If only

He likes to sit by the window

watch the sunrise

I like to watch the light

play of his hair

see the golden flecks appear 

in his galaxy eyes

He likes tea in the evenings 

read about faraway places 

I like mint on his breath

when he whispers good night

against the side of my head

He likes watching the stars

how they twinkle in the black velvet sky

I like to listen to his heart

in the quiet silence of the night

place my hand on his heart

know the beat matches mine

He likes to sit on the sand

watch the ocean pull in and out

I like when he leans against me

shares an earbud

takes my hand 

He likes to remind me

that I am enough for the world. 


It does not matter he is not real

I wonder how it would be 

if only he was more

then a fragment of my imagination.




17 years old