There are miles of it, so much so, that the human eye can’t capture it all. 

Its blue hues are grasped from the sky, and when the sky changes color; so does the sea. 

It can be cold or warm. Quiet or loud. Restless or still. Eerie  or calming. Alluring or repelling.

A sandcastle washed away with one single wave.

A breath of the salty air, while walking on the shore.

The sand in between your toes, as the water washes it away.

This ocean, this world, has a hold on us.

Our eyes pulling us into the water.

It calls us.



13 years old

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  • You

    I love the sound of 

    your voice,

    your laugh,

    And when we can giggle over nothing.


    I love it when we sleep over, 

    acting like dorks past 2 am.

  • Youth

    I loved

    That carefree child of mine

    Who’d skip through endless

    fields of flowers

    Without a care in the world


    I loved