delicate as a poppy

i just want to help you,

i want you to be happy and feel free. 

i want you to feel like you don't have to hide. 

and I am afraid I cant give that to you. 

i don't know how to express this to you,

without tearing you apart.

for you are as delicate as a poppy,

you stand strong,

able to withstand the wind.

but that is only a front, 

that all changes when your alone,

you become fragile and rip.

i want to make you feel like you don't always have to be strong around me, 

I want to tell you its okay to not be perfect,

to cry,

to trip and fall.

and honey,

I just wish I could hug you.

but i know you'll get there,

it may take a while 

and it will be fucking hard

and painful.

but I know you will get through it. 




16 years old

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