YWP Alumni Update


Jadyn Mardy, YWP Alumni Advisor

YWP Alumni Update

Ever wonder if your writing could lead to a career? We asked YWP Alumni Advisor Jadyn Mardy about her experience, and she thinks the answer is absolutely yes! Check in with Jadyn in this YWP Alumni Update to learn more about her career aspirations and her exciting internships this summer.

Jadyn Mardy, Treblemaker on the YWP site
Age: 21
Studies: Rising senior at Tufts University, double majoring in film and media studies/ child studies and human development
Career aspirations: I aspire to get into the entertainment industry as a TV writer/producer, with a specific concentration in children's media (TV, short form, games, podcasts)
"I just started interning at two production companies for the summer. One company is called SK Global where I'm part of the TV development team and writing script coverage. Essentially I get to read potential scripts and books, summarize them for the higher-ups, and give my two cents. I've never written coverage before, but YWP gave me some great insights on how to hype up a good story, pinpoint exactly what could be better, and highlight exactly what I love about it!
"The second is called the Glass Entertainment Group where I'm working with the digital/podcasting team in helping to produce their podcast episodes, research potential stories, and promote their podcasts on social media by creating video trailers. I didn't realize how important storytelling is for these podcasts. Each episode is scripted a little so it has structure and to make it more engaging and suspenseful.
"I find it super cool to be a part of the team researching and writing the episodes. I'd like to think my time writing poems helped in shaping audio storytelling too. Figuring out how to create the ambience you'd like your audience to hear while listening to someone retell a story is a unique challenge that I didn't know I'd enjoy so much!"
– Jadyn

Interested in learning more? Send Jadyn a message via her YWP username, Treblemaker.