Cruel people

People are so cruel

How could you live like that 

They scream and curse 

How could you live like that. 

They think the only person 

That matters are themselves

If you would just look on the inside 

They are just looking for attention 

People were mean to them 

So they have to be mean to people

They make annoying, rude jokes 

How could you live like that  

They are short tempered 

And how could you live like that 

I guess the point I'm trying to make is 

Just be a good person 

And be patient 

That attention you are longing for 

Will come eventually  




14 years old

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    I have to go to school and talk about my life outside of school. I've just woken up how cruel of them to do this. I get to wellness and i am staring  at the clock. While eeveryone thinks im wating for my next class i am thinking of science.

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    Many things are competition 

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    Are taken as more 

    Than just a game

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