the lily petal

The flower petal was from a lily, 

It was white, light, and innocent. 

It floated on the top of loathsome water, 

It appeared lonely, slowly deteriorating there. 


The petal left soon enough, 

I searched everywhere, every place.

But it was gone, 

Like a magical force gathered it away. 


The tears I cried that day

Were only of that murky water. 

They stung my eyes, turned me red

Like her heavenly hair. 


That was the day she passed, 

Her corpse still lay on top of that water. 

It's not my fault, it's life, 

One moment there, the next poof. 


I couldn't do anything to save her, 

I try to convince my corrupt self. 

My life is losing its sense of what's right, 

Just like I lost her. 


The lily petal never returned, 

She never regained her spark. 

But you know what they say, 

There can be no light, 

Without the dark. 



14 years old

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