A Space Among The Stars

To live in a space among the stars
I'd have to get binoculars
To see the dentist on the moon
And find the next Uber at noon.
To live in a space among the stars
I'd have to float to school in cars.
Instead of pools, we'd just have craters.
There'd be astral birds and mars-gators.

To live in a space between Neptune,
Instead of bicycles we'd have scoons.
They'd kick up dust as we glide by.
In place of cake, we'd have moon pie.
To live in a space by Mercury
We'd have astroids instead of trees,
And 'stead of rain its comet showers,
Northern Lights would be our power.

To live in a space between the stars
Beyond our sun and next to Mars
Betwix an astroid running by
Around the galaxy called Guy
Over a constellation new
That houses cutlery and spoons
Around the axis, over dale,
All while dodging Pluto's tail.
To live in space would be amazing!
What an escoteric zone.
Where your back porch is a planet
And a star will be your home. 



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