16 years old


  • Stars Above & Love

    The stars above,

    know our love.

    Written across the seas,

    like melodic keys,

    Wind sweeps us away,

    settling secrets with the day,

    whispers of the night,

    shine true,

    when the stars above-

  • A Release of Time

    In the quiet moments of my past,

    I think of what will last.

    The future is a known mystery,

    one I wish I knew like history.

    What scares me isn’t the setting sun,

    it’s the way that time runs.

  • Change

    My life is changing 

    like the four seasons, 

    though without any reason — 

    I find myself scared of it. 

    Change, it’s a horrifying but beautiful thing. 

  • An Ocean of Emotion

    We feel in such a deep way,

    flooding our veins throughout the day.

    Some let themselves feel,

    then move on, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

    Some cling onto their emotions,

    causing commotions.

    Some push it away,

  • Unimaginative

    For every word I can’t say,

    I try to write it down,

    but at the end of the day,

    I know I’ll never find the words.

    They jumble together,

    like the sunset’s melting colors.

    For every excuse I make,