As children we are taught God was the big man in the sky

He who watches over, tall and overbearing

Thorns stapled to his head and bleeding, he was resurrected for us

We learned the story of Adam and Eve and the great ark that held all.


I never believed it. “You’re a fool for thinking that is real!” I would say

I knew what God really was and it wasn’t what they said


God grew in the trees

Made up the bees

And created the peas you eat in the greenest soup


He grows in the roots 

That stem so far beneath your brown leather boots

And grow the trees that give you the sweetest summer fruit


He sings in the birds

And lets you hear your lovers words

Lets you see the herds you hear crash by 


He flows in the waters

Giving life to the stunning daughters

Gives the knife for the slaughters with tears in eyes


He is far from the sky 

Residing beneath our small feet

He gives the worlds love and loss

God is not a big man 


He is a seed

A shining brittle bead

A small weed beneath the cracks of stone


His great thorns grow in the roses we give our lovers

He sends the doves

In which we send to our true loves


God created not an ark but an emotion

He gave us Austen and Orwell

Letting in light and the succumbing to death

God gave us peace of mind and religion or faith

He gave thought and sight

My god is not found in a book but in the nook covered in dust that shelters a young mouse

My God is life. 



17 years old

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