the bike path was bumping up and down as we sped towards home.
    Then my bike flew through the air.  It tumbled and tossed. My friends watched in aw as the bike did tricks by itself.  I hit the pavement the bike was still in the air.




Ting, Ting,Ting the wheel was spinning as the back cog tinged loudly.
Jun 04
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Dream Journal

My Dream Journal:

One time, I had a dream where this group of people was checking my videos via my IPad and 3DS over the internet. Then, they decided to FaceTime me to say how good my videos were. They were doing some weird stuff, so I hung up on them. A few minutes after that, another person FaceTimed me, except this time it was a girl. The girl was there like, "Hi!" in some weird voice. Then, for some reason, it cut to scenes of her kissing her boyfriend. They were kissing in the bed, the bathtub, anywhere. I then hung up on them. The next part of the dream was kind of gross, so if you want to hear it, you can privately e-mail me about it. All I'm telling you about it is that there's poop involved. 
Jun 03

The Talent Show That Went Wrong

Me and my friends had this amazing plan for the talent show. It was going to be really funny and we were going to have a great time.   WERE.   When I got to the talent show I already knew it was going to be a disaster.  I tried to back out but my friend said it was too late.   Then it was our turn.  We sat down at the table o do our act and my friends started laughing.  Then my friend who was the main charactor dropped all her stuff and had a panic attack.  My other friend poured a glass of water on her head.  Then we lost it,  I was thinking get me out of here.  That was months ago,  I'm still scared.
Jun 01

Why I Write

Why I Want to be a Writer

I love books so when I read one of course I come up with a sequel right away.  Sometimes the sequel is good sometimes bad. Writing sequels got me into my own stories.  They are not the best but can be improved. I guess coming up with stories especially if you can relate to the character are a way of escaping the real world.  When something doesn’t go my way or something upsets me I read. When I read I get lost in the book.

So I want to write to make other people feel that way.