As the Crow Lands

As the Crow Lands on the Grave- 

Black secrets stir in every face; 

A fountain in the moonbeam riven— 

Spend her gone like an adversity.  


The Graves began to Multiply 

The war Rages-Bodies-carried in by the pile 

Black secrets hurried into the bee-

Regard with patriot to be bold?



12 years old

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    A Dream, one of Justice, one of Dark and Light

    A Dream, Cut Short by others Fear

    A Dream, Never Seen by the Creator in Life

    A Dream, Hopefully Longing for Change

  • Mistakes

    They say, "Mistakes are the Portal to Discovery"

    They say, "To Err is Divine"

    I say Mistakes are Inevitable-

    It's getting Broken up about them that's optional

  • Loss

    Staying for a While 

    Gone- so very Fast

    The Love of the Past

    Turns to a shattered heart


    The Leaving and the Left

    Blurred into One

    Those thought to be forever-up and gone