• Hing Ze

    My mother immigrated from Hong Kong to America during her high school years, and continued to live here for college, through early adulthood, till now.

  • Walks in the Rain

    Sometimes I go on walks in the rain. I don't bring an umbrella or rain coat. Sometimes, I don't even wear shoes. I like to feel the rain drops trickle down my hair. I like the splashes of rain on my skin.

  • Stretching to Infinity

    There is this idea that children have a fear of storms. The distant rumble of thunder a warning to run to their parents' bedroom, throw back the covers, and burrow deep into the familiar warmth. 

  • Me

    I have always been quiet. And yet when I was younger, I would wear loud outfits, sing and dance no matter who was around. I played with dolls longer then most girls my age.

  • No More Ed

    Ed. He was always with me. Ed was like my boyfriend. He lived in my head rent free but he constantly controlled me. He almost took over my life. He distorted my self image. Ed judged me, told me what to do all the time.

  • Burning

    I step outside and see the scarlet hue of the sky.
    I smell the faintest sent of burning wood and sap.
    Yesturday, smoking half a pack of cigarettes was healthier than breathing the air.
    My eyes are burning.
    Our world is burning.
  • Canada

    Canada is one of my favorite places to be. Why? Because it’s where I am from. There are not a lot of people in Canada. In fact, there are more people in the state of California than in all of Canada! 
  • Notes in my yearbook

    You know what I love about the end of the year?

    This is the time when the yearbooks are being signed and you say goodbye to your teachers, that you realize that you truly are a human being that is recognized as existing.
  • Where You Belong

    A long, flexible feeding tube lays at the entrance of the left nostril. Moistened with lube, it slowly starts the journey. 

        It reached the nasal cavity who says, “what are you doing here? You don’t belong.”