How do I push the words out
From behind my taffy tongue 
Thick with salty tears 
And full of grubby thumb 

I’m a child 
Pretending that I’m numb 
To escape the overwhelming feelings 
And never ending thrum 
Of knowing I’ll never be enough 

For you. 



17 years old

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  • The Boxes In The Corner

    Looming over your shoulders

    Each stack higher than its former

    Every thought and every scrap

    Of an idea too scared to ponder


    Every moment that hurt

    Each minute that lingered longer

  • Paper Frogs


    When feet fall soft but quick 

    Does the hallway extend

    And the hot breath of whoever’s behind me feel hotter 

    Why do I stay pressed to the wall 

    Like a stubborn gruby sticker 
  • By Inkpaw

    Parents Are Liars

    Parents are liars 
    under love 
    and fear for their children 
    they warp reality
    twist fate for a time 
    to quell the rage of six year old doubt 
    and keep the bad things from reaching our eyes