16 years old


  • Losing Someone

    Losing someone you love,

    hollows out a part of you.

    One day, you have them,

    and the next,

    you’ll never see them again.

    The realization stings,

    worse than the sun's engulfing hug.

  • Untitled?

    When the chaos of the day 

    gets washed away  

    and the serenity of night descends, 

    I begin to wonder, as the stars ascend. 

    Trying to put puzzle pieces together 

  • Intertwined

    When only the stars shine,

    the winds’ whispered rhyme-

    echos across the land.

    As the sea longs for the moon.

    The magnetic pull-

    Weaves their fates together.

    Intertwining them for eternity.

  • Tides

    Drawn like a magnet,

    the moon and the sea.

    Water reaching for light,

    stars shining in the night,

    watching as the moon-

    pulls away,

    steering the water astray.

  • A Hail Storm of Words

    I love you,

    I always will.

    It kills me, though.

    Your words were harsher than the snow.

    Icier than a hail storm,

    hitting me hard in the heart.

    I regret nothing,

    but now I find reminders of you,