Kindness Is A Blazing Flame

smooth dandelion petals
a perfect yellow egg yolk
the smile of the moon
a lilac sky
a laugh like a lullaby
with soft dimples and freckles

burnt down to nothing but ashes.
raw and undercooked.
wiped off with alcohol that burns. 
sunny days can easily turn into hurricanes. 
devilish and mocking.
and a sharp look full of chipped glass. 

don't ever think just because someone is kind
they won't stand up for what they believe
we are who we are because of you.
we could never taste an insult sliding off our tongue.
we could never smirk at a fat tear.
we will stand up for what we believe. 
and that is when you will see us transform into something not so happy.
not so kind.
we are fierce and yet,
we are kind. 




15 years old

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