The Day You Died

The day you died 

We danced, sang, and laughed until we cried

we filled ourselves with happiness until the sadness did subside

At the end we simply said good night not goodbye

With the promise that we would see you again tomorrow, a lie.



18 years old

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  • 17th Birthday

    A year older.

    A year wiser. 

    Time slips out from my grasp like the oceans tides, 

    Natural yet terrifying in the most nauseating way, 

    I’m sick of growing up.
  • Love Lost

    Love is felt most when its leaving 

    We cry for what once was 

    What could’ve been

    For the people We once were 

    Watching as it leaves

    Weary eyes, and tired feet 
  • Oh, Bird!

    Oh, Bird, tell me how does it feel to float on wings of ivory and gold?
    What is it like to have the world at your fingertips? 
    Tell me of the world beyond these acres, 
    Of the thrilling adventures in which you sing.