Genre and Style; impressionist, still life

Describe; a variety of 16 pens in a rainbowed order, an off white book titled “every last word” is centered in these pens, a dark navy blue pair of glasses and a pink and yellowish-orange chapstick layer on top of the book. The idea for this still life came from the artist's backpack contents.

 Analyze; The artist can be seen using the elements of shape and space to create almost a frame of pens. I also used color to make an array of pens to capture the viewer. I used pattern and balance throughout this piece. The balance can be seen in the two objects on my book and the pens. I used crosshatching, and layering on my book and layering on my pens.

Interpret: I wanted the viewer to notice how vibrant annotations in novels can be. Everything included in my piece I use while annotating. 

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Visual Art Contest.



15 years old

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