I am a daydreamer

As I walk along the fields,

math, science, or English lessons don't fill my mind

No, I see stories

I think of things that puzzle me

I think of superheroes

How each one is different

I think of the jokes

I had heard in the movies

I have to bite my tongue to keep myself from laughing

I think of mysteries

of random things

that most people wouldn't care about

I walk alone

until someone talks to me

even then

sometimes I forget to listen

My mind is like a black hole

My mind is not like a black hole

My mind is a black hole for random things

Like multiversal theories

Movie quotes


My mind is not a black hole for



or whatever else people talk about these days

I like to 


and think

and think

even if I get nowhere

I am a learner

a thinker

a daydreamer.



13 years old

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