Let the Light In

I dream to drink the sky,

it would taste so sweet,

a sea of blue and stars

and everything in between. 


If we are all

just droplets,

falling from what’s above,

will we crack and break

when we finally

hit the ground?


If my droplet 

becomes only small fragments 

of itself,

what will happen to my world

will it shatter as well?


Or might it widen?

With all the light 

suddenly being let in,

if by 

falling we are opening,

if by breaking 

we are growing,

then why do we fear our failings?


If we don’t 

push open the doors,

if we can’t see

that there's more,

if our droplets, 

being shed from what’s above,

trap us in imperfections,

hold us in tiny worlds

of our own creation, 

do we lose

each other, and sight of

what there is

that we are not?


When raindrops

hit the ground,

one by one,

softly exploding, 

you  have to 

strain your ears to hear them.


But when they fall and break

as one

they are loud and strong,

like thunder.


Maybe our worlds

need to be a little wider.

Maybe when they crack and break,

we’ll become a little wiser. 


Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



14 years old

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