Music I Can Feel

My favorite kind of music is hip hop/rap. I like this genre of music for a couple reasons. The first being the rhythm, I really like being able to follow along with the beat that’s playing within the song. I feel like the beat is one of the most overlooked parts of a song but I believe that it really sets up the entire piece. I like the beat because it’s very interchangeable yet it’s very unique to every song in the same way. I like being able to drum along with it and feeling the song in my head and body. 

     One thing that draws me into hip hop is the lyrics. I love being able to hear and feel the flow and rhyme with every syllable striking different meanings with each word. This part of the song is equally as important as the beat because it really sets the tone of the song and it is truly the best way to communicate with the audience. Making sure every sentence and word has its intended meaning is crucial to having a good song. I really enjoy breaking down the allusion and metaphors and similes that the lyrics include because I feel it gives a leeway to a deeper understanding of a song.

     When I hear a song that I can particularly understand, I get into a very focused zone. I feel it creates an environment in my head that I can really set in and pick apart what’s going on in the song. The lyrics roll through my ears like waves of perfection and the beat melodically thumps in my brain like a drum in a marching band. I feel when I listen to music I can really connect with it entirely.


Xander Oshoniyi


16 years old

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