His bittersweet taste,

Pressed on my lips.


His alluring voice,

Captivating my ears.


All of his skin pressed against mine

His heart-piercing gaze, 

Breaking me like a twine.


His name leaves my lips,

Burning like a flame.


If only he felt the same..

His laugh is all I need.

It goes through the air like a sweet melody.

I’m like a lost puppy on a lead

Following him wherever he goes.

Always by his side. No matter what.

So when he loves another.. it burns me like a deep papercut. 





13 years old

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  • You

    I love the sound of 

    your voice,

    your laugh,

    And when we can giggle over nothing.


    I love it when we sleep over, 

    acting like dorks past 2 am.

  • Youth

    I loved

    That carefree child of mine

    Who’d skip through endless

    fields of flowers

    Without a care in the world


    I loved