instructions on growing up

If you wrap your hand around your mother's wrist 

your fingers will touch. How 

do you come to terms with that? How 

do you learn that your father's shoulders 

can no longer bear your weight, can barely 

hold his own? 

Your little brother does not look at you 

the way he once did: like 

you'd hung the moon and stars just for him. 

Your little brother does not look at you 

much at all. How 

do you grow up 

knowing the things you are killing 

to do so? 

I am still young. I still 

have much to learn. 



17 years old

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  • ouroborous

    the snake is hungry 

    so the snake will eat 

    and eat it does, chewing, gnawing, 

    and will you ever notice, little thing, 

    that it is your own tail 

    you are swallowing? 


  • abalone

    from salt and foam and scales 

    steal the hearts of stone 

    nacreous shells, dying husks, 

    the honey-sweet flesh that once 

    clung to its bones 

    to die of thirst. 

  • eschatology

    meet me at the end of the world 

    the space between firestorms and tsunamis 

    across the acid oceans 

    and here, where the rot 

    has begun to reclaim the cities at last.