Oversized Long-sleeve

sipping my ice chai

listening to music with earbuds

with the fire from a candle spreading a beautiful aroma, lavender with a hint of honey

writing in a notebook

flipping through pages of books

highlighting, underlining, and tabbing to make the book my own

hoping one day someone will do this to my writing too

surrounded by dark forest colors

the sun setting to paint the sky with orange and blue

sitting in gray sweat shorts

and an oversized long-sleeve

S. S. Stories


17 years old

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  • it is what it is

    life isn't fair

    I know this well

    but all I want is to get what I give

    to receive the compassion I give to those who also live

    but that isn't what happens

    and it is what it is

    when I feel alone

  • When There Is No Sun

    "How much sleep did you get last night?" I look up from my slumped-over position to see my friend looking down at me with her plate of food. "Uh..." I say, rubbing my eyes. I think back to everything I did last night.