Jul 29

I Don't Know Anyone Who Wakes Up and is Suddenly Able to Do Things They Haven't Before (including, but not limited to, giving physics the middle finger)

So similiar, yet so different.


"What the hell was that for! You could've killed me!" His angry words came at me with a book. It smacked into the shelf behind me and fell to the floor.
I grinned. "But it didn't!"
I picked up the book as Colibris threw another at me - I caught it this time around. "Hey! You know how much Marcene likes Duerr! Don't go throwing it around!"
"You're the dumbass who made me do it. You tried to kill me by pushing over a bookshelf!" Coli had his arms full of books. One had closed on the dark hem of his shirt and he pulled it away.
"Oh hush! I would never!" I teased, setting the books down on a chair. Around us, the library was a mess from Yo's recent tantrum. She was off getting scolded by a teacher, while we were stuck with cleaning up.
I suddenly got an idea - because Yomi had used wind magics, couldn't we just undo it? I looked at my palm and then clenched it into a fist.
Jul 26

Crosshatch - IV

When I woke up, there was someone sitting at the side of the bed.
"Acroste..?" I murmured blearily. As I wiped the last remnants of sleep from my eyes, they widened. "Oh..you're not him."
The man next to me had a face decorated with fine lines and wrinkles; his hair was black and streaked with grey. As I spoke, he looked up from his book, closing it quietly.
"Acroste will return soon, I sent him away so as to speak with you alone," he said, setting the book down on the floor next to him. "My apologies if I woke you up."
"No, no, you didn't." I straightened myself and ran my fingers through my hair. "I'm Kloss. And you?"
"Tille." He didn't extend his hand out to shake, instead electing to fold them over his lap. "Are you enjoying Silvest?"
I looked out the windows - the sun was starting to rise above the treetops. "From what I've seen of it, yes. There's nothing like this around my home."
Jul 25

"Jacket Twins" (Excerpt from Tone Vestige, my novel)

   (A/N: Heyy this is just another excerpt from the novel I'm working on! Just a note on the characters, to make it make more sense: Percy is an adult but has a very childlike mind that just doesn't function like what the definition of a "normal" mind would; Kiato really REALLY loves Percy and wants to be his BEST FRIEND, and James hates and distrusts Kiato around Percy for reasons I'm not getting into. Feedback much appreciated!) 

   James viewed the spectacle from a distance, far enough away to not be considered an accomplice in the rather ridiculous situation, but close enough so that he could shout to the two men his opinions, if need be.

   Percy narrowed his eyes at Kiato. "You're wearing a periwinkle coat."

   The man lifted his chin up, a small, amused smile sliding onto his face. "And?"

   "I'm wearing a periwinkle coat!" Percy scowled. 

   "So? We can be jacket twins!" Kiato grinned, and Percy's scowl deepened. 
Jul 25

Two Lives Left

You feel the leather of the saddle under you and your feet secure in the stirrups before you’ve opened your eyes. Your head is heavy on your shoulders and there is a stinging sensation behind your eyes. It’s only until you go to rub your eyes that you realize you are, once again, clutching the reins tightly in your fists. You open your eyes, finally, to find the sun directly in your face. 

“Well, this is certainly not what I predicted the afterlife would be like!” You think, or say, you aren’t quite sure. 

The river is spread below you, and Rufus is standing still standing on the rock path that you had been on moments before. You look down at the riverbed over the cliff, trying to piece together what exactly had happened. It was quite a long drop, one that no─normalーperson would ever be able to survive. You wrack your brain for answers, and bits and pieces started to form into a sequence. 
Jul 21

smol boi

"Ernesto?! Where did you go?!" Liza sat up abruptly, the papers on her desk scattering everywhere. They floated slowly to the ground as she searched for her puppy. "Nesto?!"
The little arf came from underneath one of the sheets as he wiggled out from below the ink-laden paper. His tail wagging, tongue out, the very tiny corgi stared up at his owner before running around atop the assignments.
"Oh! What on earth happened to you?!" Her voice was soft, low as she scooped the puppy into her hands. "Lord, you're so small.." She looked at the clock - it was just past midnight and she was working on a report for her biology class. "I must be dreaming.."
Ernesto hopped off of her palm and continued running on the desk, his miniscule barks nearly inaudible to Liza as she picked up her mess. He circled her pen, nipping at the inked tip. "Oh, stop it! That's not for you to eat!" Liza chided, picking up the pen again.

Jul 08

Crosshatch - III

Acroste had left some time after I'd punched him. I'd fallen asleep again not too long after that.
My dreams were murky, with things I never wanted to see again. I fought to rise out of the slumber, but I was only pushed further in to that dark cloud.
I couldn't move as I was forced to relive what had happened, again and again.
Dae, lying there in a pool of blood. The old cleric, in his hands a see-through fetus the size of my palm. The rest of the crowd, saddened by these terrible events.
Dae's sightless hazel eyes stared straight at me. My heart caught in my throat as everyone turned towards me, their collective voice accusatory and low.
"You did this."
No! I didn't! I wanted to scream as they all surged towards me, seeking mob justice.
"Kloss! Hey, Kloss! Wake up!"
Jul 07

Crosshatch - II

Waking up was hard. The room was almost too bright for my eyes.
When I tried to sit up, I could hardly support myself with my right arm. And that's the good one.
As I looked around the room, blearily blinking away unconsciousness, I found the reason it was so bright. Two of the walls were large panes of glass, showing the outside world.
It was the one I'd seen from the crystalline pool.
Vines wove through terraces, slipping through holes and around bars, blooming wherever it suited them in splotches of blue, purple, and pink. More plants lay outside all the buildings I could see, their flowers every color of the rainbow. Trees were beyond the buildings and the road I could see, dotting the blue sky with green. The buildings were white and pristine, with no cracks upon their surfaces.
Jul 06

Crosshatch - I

It's not me.
I don't do this.
I don't kill people.
But now they're blaming me for it.
I have to run.
But there's nowhere for me to go.


Trying to hide in the woods when you're running from specially trained hunters is not the best idea.
My lungs were about to give out. Soon to follow were my legs.
Blood leaked from various small wounds - pricked by a thorn, whapped with a branch, strumbling and gashing my knee on a rock. I didn't think I'd be able to run much further, not with half my clothes torn off. My broken coat flapped in the wind and at my speed.
I stopped for a moment, despite the fact it might kill me. Swinging off the torn swathe of fabric, it caught in the sudden breeze and was flung into a tree.
Jul 06

crosshatch outline

yay another outline ;

kloss ; human
a fireheaded boy. his girlfriend died in front of him, he was framed for her murder, and had to run out of town.
sixteen, seventeen maybe? easily impressionable and hurt. gets jealous quickly and is easily surprised.
has antibodies against what the march wants to do to him. it causes him pain nonetheless.

acroste ; asiid
the more cooler-headed of the two, he's lived his life in silvest with little to no outside contact with the world.
about the same age as kloss, he cares for everyone in silvest. is good with medicine and sometimes has trouble hiding his emotions.
has a soft spot for injured beings, especially animals.

neka ; asiid
a girl with a gigantic green thumb. she has flowers and vines growing in her hair, and she cares for them tenderly.
Jul 01


A large party always needed a buffbot, right?
That was typically Krita's job.
With his staff, he'd always recite some incantation or other to help the rest of the party, most of which included buff, angry men who desperately needed a shower.
The only highlight of being with them was probably the money. People paid good coin for a group of thugs to beat up a group of slightly meaner thugs.
Also, the fact that his longtime friend, Akir, came with him.
Currently, the group of them all marched on some nameless road, heading for the cave of some well-known bandits that had been terrorizing the nearby town of Lacenstre recently. There was nameless groaning and grumbling, of course, but nothing that their leader, Krem, would punish them for. He held them together with the guarantee of food, money, and women.
Jun 28

quickie ;

a scenedrop for my in-progress story, i just really wanted to write this particular scene.


It all went to hell so fast.
Rosemilly held my arm in a death grip, eyes wide in fear. "What's going on, Gyn?!"
"No idea!" I responded, nearly yelling back, as I pulled both of us out of the fray. My back hit a tree, driving my breath away, as I was able to clearly see what was going on.
Things. Black, fourlegged, things with tails and spikes, stabbing at those around them. Glittering yellow eyes, red-splatted claws, limbs bent to kill.
I was terrified.
"Rose! Get out of here!" I pushed her away from me, into the treeline. Her wild look of terror was forever burned into my eyes.
Jun 28


ok this is for a short story involving my characters gyn, jace, julio and ravilo

location: allenbrook

what happens????

gyn and jace are helping at the moonflower festival. they're cutting flowers, painting booths, etc
come the night of the festival, they're dancing with local girls, just generally having fun
something attacks the town, it gets to jace and hurts him p bad
gyn is freaking out and is almost killed himself
cue julio & ravi. ravi shoots the thing attacking gyn and julio joined the fray without revealing himself. 
julio heals jace, but he's still ooa for a while. gyn tries to find julio and ravi and ends up doing so
the things/people that attacked allenbrook are still out there. gyn wants revenge and enlists jul and ravi. 
they leave to hunt them down, leaving jace still in allenbrook. 

Jun 25

The Wish List _ #1

There is not a lot in this world that can make Miss Laura Jane speechless, in fact I had yet to meet someone who could baffle this woman. In the 25 years I had known her, she was speechless once; when her father remarried. She did not speak for the entirety of the wedding celebrations; pettiness at its finest. A skill Miss Laura Jane never needed to practice. This was always an attribute that, while I found amusing, led to some conflicting views about Miss Laura Jane along her way. I had always heard whispers among the walls of the socialites, the words “unusual” and “wait till she gets married”never uttered to close no neither I nor her father but spoken out loud all the same. Watching her now, you would never of guessed the witty remarks that flew off this young woman’s tongue; the way he was looking at her you would’ve scorned the women who talked of the day she would end up alone.
Jun 20

A Song, an Awakening - J

Julio was scared, to say the least.
The plan had gone haywire, and now he was stuck in a dark, cramped cell with people he didn't know.
Where was Ravi?
Someone was holding his hand, shivering and crying next to him - a girl named Ara, who'd been bought with him what felt like weeks ago, even though it had only been days.
"It'll be alright," he said quietly, eyes searching the darkness for something to hope for. But there was nothing.
"Really?" He looked back down to Ara, and she looked hopeful. He had to swallow down his doubt.
There had to have been at least a dozen other people in this small cell. The air smelled of mildew and sweat and blood. Someone had had their arm broken, right? For disobeying the guards? Julio couldn't recall.
Ravi was supposed to be here by now. To get him out of here. No one knew what was going on, but the dried blood on the floor wasn't an encouraging sign.
Jun 15

Crimes of the lonely

She once stepped too close to the sun
Now she breathes fire into the ocean
And the tempest dances
She once danced in the stars 
But her feet became cut 
And bled from her prances.
She once enhaled the rain
Letting it cool her words
But sometimes water can’t put out a fire
She once loved to much
Pretended she was free
And was burned by desire.
She once spread her wings
And wished to fly
She once had a friend 
Who loved her
But she made her hold up her sky.
Jun 14

A Song, an Awakening - I

Illion was ready. 
There was no reason why he wouldn't be - it was just that monthly event that he'd been training for since he was young. No biggie, nothing special.
He laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling above him. The window was open, bringing in fresh air that he'd come to miss in only a few minutes. He sighed, closing his eyes as he breathed it in.
"Ill?" A voice, softly calling him, shook him somewhat. He hadn't realized he'd been about to fall asleep.
"Yes, Estada?" He sat up, grabbing a cup from his bedside table and sipping from it. Oils.
His little sister entered the room, closing the door behind her as she did. It shut with a soft click. "Are you nervous, Ill?"
"Not at all." Despite his reassurance, he fidgetted as he always did. "How are your studies?"
Estada's hair was a blond mess, but her eyes were focused. "They're going alright, but I really dislike history. I just don't get why any of it happened."
Jun 11

washed away letter

he    if   yo   got  my  let er
ple se    he p    m   
I am tr pp d   an  in n ed  o   sa ing
you ca fin me at  t e   ch p ed   r ck    ne r
the s ndy   b e ch    on the                     isl nds
th nk   y u
love   Z  e  n ala     
p.s   wa ch    o t   for   th   hu gry   wol es!

Jun 11

"This summer I discovered..."


Prompt: "This summer I discovered..."

This summer I discovered a little bird. It was small, only a chick, but with feathers as orange as flames, and a beak as black as coal. I picked it up, their small red eyes blinking at me in confusion as it chirped quietly. I stroked it's [feathers] as I cradled it in my arms, whispering words of reassurance it couldn't understand. I searched the area as thoroughly as I could, trying to find the strange bird's nest, to no avail. I finally sighed in defeat and headed home, the bird sleeping in my arms.
Jun 10
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Write about meeting someone for the first time and knowing that you will be best friends, worst enemies, lovers, etc.
Jun 10


I travel to my destination, overlooking where I stand. I see it so much that it feels not important or beautiful when it is. I realize this as I trudge to the bus stop. I pause and stare down at my feet planted on the cool sidewalk. I wonder, how many times have these black sneakers stood in this exact place? I lift my head up and the breeze cools my skin and whips my hair into my face. It’s spring, and the flower petals are beginning to bloom. I bend down and touch a budding tulip, feeling it’s smoothness on my fingers. It’s as if I can smell the pollen urging to burst out. I can hear spring yelling to be let in. It’s almost May, and it’s time.