My Silent Love For You

In the depths of my heart, emotions concealed, a silent love story, forever shielded, not to wound the bond we hold dear.

With every beat of my heart, a love blossoms, yet fear's grip keeps it hidden away.

And in the shadows of my heart, love's flame silently burns, as a friend's embrace keeps my desire concealed.

Behind a veil of friendship, my heart's whispers remain, like hidden treasures of affection, waiting to be revealed.

Like a hidden gem in the sands of time, my love for you gleams, while friendship's mask holds my secret tight.

In the poetry of our friendship, let's weave words that paint a picture of love's enduring embrace.

Within the beautiful bond we share, I'm truly grateful to have you as my friend, 

And imagine us sitting together, sharing our deepest thoughts, and knowing that our bond will never fade. 

I wish this were all true, but as my love hides, I feel ashamed, as a love that feels forbidden is how I feel, as I don’t know how you would feel to know about it, how you would feel about this.



16 years old