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Apr 27
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We moved and now im at a new school.
I have many anxiety attacks each day and it sucks.
i dont know what to do.
I need suggestions.
Apr 26

My Pet Peeve

            My biggest pet peeve, is when people say things over, and over, and over again or say what are you doing when it is pretty obvious what I was doing. Lots of people in my life have come up to me saying "Whatcha doing? Whatcha doing?" It. Drives. Me. Crazy. Some people say it drives them up a wall. Sometimes, when I am reading, my brother comes into my room, and askes what I'm doing. Just looking at me can tell you what I'm doing. That drives me up a wall. 

Apr 25

I Love You

"I love you Eli."
Four words I thought were better off unsaid,
And surly better off unheard.
And loss of a close friend were risks I wasn't willing to take.
"Tell someone how you feel before it's too late," my mother would always tell me.
I never took this line serious with him.
When you're young,
You think you're invincible and have all the time in the world.
Truth is;
You don't.
Waiting till the last minute,
Or never saying anything at all is a mistake.
I made that mistake. 
He was at my finger tips,
Right in my reach,
But I lost him sooner then I could have ever imagined. 
I loved him so much that my face would feel like open flames,
And my skin would turn the color of a ripe cherry.
It was beautiful,
But I never told him how he made me feel.
Apr 24

What is Art?

   What is art? It can be a lot of things, depending on who you are, and how you  look at it. Art and music can be a way to bring yourself back into the current world, motivated by it. But it can also be an escape from life, not to mention it can also change people's outlook on the world quite drastically.
    Art is a part of culture, of life. It's part of what makes us human. The world would be a whole lot different without that painting you love by that guy who's been dead for hundreds of years, or your favorite song that you've listened to over and over again that drives your parents crazy. (And yes, even that old George Michael song you don't give a crud about is part of culture).
Apr 24


Apr 23
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The Goldfish

Ms. Susan was standing at the front of the class, one foot tapping the ground, like she was counting out the seconds until the bell would ring.  1200 seconds until I can step out this door.  1100 seconds away from when I can step of a plane and burry my feet in some sand and sun.   I could just barley hear her monotonous voice over the sound of my grumbling stomach.   My backpack was only inches away, as was vacation.  "Now class remeber to clean out your lockers, we don't want any mi-"
She was cut off by the bell, but we all knew she was telling us about the mice cities that took over our lockers, we had heard the stories many times.    My backpack toppled to the ground as a flood of kids roared passed.  A single goldfish fell from my bag.  sitting all alone on the rug.
Apr 21
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August Fourth

In TaeKwonDo, we have a tradition of getting the first board that you break signed by all of the black belts in the gym. Then, you keep that board forever. I recently found that board, and it was broken on 08-04-11. I don't know for sure, and I won't know until that night, but I sincerely hope that my lucky number is 0804, because, on 08-04-17, six years later, I will be testing for my Second Degree Black Belt. I am testing with techniques for breaking that I know are extremely difficult to me, so I will need all of the luck that I can get. That is why I hope that my lucky number is 0804 is my lucky number. If it is, then maybe, just maybe, I could break all of my boards on the first try, which would be amazing. 
Apr 21
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Lucky Number

The county fair was doing a giveaway. Two bikes. About two hundred people. Low chances.
       Three numbers go by no person to go with them and win. The fourth goes to a kid named Jude. Then three more numbers go by no one to go with them.
        The next number is called. Seven four one two four three. My number.

       That day was the only day I ever won a raffle. Ever. Seven four one two four three. Thats my lucky number.
Apr 20

Simple. Short. Sweet.

Sometimes things are simpler short and sweet.
So I'll keep this simple, short, and sweet.

You don't need big words.
You don't need long sentences.
You don't need giant paragraphs.
You don't need a hundred adjectives or adverbs.
Just some for imagery.
Just a few for seasoning.

Sometimes it's best to keep things
And sweet.
Apr 19

Hey, everyone

Hey, everyone. 
So, I know this isn't really a writing prodgect, or a non-fiction piece, but I just wanted to introduce you to a character who first popped into my head when I was eleven and has been nagging to have her story written down ever since.
Her name is Ash Sanara. She is eleven years old. And she is a Jedi.
Technically, she's a Jedi padawan, the youngest ever. And technically, since she lives in the Star Wars universe, it would be a fan-fiction.
Her story starts about a year after the start of the Clone Wars. She has no memory of her life before she came to the Jedi Order, and is more prone to attachment than other Jedi. She's also sassy, oddball, and swings a mean lightsaber (which, by the way, happens to be green).
So, let me know if you'd like to hear a story about Ash! Peace out, and thanks for listening.  
Apr 19

A family of four...

They sat at the dining room table, the family of four monkeys. It was a simple test designed to test the monkeys ability to not be monkeys. These sorts of tests were stupid and pointless, but the monomaniacal scientist, Dr. Richard Nygard, paid good money, and so everybody acted like the results actually mattered. The day before they had placed a group of 49 monkeys in a park. They had wrecked havoc, causing almost two thousand dollars of damages, but Dr. Richard just said the results “looked promising” and sat in his office. The monkeys around the table were getting skittish and when one started throwing food, the others followed. It seemed to not affect Dr. Richard Nygard, who remained ebullient as always. 
“There's always tomorrow!” He said. “Tomorrow, we will see if the monkeys can fly planes!”
Apr 18

What Are You Afraid Of? (with sound)

My  seven year old sister and I were sitting by a tire swing outside my house. She started asking me bizarre questions and then asked me this one. I have decided to share our conversation on here because it made me think very deeply about life.

Sister Speaking
Myself Speaking

Hey Anna.


What are you afraid of?

Hmm. I don't know. I can't think of anything right now.

I know. You're afraid of getting an F. 

Well, I mean I guess I am. But I wouldn't start running around in a circle screaming if I got one.
Apr 18

Finally Here

Blue sky.
Fluffy clouds like fuzzy sheep.
Birds sing.
Bunnies frolic.
Breeze sighs.
After a long winter of
Dead grass,
Sudden snowstorms,
And bitterly cold,
Icy weather,
It feels like spring.
Apr 16

What Are You Afraid Of?


My  seven year old sister and I were sitting by a tire swing outside my house. She started asking me bizarre questions and then asked me this one. I have decided to share our conversation on here because it made me think very deeply about life.
Apr 15
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The Strive for Neatness

The Strive for Neatness

In the fall, my family and I visited my relative’s house in Boston. At this time of the year Vermont’s colorful pastures were covered by foliage.

When we arrived to our grandma’s, the first thing I saw was the impeccably manicured, neat lawns with inch-long, smooth, bright green grass and bushes in fancy shapes (no dead leaves at all). Do they have different seasons? The crowns of the trees told me that three hours South-East of Vermont they also had fall.