I have always been quiet. And yet when I was younger, I would wear loud outfits, sing and dance no matter who was around. I played with dolls longer then most girls my age. When I found out that the other girls had stopped, I closed my dolls up in a box, and put them in the attic. Nowadays, I sometimes take them out, dress them up, and play pretend. I feel like a little kid again, use that as one of the ways I can stay a child. 

I have always been magical. Loved fairytales and make believe. So even to this day, I read fairytales, make costumes such as an elf or a mushroom girl. I write fairy letters to kids and tell myths about dragons and gnomes. When I was younger I believed in magic, I thought fairies and unicorns where real. Just too shy to let us see them. Nowadays, I still believe in magic. Just that magic is in every person, magic is the way a girl carries herself when she believes in herself. Magic is in the forest creatures we spy through the trees.

I have always loved to read. When I was little I could not read words, so I read the pictures instead. I picked out every single little detail, in every single drawing. I found hidden meanings others never saw. When I first started to learn to read, I was a powerhouse. I went from kindergarten level in 3rd grade, to tenth grade level in 5th grade. I read and read, when I was lonely I would read about girls traveling the world, when I was sad I would read about families loving each other. I still read, romance and poetry, advice and fiction. Sometimes, I think I read so much, my idea of reality is not right. But other times, I am so so grateful I can read. 

I am me, and me is enough for the world.


Posted in response to the challenge Affirmations.



17 years old

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