Air Remains

The wind is a voice, carrying the words of those that could be either distant or close. The wind carries your dreams, desires, and secrets. One day you'll realize that the air, the wind, and the Earth, hear it all. The wind can blow you down and make you feel small, drained, and worthless, but as the gusts settle, the smell of sweet spring air can pick you back up to your feet. We live in a world where the wind can be people, places, failure, or even your own words, but you decide what the calmness after the wind will be. It doesn't impact the wind when it blows the freshly raked leaves into the driveway, or when it blows sand into your hair as you leave the beach. The wind is unfazed by the annoyance it has caused; it just keeps on moving forward. But the air is calm; it keeps your hair from sticking to your lipgloss every time you step outside, or when it allows you to set your napkins down at a picnic, without having to set your drink atop of them. Everyone needs air in their life because, without it, it's just wind. All wind starts as air, but when mixed with a storm, they become unsettled. The wind will try to break down your barriers. They will try to blow their way in until the walls begin to collapse. What air will dry the cement while you rebuild the structure that seemed to fall with ease? Because one thing I've learned is that once you shut out the wind, if you've built the walls correctly, the air will remain and the wind will stay out.



16 years old

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