after you killed the dragon

after you killed the dragon, i butchered the corpse 

because it would be a shame to waste so much meat 

and what do you want i asked you, and you said 

everything so i said alright, i can do that, 

reaching for the knife. 


sizzling steaks and ribs, glazed in melting honey 

and sausages stuffed with liver 

a roasted heart 

sweetbreads soaked in a buttermilk sauce. 

best barbecue i've ever had you said, 

compliments to the chef, 

and i laughed at that, dropping peppers 

into the bright red stew, 

you're really gonna love this one, 

and you smiled, face bloody, 

teeth sharp and gold with treasure 

spoon balanced on a greasy lip-- 

your best yet, i think. 


the bones simmered for three nights 

until they were hollow, stock 

thick with marrow, and we ate 

together, bowls still warm, 

over a graveyard black with the dead. 



18 years old

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  • ouroborous

    the snake is hungry 

    so the snake will eat 

    and eat it does, chewing, gnawing, 

    and will you ever notice, little thing, 

    that it is your own tail 

    you are swallowing? 


  • abalone

    from salt and foam and scales 

    steal the hearts of stone 

    nacreous shells, dying husks, 

    the honey-sweet flesh that once 

    clung to its bones 

    to die of thirst. 

  • eschatology

    meet me at the end of the world 

    the space between firestorms and tsunamis 

    across the acid oceans 

    and here, where the rot 

    has begun to reclaim the cities at last.