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  • Haunting Hands

    As the Cold feeling Spreads 

    Sends Shivers down the Spine 

    The Fear and Worry Pushes Through  


    But in this Frigid touch 

    Is the sense of Remebrance 

    The Sense of Love  


    That Cold touch 

  • Dancing Leaves

    Its Hard to Resist

     When Seeing a Pile of Leaves 

    It Becomes irresistible  


    Jump into the Heep 

    Leaves are swirling

     The Pile is no more 


     No one can stop The Temptation  

  • As the Crow Lands

    As the Crow Lands on the Grave- 

    Black secrets stir in every face; 

    A fountain in the moonbeam riven— 

    Spend her gone like an adversity.  


    The Graves began to Multiply 

  • Writers Block

    Normally words flow right out 

    Normally thoughts come running 

    Writing it down 

    Before they can run away  


    Sitting now 

    Looking around 

    Nothing running 

    Nothing flowing 

     Just stillness

  • Persephone

    Persephone was tired. Tired of being nothing more than the daughter of a nearly forgotten goddess, of being a sweet innocent nymph, a girl content to frolic in fields under the sun.

  • First Snow

    The first snow I saw this year was in a cemetery.

    An old, abandoned cemetery.  

    The small, barely perceptible flakes fell, 

    Bitter as any of the old graves,