You are still, but the bright trees around you shake. 

Colored leaves fall onto your surface.

The wind howls, but you are calm. 

It’s too cold to swim, but not too cold for people to come

And dip their toes in on the dock. 

You are- 



The cold rain has turned into large snowflakes

And you have frosted over. 

The season of death 

And you are not far from it. 

You are fully frozen, so deep and so dark and 

You are- 




You are coming alive slowly.

The ice has melted, and small pink flowers bloom around you. 

Tiny birds sing into the breeze

While they sit on your lilypads. 

Mist gathers on your surface in the early mornings and

You are-



The sun is bright, shining down on you. 

Your water is warm, and people are visiting. 

The trees are green and you are blue. 

Insects buzz and the wind hums, 

The season of warmth, beauty, and 

You are-

Peaceful again 



17 years old

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