Going to Space

If I had the opportunity to go anywhere in space, I definitely would take it. The thing is, there's nowhere that would seem nearly as cool as Earth. On our planet, I could go deep into a rainforest, scuba dive in the ocean, and walk around the desert. In space, it is all empty. I think looking back at Earth and looking at other planets more closely would be amazing, but I think the experience, and being able to say I did this would be just as cool as looking at the planets. So assuming that I would survive anywhere I would go, I would want to take into consideration how long it takes to get there. I would really like to drift around in unexplored places, but I would probably die before I came back, and I still want to do all the stuff on Earth that I mentioned before. Knowing that, I would probably go to the Moon. First, it does not take that long to get there, so I would not have to worry about how much longer I have to live when I get back. Second, it would have a beautiful view of the earth which I would stare at during the day, and the night. It would be really cool to fall asleep watching the earth spin, looking at the lights, and the overall look of the water and the land. I also would really want to experience the gravity on the moon and see how high I can jump. Lastly, the moon is the place that the most humans have been to, and it is the closest, so it probably has the best and most comfortable technology. I would probably spend a couple of months there. Then when I get back, I will always have this amazing experience with me. 


Connor Gaine


16 years old

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